Why is Remake Spoiler forum still locked away from the public?


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How did I not notice this XD

We discussed this some time ago and said we'd update it since that seemed to be the consensus. I'll do it now :monster:

It'll be public but it'll keep the spoiler tags.

EDIT: OK there have been some crossed wires I think - the forum itself was made public some time ago, but that's in the sense that it was no longer hidden from new posts. It's now available to the general public, this must have been missed before.

Tell your friends to sign up though :monster:
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Allow me to introduce you all to the Genesis fanclub! They've been waiting for ages to check out the spoiler section and post there ---

I jest! Honestly I don't have anyone in mind, I just thought it would be interesting to have more voices and more people who can actually see what we are discussing in terms of the remake. Rather than signing up just to view the forum, the incentive is more like 'I see interesting conversation, and I wanna join in'.
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