Yet another meaningless mention of the FF7 remake


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Random Game Reporter 1: "Y'know...we need to hand in something for an article on what Square Enix is making."

Random Game Reporter 2: "My boss'll kill me if we don't hand in something related to what the fans want. Fan hype sells magazines you know..."

Random Reporters 1+2: "Why don't we just ask Wada!"

*knocks on Wada's door.*

Wada: "THE F*** YOU WANT, I'M BUSY SMOKIN A ....I mean...I'm busy making new games! GO AWAY!"

Random Reporter 1: "C'mon Wada, we need to find out how much progress you've made on what the fans have been asking know...THAT game."


Random Reporter 2: "Don't be so mad, Yoichi...we're just trying to hand in an article for something the fans can read..."

Wada: "Now I know why Kojima's on twitter...I can't keep up with kids these days.......tch....alright alright...I'll say something. Tell em.....:

'We're busy working on new games!' Yeah, that's the ticket. They'll swallow that right? I mean...we made FF7 15 years ago...they really need to get over that crap...buncha fangirls mostly...they should just go find a hot guy to chase instead."

Random Reporter 1: "We know you're...hehe...busy and all...but we need a bit more than that..."

Wada: " guys're wringing me out here...geez...fine...we'll mention some random crap at TGS...maybe...we'll see...that'll keep the fanbase going for another 5 years at least."

Random Reporter 2: "You're the boss, Wada...keep up the good work!"

Wada: "Damn straight!" *A woman's moan can be heard in the background.* HEY! WHAT THE HELL YOU DOIN'! I SAID DON'T GO WITHOUT ME!......motherf***....listen guys, I gotta go...the little woman's getting randy on me."

Random Reporter 1: "We'll see you at TGS, then Mr. Wada."

Wada: "Yeah whatever..." *slams door*
Thing is...time has moved on, as much as we all love FFVII, things have changed since then. IF there was a will be completly changed compared to the original..right? people do understand that? because I can see people already complaining that FF7 remake is crap compared to the old FF7. Mabey This is a core reason why they are so relutant to making the remake?? ever thought of that.

The statement is correct...concentrate on this generations FF's, make them new, exciting, good story, good music, good characters and you will be well on your way to making a classic..just like FF7 was. Hopefully FFv13 will deliver us a much awaited classic..which imo has been lacking since FF10.


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Well that's the English pronunciation of Chocobo then, isn't it? Meaning I still get to say 'sjokobo' (with o's as in 'swoosh'). Which I have since the first time I played VI.

...not that it helps, my brain seems to be wired to call them 'choke-obo's after running through Academia on one, looking for Captain Cryptic listening to the NPCs talk about my feathered mount for hours.
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