Can someone change my username?


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I don't see a "username change thread". Can someone change my username to M.I.L.F. ?

First, I'm tired of Daryl, second it's a cool name (thanks, Scott!) and third, might help me evade some more harrassment from Voldemort (roffles) as it'll make it harder for him to use a webcrawling program to track my known usernames.

appreciated muchly!

ADMIN NOTE, 07/26/11: If you want your name changed, you must identify yourself in your aka field fully enough that a regular member who had been absent for a few weeks would reasonably be able to identify you upon returning. If you have not identified yourself in your aka field within a few days of having your name changed, your name will be changed to your most frequently known identity at a staff member's discretion. There will be no exceptions to this rule.


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The Man, V
done, though you'll probably want to get rid of the "AKA" field to facilitate him not being able to track you :monster:


~Heiress of Her Will~
ty ^_^

And yeah, I'll do that. thanks for the advice

A username change thread would be cool but I'd recommend some guidelines like:

-Not more than one username change per X days (X is whatever you guys determine)
-No usernames made to offend people (discretion of mods)
-No usernames to impersonate people (although I'd probably be flattered if someone wanted mine xD...not everyone would though >>)
-No usernames that run far enough to stretch the screen. :P

Um, yeah, that's enough self-important advice for me for a day. :P


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I'd be very much obliged if a kind staff member were to capitalize the "M" in my name. I obviously didn't care about it when I signed up, but more often than not I've seen it capitalized in quotes/addresses, so I say let's make it official FGJ. :joy:

Thank you in advance!
This is really dumb... but can I have a space in my user name? Like...
Celes Chere

It's always bugged me how I never spaced it in the first place. :rage:

Ravynne Nevyrmore

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Meh, I think people should stop changing their usernames unless it's for grammatical fixes like in Celes and Munatik's cases. On the web, your handle is your identity. I can't tell who the fuck people are when they change their names. It's not like we have a face or a voice to go by.


~Heiress of Her Will~
First of all, there's no harm in changing one's name. It's fun like changing sigs or avvies. It's not a name is gonna make it that HARD to tell who is who. Second, some people have legit reasons other than grammar errors, etc. for needing the name change (see my first post for an explaination).
I think it'd be different if you were constantly changing your user name. That would be a little annoying. But I think it's easy to tell who is who with their sigs and way of typing. That's just me though, probably. :D


~Heiress of Her Will~
Yeah, that's why I made the suggestion of "can only change the username ever X amount of days" rule. I've seen it happen where people ask for it every second day and it starts to get annoying. :P


...I don't like the concept of 'rules', just say 'fuck no you just got a new one', 'fuck no it's too long', or just plain old 'fuck no, you're a cunt'.


~Heiress of Her Will~

That works too. As long as you guys know how you wanna run it and agree on it, you're good. Maybe less of a rule and more of a guideline to the staff. A rule does open you to the unfortunate fun of someone finding a way around 'em. :P
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