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VII Best... Supporting Characters in Final Fantasy || SEMIFINALS - 1

Who is one step closer to winning Best Supporting Character?

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Caring for both the land they reside in and the people who reside in it.

These two characters share more than just haircuts.


larsa ferrinas solidor.png


reeve tuesti.png
I'd like to say my needlessly lengthy digressions actually achieved something, but I don't think the voting changed. Oh well, back to trying to convince people the failings of the Jedi are illusory...or possibly finding more productive things to do with my time. Decisions, decisions...
The Engineer
Oh... this is tricky... both of these are characters who serve to humanize their various factions...

That said... I'm going to go with Larsa. He's around a lot more as himself for his game, while Reeve keeps his true identity hidden for the majority of his game.
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