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Congrats, guys! Now get to work and show us those noodz. :monster:


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Lex spoiled me before I logged in the forum, that bastard. :monster: I'm very surprised, my reaction when I logged in was sorta like "OMG I'm blue, the forum looks different. I don't know what to do with myself". Thanks you guys, I feel very honored and I promise to do my best as a mod. I'm very happy to have been made a mod alongside two of the most awesome people in the forum, congrats Lex and Mage. :headbang:

Also Tres your boss, congrats you awesome dude. :smashedmonster:
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Congrats guys. This is the best result possible, I got enough votes to not feel unloved, not enough to actually have to do the job, and we got kickass people to actually do the job. Win :reapermon:
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