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I have now, for the first time, cleared Hard Mode in JORG with Vincent always being on Level 1. This is also the first time I cleared this difficulty as my first playthrough on any JORG save, meaning that the Enter-Event-Viewer screen FINALLY reads "Hard Mode".


As I have mentioned many times before, the "Time of Clearing" and the assigned difficulty mode in this screen never changes after the first time you clear the game.

Your only reward for clearing the game on Level 1 and doing it on Hard Mode is the bragging rights you acquire. I expected nothing more. :P

From this playthrough I conclude that getting All S Rankings is difficult but definitely doable. To achieve All S Rankings in the Cumulative Results you definitely don't need to have acquired S Rankings all the way previously. I got A rankings in Target Accuracy and in Items Used. All the rest I got S rankings in.

For an S ranking in Target Accuracy in the Cumulative Results you must have at least a 67% accuracy. I got 64%. In the Items Used category you need to have used 49 items or less. I used 58, most of which were used in Chapter 10 and in the final boss battle. Keep in mind I also plowed through these sections without being cautious because I just wanted an end to this never-ending playthrough. XP


Not sure where I will go from here. I definitely want to scan all the pages of the DC Complete Guide and have the translators here help me find some answers. Whenever I go for my All S Rankings run I want to feel fairly confident that I know all the secrets and esoteric mechanics of every chapter.
Without consulting the DC Complete Guide (out of gamer pride :P) I have figured out what I consider to be the most efficient path when unlocking and defeating the seven snipers in the Edge Meteor Monument Plaza. Remember, in JORG you have to unlock each and every sniper (except for the first one) by roaming the area. Post-JORG, the seven snipers are unlocked from the beginning.


A white dot represents a sniper being unlocked. I have not marked out in the image above where the snipers will appear because then the map would be an overwhelming mess. You start out at point S, with the first sniper straight ahead of you. After this you move southeast and snipe the common DG soldier at the * point. If you don't kill this soldier then the kid won't appear. There is a mako point here at *. Absorb the mako point and when you move north the kid will spawn and run to point E. Continue running the general anti-clockwise path around the plaza until you get to point E, where the kid will be standing outside a door. The flag/border for unlocking the final sniper lines up with the flag/border that causes the kid to open the door and run inside the building, so that can be used as a convenient sound cue for the player.

Enter the building, go the second floor and defeat the two DG soldiers there, go back to the first floor and try to leave. The kid will be seen quickly leaving and then being chased by two DG soldiers.

I give the walkthrough above because once you touch the second floor of the building where the kid hid, the SNIPERS CAN NO LONGER SPAWN. You have to unlock and (preferably) kill the seven snipers before triggering the kid to escape from the building you enter via point E.

Once you memorize where the snipers are and where Vincent must stand in order to unlock them, you'll be done with this part of the stage mission in a satisfyingly short timespan.
The DC Complete Guide is 320 pages long. Today I scanned the first 78 pages. All the three dozen or so scans I have done over the last few years have to be redone because of edges being cut off in the scanning process or because of the settings being wrong. 242 pages left to scan.

Spotted something in page 54 that I find humorous. There is a "How to Read the Chapter Guide" section that reveals an early translation for the Chapter 1 name seen in page 56 (the actual chapter guide page).



The finalized name matches the official localization of the game. I don't think I ever heard the term "conflagration" before today. Saying "Kalm in Conflagration" sounds very formal in my mind and not at all dramatic like "Sea of Flames".
There are two neat menu screens shown in page 24 of the DC Complete Guide (which I may refer to as the DCCG sometimes).


Post-JORG "Single Player" was changed to "Game Start", "PlayOnline" was removed and below Tutorial Menu the "Extra Features" selection was added.

If you click on PlayOnline, you will get this screen:



Beautiful. I presume that this was the standard start-up screen once your PS2 had an established connection to the Multiplayer. Future translations may clear this up.


Supposed to be a PlayOnline menu so I guess this is where the PlayOnline option in the start-up screen was supposed to lead you. Edit: Or it's where you go by clicking on Multiplayer, I honestly don't know.

I would absolutely love it if accomplishing some great feat in Dirge of Cerberus changed the start-up screen to the Multiplayer one. My gut is confident though that no such screen can ever be unlocked in the post-JORG versions.
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- Progress report: 150 pages out of 320 scanned from the DCCG.
The process is extremely demanding because of my desire for perfection. I end up prescanning one and the same page anything between 1-10 times in my attempt to get the page angle at 90 degrees, instead of only 89 or 89.5 degrees. I have tried finding and making tools to make this easier to achieve but so far I don't have a solid method. Placing the page against the scanner walls can give a 90-degree angle but instead big chunks of the page won't be scanned.

