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Before Crisis Play Videos on Nico Nico Douga


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Starting in early November, Nico Nico Douga user rinrin began uploading videos of each Before Crisis chapter, with the intent to upload complete playthroughs of all episodes, including the special episodes. As of this post, all of the episodes have been uploaded except for the Legend and Reno specials.

Video Playlist

Episode Direct Links
Episode 1 - Those that Lurk in the Night
Episode 2 - In the White Daylight, The Assasin Smiles
Episode 3 - Blades that Clash in the Evening Shadows
Episode 4 - Proof of a Scar Filled Existence
Episode 5 - The Dream of a Nameless Soldier
Episode 6 - Tonight in Our Unspoiled World (1/2) - (2/2)
Episode 7 - The Darkness that Obscures the Light
Episode 8 - A Light Even Darkness Can't Penetrate
Episode 9 - A Step Further into Uncertainty (1/2) - (2/2)
Episode 10 - The Alignment of a Highly Isolated Discernment (1/2) - (2/2)
Episode 11 - A Dash for Freedom (1/2) - (2/2)
Episode 12 - An Awakening that Tore the Peace (1/2) - (2/2)
Episode 13 - A Scar that Disrupts the Peace (1/2) - (2/2)
Episode 14 - Every Hope and Resolution (1/2) - (2/2)
Episode 15 - To the Ends of a Distant Sky (1/2) - (2/2)
Episode 16 - The Undefiable Muddy Flow of Fate (1/2) - (2/2)
Episode 17 - The Snarling Burst of Chaos
Episode 18 - A Cry that Rings Throughout the World (1/2) - (2/2)
Episode 19 - The Choice to Start or End
Episode 20 - The Price of Undertaking the Decision (1/2) - (2/2)
Episode 21 - The Preparation to Dive into the Finale (1/1) - (2/2)
Episode 22 Part 1 - A Menace that Threatens Even the Heavens (1/1) - (2/2)
Episode 22 Part 2 - A Menace that Threatens Even the Heavens (1/1) - (2/2)
Episode 23 - The Reckless Run into Unstoppable Destruction (1/2) - (2/2)
Episode 24 - The Concerto that Breaks the Limit
Ending - The Requiem that Resounds at Daybreak
Epilogue - The Cantata that Connects Comrades
Tseng Special Episode (1/2) - (2/2)
Legend Special Episode
Reno Special Episode

English Scripts by DarkAngel (1 to 22 Part 1)

English Scripts by Xcomp (1 to 20)

Nico Nico Douga Help
Registration Guides: http://www.google.com/
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マイリスト→ Playlist

Notes from rinrin
Characters Played: Shotgun Female or Shuriken Female
Game Version: iMode
Mobile Phone: NTT DoCoMo's FOMA SH902i by Sharp
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Awesome. I've only seen one gameplay video of this game in all those years...it's about time we get videos of all the chapters.:P


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I remember NicoDou having the Zack episode (Cissinei), but it's nice to see the rest of them now.


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How do I make it work? Do I have to sign up for the site? *doesn't speak Japanese*


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I'll try my luck with the German one, although I'm far from fluent. :/


Yay, German site! =D

Although the German on the site is kinda Engrishy. Just...with German instead of English.


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Fu**ing awesome! Thankyou Suzaku, and it's very good to see you here.

Someone knows how I can access the Spanish site?


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[quote author=hitoshura link=topic=124.msg2013#msg2013 date=1229283957]
Speak for yourself :monster:

The Spanish site shows me and my poor Spanish ability up :monster:

Well, considering that you speak fluent Japanese, yes, I do speak for myself. ::)


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[quote author=Tennyo link=topic=124.msg2023#msg2023 date=1229286973]
Well, considering that you speak fluent Japanese, yes, I do speak for myself. ::)

That's a lie and you know it. I just make stuff up and people can't tell the difference.
[quote author=looneymoon link=topic=124.msg2031#msg2031 date=1229288519]
Je suis canadienne, I'm lost for I can only speak English and (partial) French :'(

You're a better Canadian than me then... I don't remember any French. :monster:

Anzu Mazaki

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WAH this makes me so happy; this is the closest thing I'll probably ever get to playing this game.

Shockingly I managed to make my way through registration without any problems but considering I've taken Japanese for 5 years I should probably be able to ^^:;


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The last time I watched those videos(in another computer, because I can't see in my one), the chapter where Aerith appears had a problem.
Do you guy know if it's already fixed?


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Here is how I do it using Firefox in Window Vista:
1) Clear your Firefox cache.
2) When watching the videos in Firefox, they are cache to your PC in C:\Users\<windows_login_user>\AppData\Local\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\z2ei1mug.default\Cache, <windows_login_user> will be your user name you login as to your Windows. The cache folder will be different if you are using other version of Windows.
3) In the cache folder, you can see file name with random number and alphabet, just check the size of the file, the videos are usually around 30 - 40MB.
4) Copy the file to somewhere and rename it to whatever you want but end with extension .flv
5) Then just download any FLV player and watch it.
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