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Thank a lot for the update, I also perform a browser cache cleaning.

What I advice you, my dear dev colleagues, is to rename:
- the `nixie.js` => `nixie.v2.js` and
- the `bg-music.mp3` => `bg-music-remake.mp3`

And change links under the HTML tag `audio/source` and `script` to force each browser to access to new resources avoiding the user to perform a CTRL+F5 itself.

That is the most common thing to do when a content of file change at a not planned time.

For planned time update on file, there is more details about ETags, Cache-Control and more globaly HTTP Cache that can be found here:


Yeah iirc I've enabled some caching headers for js / css / etc files to improve performance. If the JS / cSS hasn't changed another option would be to set the date it's counting down to in the html, those should be kept fresh all the time.
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