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I'm unsure of the limits of what you can do right now, but let's say you're in one of the open areas of Deepground -- can you reach the trusses on the ceiling? Are there even textures actually up there or is it a clever perspective illusion utilizing an image you can never actually get close to even if you fly?
I'm unsure of the limits of what you can do right now, but let's say you're in one of the open areas of Deepground -- can you reach the trusses on the ceiling? Are there even textures actually up there or is it a clever perspective illusion utilizing an image you can never actually get close to even if you fly?

By "trusses", do you mean the general pattern of the Deepground ceiling as observed when there isn't a hologram faking a sky? I'm not sure how to apply the word "trusses".

We have two Deepground ceilings. The sky seen in the Deepground Lobby, which in-universe is meant to be a hologram, and the ceiling observed in Chapter 10 and related zones. I can explore areas with almost complete freedom. What I have not mastered is how to move to lower levels. Everything on Vincent's current plane and above Vincent is free for me to explore.

Deepground Lobby


Deepground Chapter 10










Interacting with the ceiling texture on the far side of the map.



Every texture can be reached, no problem. The ceiling is simply a globe encompassing the map, like with most "sky-level" ceilings in the game. Any particular reason you wonder about the ceiling of Deepground?

On the topic of degree of motion, I did just find a pattern to track addresses for locking/unlocking Vincent's freedom of motion (and unlocking the map menu even if it is locked). Sadly, these addresses don't work for the Early Train Graveyard (z200) so exploring this map is still beyond my capabilities.
Now I own an additional copy of the JORG version of Dirge of Cerberus. My first copy did not include any of the game's manuals or commercial pamphlets, plus the game case was quite weathered. This second copy of mine includes the game manual, PlayOnline manual, commercial pamphlets AND the game case is shiny, bordering on mint condition quality. I am very happy with this purchase.

The PlayOnline manual does not include any screenshot of the DCFFVII Multiplayer. I had already found the Japanese game manual online, but revisiting the manual now helped me spot some nice details. You can find scans of the game manual here.

Page 25: Only two servers, 01 and 02, listed here. When this guide on Final Fantasy Cheats was written, there were three servers. The EX-Potion guide lists seven servers as early as May 5.

Page 28: We see the window where you designed your Unit symbol/badge/crest. This explains where all the Unit crest designs came from. Here is Team_2ch's crest.


Page 32 (and many others): Above the Blizzard materia you can see the value "Lv.1". This is the first footage I have ever seen of materia being levelled in the Multiplayer. Everything so far indicates that in the public 2006 version, the Multiplayer did not have the system of levelled materia. I am not certain about the beta version in this area, but I don't recall ever seeing a Materia Level indicator there. Among the unused online mode items there are accessories for increasing your materia level though.

Page 32 also shows a player opponent called "Obix", same player name seen in one of the Multiplayer recordings. Can't speak on the likelihood of these two player characters belonging to the same account.

The unused/pre-launch timer that I unlocked is also seen most clearly here.

Page 34: Phoenix Pinion in the inventory, along with Hi-Potion and X-Potion. I have never seen these three items in Multiplayer footage, only ever unlocked them from the game data.

All screenshots show DG soldier suits granting HP values that correspond to the Beta testing phase. While the screenshots lack the β symbol in the upper right corner, devs could have easily played the game during this phase and have done so without the beta symbol being on screen.
PCSX2 refuses to make a recording where the footage and audio isn't sped up to roughly 1.5 times faster than it is supposed to be, but regardless here it is.

Unlocked by forcing the audio- and text line. The game then freezes. The exact variables for triggering this scene remains unknown but at least now we've heard a sped-up version of it.

Also, here is what happens when you replace Vincent's model with Galian Beast.

Completing the set with the Japanese variation.

When I revisited Kuroyukihime Sora's video on how to rip models from Dirge of Cerberus, I understood how unexpectedly easy it was to change the models being displayed in the Character Viewer.