- I am reminded of what a hazzle it was to rip out all the pages of the DCCG. The hardened glue that composes most of the book's spine clearly seeped deeper onto the pages than intended. This means that when you rip out the page, the glue will already have ruined part of it. See this example and all the rounded white parts because when removing the glue, you also remove part of the page.

There is definitely an art to picking apart books, just as there is an art to scanning. Some books are easier than others though and the DCCG was definitely one of the more difficult books to rip apart because the hardened glue was just all over the place.

- I feel like asking about the bottom section of page 108 already. In the middle of the Chapter 5 section, for some reason the guide decides to have a column devoted to the WRO soldiers. A very out of place section to bring them up because you don't face any WRO people in Chapter 5.


I am curious to know what the paragraph says about the soldiers. There seems to be a comparison going on. RNG almost definitely stands for the Firing Range, as I don't think the guide uses the term "Random Number Generator".


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i checked out the weapons section (this is the one book i haven't got in a box) which uses 'rng' in reference to a weapons's range, so i think you're right there

Column: Let's check out the abilites of the WRO squad members!

The WRO squad members who appear chapters 6, etc., include men and women, and there are also versions wearing hats and those without. There is actually a difference in HP depending on gender and the prescence of a hat, getting higher in the following order: male (with hat) > female (with hat) > male > female. The differences in ability is limited to the HP, with the attack power depending on the gun they are holding. The squad members' weapons are primarily rifles, and while the RNG and accuracy are reasonably high they have the drawback of a low attack power.

edit; by 'following order' i meant the > stands for 'higher than' which is what i assumed it was going for, but looking at it that looks like it means the hat ones are weaker (i assumed they'd be stronger). the original wording was '[hp] becomes higher in the order of male (hat) > female (hat) > male > female'. that whole thing could probably be worded better on my part
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Who knew? A bright red hat makes you easier to shoot. I would have expected the officers to be tougher.

If you find any similar scale for the DG soldiers, can you flag it for me, please?
- Progress report: 210 pages out of 320 scanned.

Coming across some interesting translations and humorous misspellings for the boss names.
Guide Book Translation -> Official Translation
Dragon Fryer -> Dragonfly
Air Horse Troopers -> Pegasus Riders
Black Widdow -> Black Widow
DGS Trooper 1st -> Deepground Commander
Shrike Troopers -> Shrikes
Azul Equip2 -> Neo Azul
Real Azul -> Arch Azul

If you find any similar scale for the DG soldiers, can you flag it for me, please?
- Progress report: 260 pages out of 320 scanned. Getting close to the end!

There are two multiplayer maps on page 251 that raise my curiosity and I'm very eager to know what the Japanese text is saying.


At the top of my head I'm not sure if Map A ever appears in the post-JORG versions.

Edit: Only just now realized that Map A is probably Kalm. Specifically the "Collector's Mind" version.


I am pretty sure that this map is the one seen in this Tsviet Examination PlayOnline video (part 1 and part 2). Currently these two videos are the only way for you to see this area, as it is not used for the Extra Missions nor viewed in any of the PlayOnline cutscenes.

The labyrinth has an ancient feel to it which makes me wonder if this is supposed to be a Cetran settlement. I doubt the Japanese text says anything about this though because that would be too awesome.

EDIT: Hang on, I probably got it wrong. Map B may in fact be this area, seen from the Extra Missions.
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- 270 pages. Letting my scanner rest now, as it is starting to show signs of fatigue and wear. There is a slight chance my scanner will crash before I reach the 320th page. =/

It only crossed my mind today just how short the Multiplayer section of the book is. It is covered in pages 238-251. That's only fourteen pages of content. Two pages deal with the mission maps and it only shows seven of these, when the total number of mission fields is at least thrice that.

One possibility is that mission fields were added as the Multiplayer was updated during its six-month lifespan and maybe the DCCG only showed the maps available on launch. Regardless of this, there is a complete lack of an Equipment- & Item List for the PlayOnline mode. The huge variety of helmets and costumes is not at all represented in the DCCG. The story mode of the Multiplayer isn't covered at all and neither are special battles like this one against the Restrictor. Not even in other sections of the book is Multiplayer-exclusive content covered.

For what is supposed to be the "DIRGE OF CERBERUS - FINAL FANTASY VII - OFFICIAL COMPLETE GUIDE" (<--that's the full name, I had long since forgotten the "Official" part in the name) it is a far from complete resource.

