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alex is dead
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hay gaiz, my raid was meant to go on for 3 months ;.;


sorry :'<

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I'm soooo tagging the following, FGJ.

You mes with the wrong man. You act liek a wanker be certain i will.

I see you have wasted no time in posting this convo at lifestream which is why i wrote this. Theres nothing you can do to me now....i have nothing to lose but oh boy you and your mates do. you hve a forum which cant really lock itself down. You have a forum full of people that i can sign up to 10000 spams!


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I think a larger version of the same image would be even moar appropriate.



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I resized it, for I didn't want the Picard outline to get lost in the epicness. But there's both now.


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lulz you slut.

inorite? Now everybody knows.

I have to say though. We narrowly made it through this.

Who would've thought DLPB controlled a literal INTERNET HATE MACHINE?

Just...pure hatred. Jesus Christ, this was a sobering reminder of just how much you have to be careful...of who you deal with on the world wide web? You never know what kind of hacker on steroids you'll piss off.


This shit just got real.

Gaiz I've suddenly got spam coming at me left and right from all these porn sites!

owait, those are local subscriptions.

... How did he sign you guys up for porn sites?

Seriously, he has to gtfo. What a fuck head.

By taking out emails and just signing them up somewhere random I assume. But I haven't gotten anything so I suspect he cba.

Lulz, he is watching this thread.

I CAN SEE YOU. :awesome:


Oh wow. When did this thread come alive again?

Aww, I think he's just a sad, lonely fellow who's trying to make some e-friends, and you guys are rebuffing him. YOU'RE LIKE TIFA AND HER LITTLE FRIENDS TO HIS CLOUD, YOU ASSES.

So, we should take him out to the water tower and make a promise that he'll come and rescue us whenever we're in a pinch?

That's 'COPY', thank you very much.


Oh noes! More trolls! Whatever shall we- Oh, right, force moderator approval of all new accounts before posting permissions can be granted!

Like I said, you can't take down TLS, man.

And the mods and admins voted not to give in to the ultimatum. Quite the opposite.

Did he already try signing up dupes? And I missed it? D;

I wouldn't say that :monster:

I've never seen TLS so united.

Brought together by one great cause. DLPB: The AIDS of the Internet.


Thank GOD he's had his fun and will leave us alone.

Phew..I'm so glad he's the bigger man in all this.

...So who wants to help with his translation project? :awesome:

Sign up here!

Gay. He's still arguing with me on msn about literal translations and how Nomura spent ages on these names but now he's butthurt because they got localized.




Did he srsly? SRSLY? omg. /facepalm


I'm really bummed that I missed all the lulz today :(

Me too. And it was my drama. D;


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some cunt who BAWWWWWed at the fact that people called him out on his constant petulance and flaming thought he would be able to raid TLS successfully, and just wound up making himself look like an utter tool.


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Oh jesus. He's finally realized all of his faggotry and now he's making an attempt to kiss ass over msn, EVEN IN THE HEAT OF DEBATE he sends me kisses. xxx


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Yah, I may as well, he's gone to bed now. Which is odd because we argued yesterday like.. a few hours later than it is now. hrm. But we had a nice lengthy talk about the mannerisms of black people. I'm not racist, really. :monster:

8:08 PM) McChanny//// How: ohai
(8:08 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: I have finished with your forum....I have told Ryu and Force same thing. They consider the matter closed
(8:08 PM) McChanny//// How: McChanny//// How does it feel auto-message: Working at McJob.. leave a message at the tone. Beeeeeeeeeeep.
(8:08 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: and you?
(8:08 PM) McChanny//// How does it feel has changed his/her status to Online
(8:08 PM) McChanny//// How does it feel has changed his/her name to "McChanny//// How does it feel"
(8:09 PM) McChanny//// How: Closed? They're still laughing at it
(8:09 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: As I said we have spoken in email. I am not going back to the forum so I wouldn't know
(8:09 PM) McChanny//// How: You have said? But you didn't say
(8:10 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: as far as I am concerned this matter is closed. I am not bothered any longer
This is what I am doing >
(8:12 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: - Chocobo Bill > Guriin < Pun on Green > Grean
- Chocobo Billy > Guriinguriin > Greangrean
- Chole > Kurin > kreen
things like that
(8:13 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: you may follow the progress if you wish
as you can see by the list, they got loads wrong....
(8:13 PM) McChanny//// How: wat, that makes no sense
How does Billy equate to Green?
(8:13 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: what doesn't?
That is the point...
(8:14 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: the translation team just made up billy
(8:14 PM) McChanny//// How does it feel is now Offline
(8:14 PM) [email protected].: Guriin*
the Japanese is Gurrin. Gurin in Japanese is Green. Guriin is very close to "green" in japanese. So a closer word in English would be "Grean" and not Green.
(8:14 PM) McChanny//// How does it feel has signed-in (Appear Offline)
(8:14 PM) McChanny//// How: Yeah because Billy is a name. Not Green
(8:15 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: Guriin isnt a name in japanese...
but they used it.
(8:15 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: gurrin is just a colour
(8:16 PM) McChanny//// How: Because Japanese are more likely to have fucked up names like that
(8:16 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: fuck..
they just named those 3 after the colour green
in the japanese game
the english translators didn't realise it
and so called them chole and billy
(8:17 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: Well I am speaking to 3 japanese translators at the minute and they assure me that it has no other meaning than Green. We have been through a lot of the list
some of the changes....
(8:17 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: were very small
like for example:
- Pollensalta > P&#333;ransarita > Pollensalita (Salita means princess in hebrew. Poran is unknown meaning)
We don't know what poran is, but Salita is a girls name
salta is a mistake
(8:18 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: P&#333;ransarita is the japanese romaji....its not just made up
(8:19 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: little things like that.... in english version that other creature is ying and yang....
but it is supposed to be named Yin and Yan
its small change
but there you go