When browsing the character models by using Cheat Engine in the Character Viewer, I found more models from the Multiplayer than I ever expected to find. Will post pics later. The surprising part was that ALL these models also exist in the US version of the game, with the only difference being that the Restrictor's glowing battle form is not present there. This makes sense given that the US game was released on August 15 and the Restrictor battle was only made available to the Multiplayer on August 17.

So here is a list of the Multiplayer-exclusive stuff I found.

- Restrictor + Weapons: Cloaked, uncloaked. Glowing, not glowing.
- Usher
- Argento + Sword
- Untextured Male DG Soldier (resembling template for player character)
- Female Officer. Screenshots show Officer-West as female. The gender of Officer-South is unconfirmed.
- Male Officer. Model for Officer-East and Officer-North.
- Baton: The baton held by each Officer.
- Green Uniform NPC - Male
- Green Uniform NPC - Female
- Black Mage NPC - Male
- Black Mage NPC - Female
- Player Character Guns & Accessories

- Beginner's Machine

- Blue-Grey Sweeper: Vincent only ever face the Yellow-Grey palette of the Sweepers.
- Red Bull Head: The grey Bull Head is all we see when we play as Vincent.
- Yellow Saucer. I have observed this saucer in screenshots from the Multiplayer.
- Blue Saucer

- Mako Capsule
- Base Station, Grey. The station used for Base battles.
- Base Station, Blue-White
- Base Station, Red-White
- Grenade
- Flag Station, Blue
- Flag Station, Red
- Flag, Blue
- Flag, Red

I have identified the Player Character model in the cutscenes as "o099", but unlocking it in the Character Viewer shows nothing. The Character Viewer successfully load and you can change orientation, but there is just nothing to see.

In the same vein, I have not found the models for Multiplayer Masks, Suits, Player Character Faces, Body Types etc. Perhaps these models are stored differently and could be unlocked ONTO the Player Character o099 at will, if I only found the correct addresses.

By learning to change which model is shown in the Character Viewer, I also learned to change the background music being played in the Sound Gallery. Not too unexpectedly, the bgm data of the game includes all the tracks exclusive to the Multiplayer.

I then moved on to trying to adjust which voice clips are being played. In short, changing voice clips was not as straight-forward as changing character models and background music. I can thusly not experiment freely (yet) with which voice clip is being played. At least I was finally able to unlock Cait Sith's elusive voice line thanks to my newfound knowledge.

Recall these lines from the jsnddb document:
dsj_862 - Hiren Event 1
dsj_866 - Pullum Event 1

Normally, searching for these sound reference strings will yield no result in Cheat Engine. However, I discovered that if you search for these strings after you've teleported to z217 (the zone which holds all the Deepground Lobby menu maps) then you get actual results!

Not only that, but countless references to dozens of Online Mode NPCs and sound effects can be read in that memory region via Cheat Engine.

All I can say for certain is that z217 has a shitton of data. Hopefully this data includes the actual DG Lobby area, meaning that if I can one day successfully teleport there (instead of being faced with just blackness) I may be greeted with even more delicious online mode content.
e083: Restrictor glowing battle form (the US data shows him without the glow)


e095: Untextured Male DG Soldier


e090: Officer, Male


e096: Officer, Female


e092: Green Uniform, Male


e098: Green Uniform, Female


e093: DG Black Mage, Male


Up close:

e100: DG Black Mage, Female


Up close:

e110: Sweeper Version 2:


Quite different from the model that we only ever got to see in Dirge. I have not confirmed the presence of Sweeper Version 2 in any screenshots from the Multiplayer.

e112: Bull Head, Red Edition


Have not confirmed presence of this model in the Multiplayer. While Dirge of Cerberus only showed us the grey version, this red edition is what I remember from Crisis Core.

e113: Yellow Saucer


Confirmed to be present in the Multiplayer. In the current game you will only ever face the Red Saucer type.