This guide stands in shame compared to the "Crisis Core Complete Guide" which actually does a great job at living up to its namesake.

- The page in the Multiplayer section that I am the most eager to see translations from is page 249. What is that blue capsule at the top? How were Limit Breaks activated in Multiplayer? How is the Single Player and Multiplayer connected? Does progress and content from the Single Player transfer to the Multiplayer? I am so very curious! :D

*gazes at hito and Tres suggestively*


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having only played the offline j-org version i haven't seen those maps before and now i'm kind of feeling a little cheated because they look interesting

the text doesn't really talk about anything but general gameplay strategy stuff


The main battlefield consists of the central plaza and the church in the east. Encircling the central plaza is a walkway that stretches out in each direction. You can look out over the entire plaza from the walkway, so it is dangerous to stay in the plaza. There are wooden boxes in the plaza, but even if you hid there you will easily be spotted so try to hide in one of the surrounding buildings as quickly as you can. Additionally, there is a ladder behind the church which comes out on the roof of the church.

Battlefield Ruins
The battlefield ruins are an arena notable for its distinct criss-cross walls. From the areas that form gently sloping hills [area that forms a gently sloping hill] you can climb onto the top of the walls, and we recommend sniping with a rifle from there. The walls are built tall, so you can easily spot opponents on the ground. However, this conversely means that you are also easily seen. Standing still will make you stand out, so try to remain crotched as you move.

edit; that multiplayer page:

Let's look at the battle elements found only in the Multiplayer mode!

There are numerous elements in the Multiplayer mode battles that aren't featured in the Single Player mode battles. With the addition of these elements, naturally difference arise in aspects such as movement during battle. In particular the effects of Limit Breaks have been changed, so care is needed when using them.

Also, the inclusion of suits which determine max HP, movement speed, attack damage, and so on are an important feature. Try to change suits based on your own play style or the goal of the mission.

[image of blue capsule]
There are also special items that are only in the Multiplayer mode. One such item is the 'Mako Capsule' found in the mission mode.

Elements only in the Multiplayer battles

- Heal with the Cure Materia
There is a special 'Cure Materia' accessory part. When you attach this to your gun and fire the magic, you can heal the HP of the target you hit. Furthermore, when the magic hits the ground that spot will start to light up for a while. If you touch this area you can also restore your own HP.

- Limit Breaks requires Limit Breakers
To perform a Limit Break in the Multiplayer mode needs an item called a 'Limit Breaker'. These are found in the arenas on very rare occasions. When you perform a Limit Break, your HP is fully restored, and you are able to continually fire without consuming ammo.

- You can attack while jumping as well
Unlike Vincent, you are able to fire while jumping. It it difficult to aim when shooting as you jump, but your opponent will also have trouble taking aim so you are less likely to take damage. Try using this when you find yourself suddenly bumping into an enemy or while in a long-distance shootout.

- Make use of the special parts
There are special parts not found in the Single Player mode. Amongst these, the 'Silencer' accessory part eliminates the noise when firing. If you equip this and fire your weapon, then even if there are multiple enemies nearby they will have trouble identifying your position, making it the ideal part for surprise attacks.

- New enemies also appear
In the missions you can select there are is a Duel Horn enemy that only appears in the Multiplayer mode. This enemy correspond to the bosses in the Single Player mode. With a bright red, cow-like body, it will attack by charging at you or swinging around its two horns.

TIPS - Look out for updates!
The Multiplayer battles are advancing daily with updates. Sometimes new gun parts will be added, and sometimes powerful new enemies will appear. Additionally, when you complete battles you will have the chance to meet Tsviets such as Azul and Shelk. You will be able to find out what the Tsviets were like before they met Vincent and about their pasts. Look out for future updates to fill in [complement/supplement] the Single Player mode's story as well.
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Many, many thanks to you hito! :D This is all very exciting!

Wow, so the Limit Breaker item actually existed back then, just not in the Single Player campaign! I had not observed in PlayOnline recordings the effect of shooting Cure at the ground and thus creating a restoration spot. Awesome to know about the Multiplayer-exclusive "Silencer" accessory. I wonder what the Mako Capsule contained?

Every new piece of info is thrilling!


