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Yeah, I think a CC research thread is called for. Seems that has become more the point of focus in here.

As to the matter of denoting actions in the script, I've always used double-colons for this sort of thing (e.g. ::posts in the thread:: ) -- a holdover from my earliest days on the Internet when my first social community was a Final Fantasy RP site.


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I've discovered you can access Gun Shot Romance using the Way Back Machine. Does anyone know what's the best way to get all the data off the website other than copying and pasting bit by bit?


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DA's Gunshot Romance site is still down (presumably evermore), but their translation thankfully lives on on the turkeader tumblr site (with full credit to DA given).

Given turkleader's tumblr is already referenced for the Reno and Leader episodes, would it be possible to update's Before Crisis webpage to point there instead for the remaining episodes? Turkleader's tumblr is more user-friendly than trawling through them via the wayback machine, and turkleader has done a neat formatting job! I only discovered Turkleader's tumblr after going through all of DA's episodes on wayback machine, but this might help the next nerd wanting to catch up on the Before Crisis background :)

I'd be happy to make the necessary edits if permissions can be given.

The URLS are - Episode 1 - Episode 2
... you get the picture - through to ... - Episode 24

Also - characters overview - Q&A post on canon player names

It would also be good to add in a link to S and G's translation of chapter 25

...With huge thanks to everyone who's made it possible for me to catch up on Before Crisis, including:
DA for the original script translation
Grimoire Valentine for the Youtube Vids
S and G for Chapter 25
Turkleader for his tumblr
Sadly it looks like HCoudXIII's youtube vids are no longer up, and the xcomp translation is also missing (and only partially archived).


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Full list of turkleader URLs that I have found so far for ease of navigation:

Episode 01:
Episode 02:
Episode 03:
Episode 04:
Episode 05:
Episode 06:
Episode 07:
Episode 08:
Episode 09:
Episode 10:
Episode 11:
Episode 12:
Episode 13:
Episode 14:
Episode 15:
Episode 16:
Episode 17:
Episode 18:
Episode 19:
Episode 20:
Episode 21:
Episode 22:
Episode 23:
Episode 24:



Canon names:
Alternatively I have all of DA's information on a (very laggy) Google doc (which can export to epub format) and a less laggy Google sheet? Happy to pass these on to TLS staff if you wanted to host DA's script on this site for posterity.


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I am trying to get clear on the different name variants used for the different playable characters from Before Crisis. This is my understanding so far.

1) Dark Angel's names (which were arbitrarily assigned by DA, but gained wide popularity back whilst the Shotgun Romance site was up.
Names: Rosalind, St. Andrew, Samantha, Rafe, Cyr, Durman, Tegwin, Adrian, Violet, Corin and Claude.

2) Weapon names (exception of Legend).
Names: Gun, Rod, Shotgun, Two Guns, Martial Arts (M), Martial Arts (F), Shuriken, Katana, Knife, Nunchaku, Legend.
For my own personal preference, I tend to call the male Martial Arts "Fistfighter", to distinguish from the female one. I don't think that's used anywhere, but not too late to start a trend I guess :D.

3) Weapon names except Cissnei instead of Shuriken because that Cissnei was established to be that character in Crisis Core.
This is the naming convention I am most familiar and comfortable with. Is this most common these days? For my own personal preference, I call the

4) The canon names, which were established later from production sketches by Studio MadHouse, who produced Final Fantasy VII: Last Order
Names: Emma, Alvis, Freyra, Ruluf, Juget/Judet, Maur, Cissnei, Balto.
There is no canon name for knife or nunchaku, and I guess Legend is Legend.
I haven't come across these much.

So naming options vary on different sites, and can variously be as follows for each character (I added on the Japanese weapon names for completeness):

Player - Gender - Weapon - Dark Angel name - Preferred name - Canon name - Japanese weapon name

Player A - Female - Handgun - Rosalind - Gun - Emma - 短銃 Tanjuu
Player B - Male - EMR - St. Andrew - Rod - Alvis - ロッド Roddo
Player C - Female - Shotgun - Samantha - Shotgun - Freyra - 散弾銃 Sandanjū
Player D - Male - Handgun [x2] - Rafe - Two Guns - Ruluf - 短銃 Tanjū
Player E - F - Fistfighter - Cyr - Martial Arts - Juget/Judet - 格闘 Kakutō
Player F - Male - Fistfighter - Durman - Fistfighter - Maur - 格闘 Kakutō
Player G - Female - Shuriken - Tegwin - Cissnei / Shuriken - Cissnei - シスネ / 手裏剣 - Shisune / Shuriken
Player H - Male - Katana - Adrian - Katana - Balto - 刀 Katana
Player I - Female - Knife - Violet - Knife - [none] - ナイフ Naifu
Player J - Male - Nunchaku - Corin - Nunchaku - [none] - ヌンチャク Nunchaku
Legend Turk - Male - Bombs - Claude - Legend - [none] - レジェンド Rejendo

I wanted to format the above as a table, but cannot see how, so apologies that it's not easy on the eye.

Canon names summarised on turkleader's tumblr (also used on a couple of other sites):
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Odd. Martial Arts Female's canon name is Juget, never Judet... maybe. As far as I know, the Last Order production sketches only ever used katakana names, and her name is written as ジュゲット. You would be equally correct if you said her canon name was"Jugette" or "Jugetto".

Also I would never expect anyone to use this name, but the same place that Katana was called "Balto" also called Rod "Crisis".
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