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2011 TLS Award Winners

Gym Leader Devil, Death, Everybody's Grudge, Spike, Azathoth
I won that category without any such complaints, so people's disbelief in my award winning capabilities was genuine! ...wait, damn it! :monster:
Leon S. Kennedy,Terry Bogard, The Dark Knight, Dacon, John Marston, Teal'c
Whoever said this board was ruled by cliques and "popular" members should slap themselves.

Just look at my paltry awards.


Great Old One
no i cant write yaoi theres too much penis its difficult for me to understand the dynamics of a penis
It's quite the opposite of difficult I can assure you :lol: What, leaving a penis joke just hanging there (:whistle:)?

Vags, though... how do you even have a guts to go there? I hear they each have their own stubborn personality and what one prefers the other can't stand... but then again, maybe that's the beauty of it?

Stuff I'm curious about but could never ask my bf about :lol:


Great Old One
I'm just wondering why she's calling it a "he". I don't name my body parts so I really wouldn't know, but if a girl was bent on naming her "pet", wouldn't it be a... she?

I'm jumping on the awkward train.

Master Bates

Do you enjoy your life?
Flying Mint Bunny; Hiramaru Kazuya; Cidolfus Orlandeau; The Gentleman-iac; Mr. Koiwai, the underpantsman; Ramza Beoulve; Master Bates

Thanks guys. And Congratulations to all the winners.


"I've seen enough."
Kris; Mantichorus; Sam Vimes; Neku Sakuraba; Koki Kariya; Hazama; CuChulainn; Yu Narukami; Mewtwo; Rival Silver; Suicune; Kanata; Professor Oak; The Brigadier; VIII; The Engineer
Thanks to everyone who voted for me in the Most Missed category... the nomination itself is touching, but to come second (always prefered silver to gold, colourwise :awesome: )...

Again, thanks guys. :) And congrats to all medalling members.


8ad 8r8k
oddishness, like vines, azula, femshep, winter
i just want to formally accept my award for "most likely to post drunk"

i feel like i've achieved something in my lifetime


Return of the Dead-eye
I feel compelled to type the 'this is a contrived POS you're all double-dyed whores and I wish syphilis and a fiery rain of death upon you all' statement.

I enjoyed the awards........CTHULHU FHTAGN.
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