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    The Elite Order of Cloud

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    Final Fantasy Racing

    Sorry I don't want to give out my address to people online. I hope your not offended by this.
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    Final Fantasy Racing

    I can't download anything these days since in New Zealand downloading is really tight. Can't download any music, games, or basically anything anymore. I have found a site where you can play old retro games, though they don't have any PlayStation games >: Even if I did download FF VII I don't...
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    Final Fantasy Racing

    Yeaaah I would do FF VII though my PlayStation copy is in really bad condition. XD CD 1 is really badly scratched, CD 2 is broken and CD 3 is missing. Too much love killed it xD I would download it via PSP but I want to sell it since I don't really like much games on it expect The After...
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    Celes Art :B

    Have I've done something wrong here ??
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    Final Fantasy Racing

    Oh gosh I did this with a friend once with FF VII though it didn't turn out well at all. She was pregent at the time, though we both thought that her due date was quite some time away. Guess not. So yeah, we had to stop and take her to the hospital. I haven't really done this thing again since...
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    What are you listening to?

    Aerith's theme- FF7
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    Final Fantasy XIII-2

    Does anybody else feel here that they like this game, though they sort of don't ? Or just feel extremely angry and disappointed with it ?
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    Celes Art :B

    Awwwhh I came in hoping for some Celes Chere fanart of the FF6 character >: But the drawing is good none the less c: And The Cloud one is really good too. I like it more so that you drew his clothes in purple. It's a pet peeve of mine when fanartists draw Cloud in either blue or black. @__@'...
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    Can someone change my username?

    Kobato please.
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    Happy Birthday Arianna!!

    Happy Birthday dear !
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    Greetings folks!

    A Zelda fan ! You're veeeery awesome !! c: Welcome to the forums !
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    Your favourite FFI character

    Princess Sarah ! Because it's also the true name of Princess Garnet ! c:
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    cute animals appreciation club

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