CULT OF THE POTATO (Girls' Last Tour Club)

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I had seen that.
It's a sequel to the manga where the potatoes survive in the end and find a way to carry on. I don't care for that since I think GLT has a perfect ending, so I wasn't too interested.
We must post everything for completion's sake! I'm starting to think this isn't a real cult smh.


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Did somebody say TWITTER LINKS?
Here's a shitty translation:
Do you not animate the rest? I am not involved in the production, so it's really... I'm sorry that it's because it's the original work that it's hard to sell even if I make a polite animation carefully.

I believe he's saying that due to the nature of the remaining chapters of GLT, it would be difficult to make a continuation of the anime. Probably both because there aren't enough chapters left for a full anime season, and because of the subject matter.
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