e114: Blue Saucer

Not confirmed of having been used in the Multiplayer.

g056: Base - Grey

All these bases would be chipped away at and change appearance as their HP decreased below certain values. Presumably the data is still there to show the base in different states of deterioration, but I do not know yet how to unlock that.

g069: Base - Blue


Apart from destroying a base in missions, you could also engage in Team Base Battles. Blue is surely Team Shiva, while Red is Team Ifrit.

g070: Base - Red


g076: Flag Station - Blue


g077: Flag Station - Red


g078: Flag - Blue


g079: Flag - Red


The shine of both these flags is ridiculously beautiful when observed in-game. My eyes feast on the glow.

w023: Online Mode Guns & Accessories


Models for all the guns, barrels, scopes, options and accessories are activated at the same time when unlocking w023. The same is true for when unlocking Vincent's gun models.

Understanding how the game programs which "sub-model" is active or not might be key to helping me understand how I might manipulate the o099 character and their gear.

e103: Beginner's Machine


g051: Yellow ground switch.


Purpose unknown.

g052: Purple ground switch.


Purpose unknown. A similar-looking switch is used for the mines you disable in the Shinra Manor underground. The green switch, g053, is used to trigger protective walls in the Extra Mission "Deepground".

g074: Grenade


Currently I can't get a close-up view of the whole grenade. While I've seen grenades used plenty in Multiplayer recordings, none of them zoom in enough on the grenade to confirm if they match the model above.

g081: Mako Capsule


Would be neat to unlock these models elsewhere in the game and see if you can pick them up like you did in the online mode.
With the models in the Character Viewer and with the music in the Sound Gallery, changing that which is being shown or played respectively is easy. All you need to do is find the string that corresponds to the model that is normally being shown, or the music that normally plays, and change that string to read something else.

Like Kuroyukihime Sora did, I took the Arch Azul model of e002 and changed that to whatever I pleased. For more up-close shots of the model I unlocked, I took Cait Sith's string, n004, and changed that to show something else. Currently I can't manipulate the camera freely. While it's easy to find the addresses for the zoom, the zoom is locked to not let you go beyond certain borders. May figure this out at a later point.

I can manipulate the pose/animation performed by some models, by changing the "animation shorthand" strings in the memory. With the Black Mages, they normally stood in the animation "n_st", which means to stand without a weapon. I could change the pose to...
h_st = Stand with handgun
m_st = Stand with machine gun
r_st = Stand with rifle​

...and they would change pose accordingly, despite not holding any actual gun. I have not found the shorthand for the floating animation that these Black Mage NPCs normally did.


Because JORG doesn't have a Character Viewer, every attempt I make to unlock character models will result in sights like the Galian Beast on the Shera. I might find some interesting models if I begin a search, yes, but they will all look..."messed up", to say the least.

With the Sound Gallery, I can only use it to change the background music. I found the strings that determine what song is being played, and could then make it play any part from the game. The jsnddb document's list of bgm matches with what I've unlocked so far.

Things got more complicated with the voice clips. Changing the string that is associated with a voice clip does NOTHING. All those strings referenced in the jsnddb document? They are present in the code, but only as dead text.

For example with the "Number 7. Nice to meet you!" scene, you will find the expected strings from jsnddb such as "csj_470" and "csj_471" in there, but that is just dead text and changing those does nothing. The following strings were the actual sound IDs:

70336vn - So, no costume today?
70337rv - *laughs* Headquarters was pretty much destroyed by the Deepground forces.
70338rv - But I was able to salvage a few things.
70339ct - Number 5 is alive!
70340ct - Number 6 ready for action!
70341ct - Number 7. Nice to meet you!
70342vn - Tell me Reeve.
70343ct - Huh?
70344vn - Who is backing your operation?​

The part in memory I'm reading is an incomplete representation of the scene choreography. All three variations of Cait Sith's lines were presented, along with the text message IDs, and what I did was to force the Number 7 variation by taking the values for Number 5 (the variation that would normally trigger) and change it to the Number 7 values.