(8:20 PM) McChanny//// How: wut, you make no sense
(8:21 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: how do?>
how so?
which part?
they are just enemy names....
(8:21 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: that's all. That is the part we have just doubled checked
(8:22 PM) McChanny//// How: I don't understand why you're still doing this.
(8:22 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: because it makes the game more accurate to how Nomura named them
(8:22 PM) McChanny//// How: The point of the game wasn't a literal translation, but a localization. So yeah, some things don't make sense. But they make sense to the audience for which they're presented to, which was North America
If you want the original, go back to the Japanese game
(8:22 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: Nomura spent some of his time naming these monsters but a lot of them have been misnamed
(8:23 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: names are not localised
they should be left
For example
I can localise Sephiroth to Steven
(8:23 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: No one would be happy at that
Sephiroth is Hebrew
(8:24 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: and when they say salta and not salita they ruin the name. It is a very easy mistake
but Salita means princess on hebrew
(8:24 PM) McChanny//// How: But Sephiroth is the fucking villain
(8:24 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: Salta means nothing at all
(8:25 PM) McChanny//// How: You don't care about the enemy you encounter in the fields
(8:25 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: Nomura did..he spent time naming them after clever things.
(8:25 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: is it not right that we change it back to being clever again and not a mistake?
what is better...a game which is nearly right or a game which is totally right?
(8:26 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: and remember that you don't have to play the finished game.... It isn't going to be on your shop shelves
(8:27 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: the original game we won't be able to touch, but if they ever remake the game, they will change a lot of stuff
and some of it they will probably still get wrong, but they will do a much better job
I take it you don't like the idea of a ff7 remake?
(8:27 PM) McChanny//// How does it feel is now Offline
(8:28 PM) McChanny//// How does it feel has signed-in (Appear Offline)
(8:29 PM) McChanny//// How: You don't know that they'd change anything if they remade FF7
(8:29 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: i do
(8:30 PM) McChanny//// How: Because the rereleased it on the psn and had the CHANCE to retranslate it
Did they?
(8:30 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: i know for a fact they would becaue they already did
(8:30 PM) McChanny//// How: Are you omnipotent?
Or just impotent?
(8:30 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: the PC version was a very small remake
and they did change things
(8:30 PM) McChanny//// How: I NEED TO KNOW
Then wy not change in the PSN?
(8:30 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: becaue it wasnt touched at all, to change that game would have took a rebuild
(8:31 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: that means a lot of work
all they did was release it virtually same format
(8:31 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: for a console which is backward compat for the ps1
(8:31 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: if they had the time and the money, they would have changed it. But why bother? when they will still make a fortune without touching it?
(8:32 PM) McChanny//// How: But why touch the PC version anyway?
If they did one, why not the other?
(8:32 PM) McChanny//// How: Your logic has holes, sir.
(8:32 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: because when they made the PC version, they had the time the money and 1 of the things they were told to do was to change a lot of the spelling mistakes, poor grammar and story plot holes
for example
in the PSX version, elena says tseng has been killed
which was wrong
(8:32 PM) McChanny//// How: SE doesn't have money? oh lol
(8:33 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: that isnt what I said...
or meant
(8:33 PM) McChanny//// How: And with FFXIII on the horizon of being finished, they could have plenty of time
(8:33 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: they have the money but they wont spend millions when they dont have to
(8:33 PM) McChanny//// How: And it's not like they'd make any dramatic changes just minor ones to the script
(8:33 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: it would take a lot of time and money to rebuild the game
(8:33 PM) McChanny//// How: And you know why they don't have to?
Because it doesn't need to be done
(8:33 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: you dont think elena saying tseng has been killed is amajor change?
(8:36 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: And with FFXIII on the horizon of being finished, they could have plenty of time < they are already working on 14
and multiple other games
(8:36 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: not just that, they don't need to touch 7 to get money. If people said they were not buying any more square games until 7 was remade, then obviously thats what they would do. They are a business like any other
(8:38 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: but to answer your question, when the PC version was made it had to totally rebuilt.... or mostly. So then they had the team together and the plan adn they did sort some plot holes and dialogue errors. The pC version is old though and back then games were shit. Which is why qhimms mods it
makes it better
(8:38 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: I have actually devised a methof to increase resolution of the backgrounds
(8:39 PM) McChanny//// How: Yeah but SE doesn't need to remake FF7 anyway because it's a timeless game as it is, and therefore doesn't need to be touched.
(8:41 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: Well from a money point of view, no it doesn't need to be touched. From the point of view of mistakes, the differences wouldnt be TOO big. But the mistakes in the game, like casting Barret as Mr.T when he actually doesn't have that personality.... those thing I think they would definately change in a remake. The question is, would they risk it as a company. Instead of risking it they make
new spin offs
like DOC
which I hate
I hate all the spin offs
I won't play them
(8:41 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: because they destroy the story of VII
they destroy the original story
(8:42 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: changing things in VII to Japanese VII isnt destroying the game
(8:42 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: it is restoring it to how it should be
(8:43 PM) McChanny//// How: No thats just weeaboing it up
(8:43 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: and it doesn't take much effort to make barret the way he should be....all you need to do is take away words that the translation team added
like yo
(8:44 PM) McChanny//// How: The fact of the matter is that it was localized, not translated, when you literally translate it, you take away the flavour from the game
(8:44 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: He is an agressive person in japanese game....but not a racist-stereotype
(8:44 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: well I and the translators disagree with you...
(8:44 PM) McChanny//// How: And who are these translators?
(8:44 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: it is an opinion.
(8:44 PM) McChanny//// How: The same ones you never bothered to cite?
(8:44 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: Defade
(8:44 PM) McChanny//// How: Yours is just an opinion as well
(8:44 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: Koral
