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Daily WTF.


You should be worried about my friend that sends me this kinda thing.

And worry for the world, when it has produced things like that.

Neutron Ronnie

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Wasn't... this posted somewhere else as well?

And damn, I can't believe I even glimpsed this for the second time in a week. *stabs eyes*


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So what you are saying is when they get back they'll just be a little shittier than before? Can shit post on the internet?


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Buy my e-power and vast brilliance will aid the std's along. Face it. You're just fooling yourself. I've got like the force on my side. Teh force of thelifestream.net/forums.


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lol. no foo. I got the powers vBulletin endowed me with when I took on this job. I can ban people. I can stick you with STDs. The possibilities are endless.
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