Manipulating the voice clips often lead to other glitches in the scene, usually in the form character animations not timing or triggering correctly. It is very important that you keep the shorthand for the character speaker in the code. So if you for example change "70336vn" to "70336rv", all you'll get in the game is silence.

There is also the fact that you can't load a voice clip from just any zone in the game. You can't for example go to Reeve's Chapter 2 scene in the Shadowfox and have him speak lines from Shera in Chapter 7. The game won't find the voice clip you're trying to reference, so all you'll get instead is silence.

For this reason I still can't unlock the voice clips that are supposed to exist in z217. Digging in the memory of z217 can still reveal interesting tidbits though.

I found the two following text strings: "Sector 4.Deepground" and "Sector 1.Deepground". This could be the names for the menu maps of the East and North lobbies! That would be very interesting if the translator called each area "Sector" instead of just, well, "Area".

I also found the following commands for Argento in z217, listed in the following order:

"ag" is the typical extension used Argento's speaking lines, as shown when viewing the memory in Scene 2, where Argento speaks. In Scene 2, her commands are as follows:

They don't match z217, and going purely by numbers it looks like the commands in z217 take place after Scene 2.

Keep in mind that we don't know for sure if this means that Argento has hidden speaking lines in the data of z217. Not only because the sound files may be gone, but even silent characters like the Player Character in the online mode cutscenes will have command references like these. It is possibly that these voice clip commands represent more than just the vocal audio.

Even so, I think we can all agree that z217 teases us with the possibilities of what it might hold.
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Among the unlocked models were hi-res and low-res models for item cases, item bags, ammunition and gold. Strangely enough, I am yet to spot these hi-res models used in the actual game.

When you watch the hi-res models you can see things that simply isn't possible in the models that the game normally seems to use.

Transformed Yuffie into gold ingots for a closer look at the model.


The Shinra logo appears to be imprinted on the gold. After staring intently at the text it looks like this to me:



D BH104357

Now that's some interesting worldbuilding.

The number "104357" creeps me out because it is pretty close to the number used for the Deepground door and Deepground cart.



Only off with 104. ...Coincidence?

In the hi-res model for the Handgun Bullets, we clearly see the Deepground logo adorned on it.


How...unexpected. Though not entirely without reason. If you zoom in on the handgun bullets used in-game you will only see the slightest hint of the Deepground symbol if you already know that it's there.

Here is a better look at the grenade (g074).

The object w024 also looks like a potential candidate for an explosive but it might just be a simple container. I am honestly not sure.
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Among the more mysterious unused models is this sword. Only by patching together two snapshots did I get a good sense of the sword's actual length.



If not for the guard, I would call it the Masamune. Is it supposed to be just a poor replica? Or a sword in its own right, with its own identity? Your guess is as good as mine. I've confirmed the model to be present in JORG and INT, so we know at least that the sword was an early idea.

EDIT: Confirmed by Tres to actually be the sword(s) used by Omega Weiss! Ergo, not unused.
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The following models have low-res and hi-res counterparts. So far in the game I have never spotted the hi-res versions being used.

- Gold Ingots
- Handgun Bullets
- Item Case
- Item Bag
- Cardkey
- Omega Report
- Deepground Files (Chapter 9 item)

There are no hi-res versions of the Rifle Bullets, Machine Gun Bullets, Death Penalty Bullets, G Report etc.



The blue dots seem to identify this more as a DG item case, dots which are only very vaguely hinted at in the low-res version.






Another comparison of the same side.



I have tried to capture a readable shot of this side of the hi-res version, but so far this is the best I got.


The only thing I can make out after some staring, zooming and contrast shifting, is...
"??? BQ?001??04357
??? DG L???"​

The "04357" reminds us of the "104357" written on the gold ingots. Why these numbers?