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i had a little look online, it seems they were just items for you to collect during missions ('collect 7 mako capsules!' and the like)

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How lame that is. =P

Cool stuff overall, though. In the Limit Breaker and jumping while shooting especially, we see elements of post-JORG gameplay even from this original version. Begs the question of what the hell they were thinking releasing the single player mode in that state back then.
- My scans of the Japanese DC guide are now complete! If you want the files, send me a request via PM and I'll give you a link. =)

*long sigh of relief* I ended up rescanning about 30 pages even after I had scanned the 320th page. My OCD would not rest when I learned that some scans could get more smooth transitions in the color gradient. Ergo why it took me a bit longer than expected to finish up with the scanning.

Not going to jump straight back into playing DC for my first All S Rankings run. Undertale is on my computer now and it is still waiting to be played... >____>

- While scanning the interview with the creators of DC I discovered what appears to be sections of the interview that is not present in the interview translations published on TLS over seven years ago. Do correct me if I'm mistaken.

Pages 294 and 295 do not appear to be present in the translations. For example in page 294 the word "SWAT" and the number "360" appears but that word and that number do not appear in the translations. I am less sure about pages 292 and 293, because it looks like the translator switched at least two interview sections around.

I have a feeling that a retranslation of the interview by either hito or Tres is called for. :monster:


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i think you might be right about the interview, the translation stops at the section about gackt's collaboration but there is another section of the main interview (feelings towards dc and future developments) and a q&a section left
It is my intention to scan more guide books, big and small, in the not-too-distant future. However because I still have a collector's heart, I have to buy duplicates of books: One for browsing and one to pick apart for scanning. As a result my wallet can get quite stretched.

For this reason I am highlighting that you can send donations to my PayPal account, where my email is "[email protected]". Any donation, even a symbolic amount of 1 USD, is highly appreciated both for monetary and emotional reasons. =)

In related news, I recently ordered duplicate copies of two V-Jump published FFVII guide books. It's a longheld tradition of V-Jump to publish incomplete guide books around the time of a game's release, and I will soon have duplicates of two such guides: Dirge of Cerberus "Prelude" and Crisis Core "Soldier's Combat Manual".
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Like I already reported elsewhere on the forum, one of the 3D Map Designers for Dirge of Cerberus passed away recently.

Thusly I know of two people from the DC team who are now deceased. Hojo's Japanese voice actor, Nachi Nozawa, and one of twelve 3D Map Designers, Manabu Daishima.

Hojo's JP voice actor died in 2010, October 30. It will be interesting to see/hear who does the voice of Hojo in the future.

I don't know about you but I like reading the ending credits to games and see which names I recognize. If you have played many Final Fantasy games, you will for example see the sound designer "Minoru Akao" pop up pretty much everywhere.

Other names will prompt research. When I previously googled Robin Atkin Downes, the voice of G in Dirge of Cerberus, I couldn't find anything outside of his role in DC. But it appears that he actually has a long history of voice acting, usually voicing smaller roles. If this is indeed the same person voicing all those roles, I am immensely impressed by his range. Almost all of his roles sound like an entirely different person and he has pulled off many different accents.
I also found now that there is plenty of confirmation on Robin Atkin Downes own website as to which characters he has voiced.

Returning directly to the topic of DC... I recently had hito translate the strategy page for the ending boss of Chapter 1, from page 196 of the DC Complete Guide.

hito's translation said:
Dragon Fryer GL

Dangerous Move Spotlight:

- Missiles
Fires 4~8 missiles simultaneously either horizontally or vertically. Regardless of the direction the missiles are fired in, you can avoid it by hiding behind an obstacle.

- Body slam
After ascending slightly, it dashes towards you at high speed. When it ascends it will always perform this attack, so move away from that area and avoid it.

Fight from behind the wooden boxes in the south-east

If you crouch behind the wooden boxes at point A then you can avoid its gunfire and missiles, so hide here and attack its weak spot on the left side of fuselage. However you will be hit by its body slam, so when you see it ascend move to point B to avoid it. Also, as you continue to give it damage it will start to tilt to one side and stop moving. At this point its weak spot will change to the top of the craft, so you can deal massive damage by attacking here.

The advice reflects mostly the strategy I already figured out myself. I was hoping for more ways of making the battle easier for my All S Rankings run. An issue not raised in this page is the challenge of absorbing both Mako Points in the area, which requires you to first go to the far north and then go back south. Not only will you be under heavy fire for much of the time when running, but you are losing precious seconds in your goal to clear Chapter 1 in less than 20 minutes. You can't neglect a single mako spot though because if you do, you won't get an S ranking in the "Mako Points Acquired" category.

