Yu-Gi-Oh! 10th Anniversary OVA: Super Fusion! The Bonds That Transcend Time


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Yu-Gi-Oh! Movie - Japanese DVD release date
According to this scan, the anniversary movie DVD releease for Japan is set for 6/15/2011. It will be available in regular DVD and Blue Ray. It is also confirmed to be released in the UK for DVD/BlueRay sometime soon. The reason why the US hasn't annouced it yet is because 4kids has no US DVD distributer yet.


There's spoilers on there for 5D's 152-154 btw.


【遊戯王クラスタにのみ拡散】再度情報だ。劇場版遊戯王~超融合時空を超えた絆~DVD/BD 6月15日発売 BD7140円、DVD6090円。いずれも、2D版と3D版がセット。初回限定版として、20Pのブックレットと書き下ろしオリジナルスリーブ。 #yugioh

Blue Ray is 7140 yen, DVD is 6090 yen.

I think it's a 2d+3D set


oh + a booklet?



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Now we just need to hold out hope for a good animation company to pick up the license and go back to the original series and do a proper dub, without the Shadow Realm-Heart of the Cards bullshit.
Which part don't you get specifically? TV Tokyo thinks that 4kids and Funimation are conspiring to cheat them out of money and so wants to revoke the license to produce Yu-Gi-Oh and pay them a bunch. 4kids denied it but paid TV Tokyo a million dollars as a sign of good faith, hoping TV Tokyo would back off. They didn't, and so now 4kids said they will declare bankruptcy if they have to to stay in business and countersue TV Tokyo.

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I didn't quite get the "[4kids] informed the two licensors that their letter of termination "did not comply with the 10 business day notice and cure provision" written in the agreement, and states that it has rejected the termination letter "as wrongful and devoid of any factual and legal basis."" bit. XP

Thanks for clearing that up though. :monster:

First good one in awhile. It does still kinda die out about halfway through, but the beginning made me laugh.

"Okay, since when did this show become AMAZING" :monster:

Also, Mako you wanna give us a review of the movie? :P
Here are some interviews with the voice actors:

I have never seen Pegasus' actor before, its cool to hear what he normally sounds like and the occasional word that sounds like Pegasus :P As we've discussed before, he realyl was one of the dubs high points. The way he would occasionally drop from his flamboyant voice to the deep evil one was always great.

lol, even the actors know Jaden's lame :monster:

Those are the ones I cared about, but here are the others if you like.



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No. Don't watch it all. Skip 3/4ths of Season 3 and go straight to the last part after the WRGP tournament arc is done, and spare yourself some of the most crappy YGO episodes in recent memory.

Oh wait, there's Zexal. Nevermind :monster:

And Yusei's about as cool as frozen tofu. Bland, tasteless, and boring. Its like someone sucked his soul out after Season 2 or something.

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Season 3. Just....season 3.


Although I do have to say
that one last duel between Jack and Yuusei and Yuusei using all his old cards and Junk Warrior smashing the shit outta Red Demon's Dragon? Epic and heartwarming.

...Still doesn't excuse season 3 or the fact that Jack/Carly doesn't exist in the eyes of the writers jhahfdshfdjhdhdsjhhdjddf I don't think I can ever ship anything in YGO ever again.

Finally just watched the movie in Japanese and I have to say that Yuusei using keigo and being all polite towards Juudai and Yuugi is mind boggling. Also, new OT3: Yuugi/Juudai/Yuusei
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So there's a new Yu-Gi-Oh movie coming out (came out in Japan the other day, I believe). I heard it mentioned a few weeks ago but figured it would either be with some of the lame new characters or, at best, would be something like time travel or simply take place within a series as an excuse to see various heroes play together.

I was pleasantly surprised today, however, to learn that it is in fact a sequel to the original (manga, technically) starring the original cast 6 months later and written by the original guy. And it sounds like it actually has a plot (as opposed to just a feature-length card game), and one that actually involves some character development.

Here's Kotaku's review, and I'm legitimately eager to see it.


I know Mako was our resident super YuGiOh dork. But I thought this seemed cool and would share for the others that might care :monster:
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