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2015 TLS Awards Results!


TLS's Resident Troll
Thank you, this is my second award in a row.

(my first was troll of the year last year, that was a tie but i'll add one more vote for me.)


Harbinger O Great Justice
I never cease to be really amazed by this.

6. Tied with Yop for 3rd in the “Go the Extra Mile” – I feel fantastic about this, and the 1st and 2nd deserve their spots.
12. Gold for the Biggest Non-FF Geek – I am HILARIOUSLY proud of this.
25. Second “Best Quality Poster” – This makes me incredibly happy, and I again bow to the winners.
34. Third “Best Forum Staffer” – 1st and 2nd certainly deserve their spots.
41. Third TLS Peace Prize – I felt really honoured by the comments left in this one.
43. I ain’t at all bothered by the non-Bronze Lifetime Achievement Award either. Flint did good and deserves to stand alone, but I fell happy to’ve been mentioned – especially by him.

Good job to all of you lovely and fantastic people, and thanks for helping to make this little corner of the internet all the greatness that it is whether or not you're mentioned by name here. <3

X :neo:
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