Many thanks to hito for translating page 196. Now I know not to hold out for super-awesome advice from the DC Complete Guide. All I need now is patience and to GIT GUD when I play the game for top rankings.


Another part of the Top Rankings challenge that I learned earlier this year was that apart from in my earliest playthroughs, I never properly triggered the "Find the Cardkeys" Stage Mission in Chapter 1.

You reach this area with the laser bars to the north, which can be disabled with a cardkey found further west.


If you run towards and get somewhat close to the laser bars, the "Stage Mission" screen will pop up, followed by a map that shows you where the cardkey is.



Even if you are playing the game casually, and not going for Top Rankings, you will learn to neglect the triggering of the Stage Mission screen. Why waste time running that distance north when you know your objective is to the west?

However, by not triggering the Stage Mission screen, you are never ranked for finding the cardkeys! Neither the Stage Results in your normal menu (the menu where you can also check your target accuracy, acquired EXP etc) or in the Chapter Clear menu will give you a ranking for finding X number of cardkeys.

In other words, I have to waste precious bloody seconds by triggering the Stage Mission screen, or else I won't get All Top Rankings. There are a total of five cardkeys, one of which isn't necessary to advance through the stage but that will require you to "waste" roughly twenty seconds to acquire.

Dirge of Cerberus...you are breaking my balls. I barely achieved the top ranking in clear time when that was my only focus, and now you are expecting me to achieve that while barely getting damaged, using ZERO items and spending one extra minute running around doing side stuff?!

Chapter 1 will be among the most difficult to clear with All S Rankings. It will require equal amounts of great skill and great luck. COME AT ME BRO!


People rejoiced when RAD didn't return to voice Genesis which is pretty silly because it's mostly that people took offense to the weird accent he was doing (which wouldn't have been his idea in the first place...) and he's actually a decent VA. That Oliver Quinn guy we got in Crisis Core sounded pretty bland...


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I didn't have any particular beef with the CC actor. But yeah I was definitely rolling my eyes when people would be so excited that they were changing actors. Like they thought he just put that accent on without prompting and a director would have simply rolled with it? Or, worse still, that that was actually how he spoke?

@Shad, I always hated the way the Stage Mission screens would cover the screen but not pause the game. Meanwhile I'm being shot at or struggling to stop the currently-fleeing civilians from dying :@
That Oliver Quinn guy we got in Crisis Core sounded pretty bland...
In other words he did a good job imitating the Japanese performance. :monster: Both Japanese and English Genesis suffer from the script and from the character's ridiculous amount of aloofness. He is almost always detached from his environment, reciting either poetry or talking without listening to anyone around him. This was probably intended to make Genesis "cool", but instead it makes the players detached from him. There is no way to sincerely care for Genesis's motivations.

@Shad, I always hated the way the Stage Mission screens would cover the screen but not pause the game. Meanwhile I'm being shot at or struggling to stop the currently-fleeing civilians from dying :@
Inorite! There are also enough instances when the game loads an area and its enemies, and the enemies will start shooting at you while the screen is still black. Your performance in these situations depend on a lot of luck.

I have now begun the frustrating journey of trying to get Top Rankings in Chapter 1. The chapter has a total of six segments/checkpoints/stages and I will complete one segment at a time. In other words this won't be a clean start-to-finish run: That would be IMPOSSIBLE. Too much in this chapter relies on luck. After about fifty tries with the first segment (the first minute of the chapter) I *might* be happy with my results...maybe. >____>

Dirge of Cerberus is actually not my first "shooting game" obsession. I am known for my mastery of the Speed Square in FFVII and I am extremely good at the slingshot and bow from the two Legend of Zelda N64 games. While I haven't recorded my Legend of Zelda accomplishments, I have impressed everyone who witnessed my l33t archery skills.

Playing through Dirge of Cerberus for top results feels a lot like when I played the Roller Coaster Shooter in the Speed Square. While there is memorization and skill involved, there is also luck. There is a wheel that will give you a random score, the top score being 285. In a hundred tries I would get the top score maybe three or four times. Imagine then how stressful it is when you get the maximum amount of points from the wheel and you have just over two minutes left of the minigame!

This is why, almost six years ago, I uploaded my score of 8184. The red wheel gave me 284 points in that run. A few attempts later I got 285 points but then failed to hit a target near the very end... The physical pain from this frustrating failure was quite something. I felt like my head was literally exploding.

The reason I don't show the first minute of the minigame is because I already showed that in my 7835 points video. Just like with the Speed Square video, my Dirge of Cerberus videos will be the result of hundreds upon hundreds of retries.
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