(8:45 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: well I tend to believe 4 or 5 Japanese me or you
if they tell me Barret was not meant to be like he is...
that is how it is
(8:45 PM) McChanny//// How: Why would they make Barret that way if it wasn't meant to be?
He was made that way to appeal to the masses
And people love Barret for the way he is
(8:45 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: some don't
(8:46 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: Iwe don't
(8:46 PM) McChanny//// How: If they remade the gamne, they wouldn't change him
(8:46 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: and you ask why they did it?
because the translation team was very very poor
(8:46 PM) McChanny//// How: lol You're poor
(8:46 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: they even got Aerith wrong.
(8:46 PM) McChanny//// How: Me and TLS all love Barret
To TLS members in number > you and your 4 translators
Because we have translators of our own
(8:46 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: Well me and the people I know do not, and nor do the japanese
because in Japan, barret isn't Mr T
(8:47 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: so the whole of Japan is wrong?
Remember that in Japan barret is not how you think
(8:47 PM) McChanny//// How: He isn't Mr. T in Japan because Japan doesn't have any black people
(8:47 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: and this is a JAPANESE game
(8:47 PM) McChanny//// How: The A Team was out around when FF7 came out, so when they LOCALISED it, they took what they knew and made it work for them
(8:47 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: so because they don't have black people they don't know what they are?
(8:47 PM) McChanny//// How: And it worked wonders
(8:47 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: I don't think so
(8:47 PM) McChanny//// How does it feel is now Offline
(8:48 PM) McChanny//// How: clearly
(8:48 PM) McChanny//// How does it feel has signed-in (Appear Offline)
(8:48 PM) [email protected].: A team was not out when & came out
(8:48 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: A team is the 80's
(8:48 PM) McChanny//// How: Since you obviously have no idea
(8:48 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: FF7 was 1996-7
(8:48 PM) McChanny//// How: Not out as in right after it, just out as in popular
(8:48 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: A team has always been popular
it has nothing to do with this argument
(8:49 PM) McChanny//// How: Then why are you arguing that Barret is Mr. T
And shouldn't be?
(8:49 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: FF7 would have been just s popular if Barret was an aggressive hard man instead of Mr T
because the writers of the game decided that barret wasnt Mr T
(8:49 PM) McChanny//// How: If FF7 were remade, he's probly be even BLACKER. Like 50 Cent or Kanye West, and claim that Midgar doesn't care about black people
(8:49 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: the translators decided otherwise
who is right?
Answer me this
(8:50 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: who is right for FF7 The translators or Kitase
(8:50 PM) McChanny//// How: Everyone is right
(8:50 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: no
that isn't how it works
(8:50 PM) McChanny//// How: Because the translators localised the game for us
(8:50 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: lety me make this simple for you..... see if you can get what I am saying here
(8:51 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: You write a story
ok let's pretend
(8:51 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: it has a man in it who is rather aggressive
and then when you release it to japan it goes through some translators....
and when you go to japan....
(8:51 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: you realise your aggressive man is now saying words like fuck
and shit
(8:52 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: and you never meant that to happen
but it has
(8:52 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: so.... who was right
you or the translator
(8:52 PM) McChanny//// How: But saying words like fuck and shit is aggresive behavior, so he's right
(8:53 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: ok lets say u went to japan and yes your character was still aggressive but now he bullies people and appears to be a bit of awanker
you never meant that
but the translators changed dialogue
(8:53 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: which is what they did in 7
(8:54 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: they turned barret from a rough leader to a thick black man
(8:54 PM) McChanny//// How: But Barret is black. And he's still aggressive but in a way that's still funny to the audience
(8:54 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: all black men do not speak like mr t
that is a racist stereotype
and ff7 was criticised for it
(8:55 PM) McChanny//// How: No, a racist stereotype would have Barret raping Tifa in Seventh Heaven, mugging her, and then running off afterwards. Because some black men do that, but not ALL black men
(8:55 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: They didn't need to localise him to a dumb black man...
(8:55 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: racist sterotypes arent just actions
(8:56 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: they are also words and mannerisms
(8:56 PM) McChanny//// How: Racist stereotypes aren't just words though either
(8:56 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: no, but they couldnt change barrets actions
they are just models moving around....
if they could have, they might have
(8:56 PM) McChanny//// How: So Barret punching things and waving his arms aroound in racist of the translators? Because he still does it in Japanese. Those are his mannerisms
(8:57 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: no, because white men do that also.... being aggressive is normal for ALL humans. whereas talking like Mr T is a sterotypical view of a black man
it applies to SOME
but nowhere near a majority
(8:57 PM) McChanny//// How: It's not just Mr. T who talks like that. A lot of black people do
Barret is talking like black people do.
If that's racist, then make him white
(8:58 PM) McChanny//// How does it feel has changed his/her status to Online
(8:58 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: yes they do, but a stereotype is just that, it doesnt mean that all black men dont talk like it. but in 7, they chose what most people THINK black men talk like
its a sterotype
(8:58 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: barret is talking liek SOME do, but the japanese game he doesnt talk like that
at all...
you can tell from advent children
(8:58 PM) McChanny//// How: It's not what they think it;s what they've seen. I know plenty of black people who act that way. Are they racist then? No, they're just being black
(8:59 PM) McChanny//// How: Because he's in Japan and Japanese don;t hav as much experience with black people as the Americans would in North America
Because NA pretty much comprises of 45% of African Americans
If 45% of Japan was black people, then you'd have an argument
(8:59 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: you don't seem to understand what a sterotype is...
(8:59 PM) McChanny//// How: But in Japan, THEY made Barret act how they THINK black people act
(8:59 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: and I don't think you understand what I mean when I say the WRITERS did not intend barret to sound like Mr T
(8:59 PM) McChanny//// How: America made him realistic
(9:00 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: no....
they made it racist
and wrong
and they perverted the character
(9:00 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281;: im off for now bed time
you can carry this on tomorrow if you like.... its 5 am now
x :) tc
(9:01 PM) McChanny//// How: Alright then
(9:01 PM) Lee Jun-Fan &#26446;&#25391;&#34281; Dan is now Offline
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