The high res versions of the Omega Report and the Deepground Files are 4-5 times bigger than the normal models. While the normal discs fit in Vincent's hand, the high resolution versions would cover both his face and torso because of how big they are.

Apart from the size, the low-res and hi-res models look pretty much identical so I'll only bother with showing the hi-res versions.



If you zoom in on the low-res version of the Omega Report, the text is just as readable as in the hi-res version.
The Plants Palw

EDIT: Tres observes that the cursive text reads "The Planet's Pulse".

I will keep my eyes open for any of the hi-res models while I play the game.
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Double Growth
Wow, those hi res models look so much better! Haha. And that Masamunesque sword is curious... Maybe Weiss had a Sephiroth knockoff before his gunblades?
Mystery solved. The sword was intended for Weiss's "Omega" form.


I can only recall Weiss using his two gunblades even in the final boss fight, but I'll recheck that next time I battle Omega Weiss.

EDIT: Confirmed by Tres to actually be the sword(s) used by Omega Weiss! Ergo, not unused.
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By unlocking the player character o099 outside of the Character Viewer, we confirm that the model holds many masks, suits and body types for the online mode. These include masks/suits/body-types we do not get to see in the unlockable online mode cutscenes of DCFFVII International.



Have some nightmare fuel from when I replaced Yuffie with Kid-Shalua.



I screamed in horror when I created this monstrosity.

Among the unlocked models in the Event Viewer were untextured versions of Arachnero and the Omega Cocoon.







The Twilight Mexican

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Weiss doesn't use his gunblades in the Omega Weiss battle. Look closely. They're two katana without gun barrels or triggers -- so that sword you found is in the final game twice. :monster:

That Shalua monstrosity reminds me of "The Thing."

Speaking of things, here are the things I noticed on the hi-res models:
-The hard-to-read side of the DG Cardkey item says "DG LABS" on the bottom-right (for a secret facility that "doesn't exist," they sure have their name and/or logo plastered on a lot of potentially disposable paraphernalia :monster:)
-The cursive writing on the Omega Report model says "The Planet's Pulse"
Weiss doesn't use his gunblades in the Omega Weiss battle. Look closely. They're two katana without gun barrels or triggers -- so that sword you found is in the final game twice.
Thanks for your observation! You are very much correct.

Unlocking the game's models highlight quite a few models that you never paid attention to before. Weiss changing from his gunblades to his Omega blades is a good example. Another one is the fact that Azul's giant gun isn't the same between his first and second form. I never noticed that before.

Azul vs Neo Azul


A model that confused me a while was this contraption connected to a noose.

Then I realized that it was the noose that lowers DG soldiers to the field from the Dragonfly.

That Shalua monstrosity reminds me of "The Thing."
You should have seen her in motion. The way she moved only made the horror worse.

-The hard-to-read side of the DG Cardkey item says "DG LABS" on the bottom-right
I drew the same conclusion, but didn't write it down because I didn't trust my eyes enough.

-The cursive writing on the Omega Report model says "The Planet's Pulse"
That makes way more sense. :lol: Thanks for your help.
Exploring the environment outside of the Shinra Manor has been a dream of mine almost since my first playthrough. Feels great to have finally done it.

Went searching more through the memory after teleporting to z217. I have searched extensively for keywords that might unveil any potential unused text from this version of the Deepground Lobby, but I've come up almost empty. At most I have found these two bits, which only pop up when you search the game while you are in z217.

Sector 4.Deepground - Sector 1.Deepground

have a battletable reserved or be in a group, respectively..If you have a keyboard, you can press Ctrl+R to respond to someone who has talked to you directly through the tell channel..Lastly, by entering special commands during chat, you can execute a variety of actions. These are called emotes..I just saluted you using the /salute emote. There are many different commands. Try them out for yourself..

Request briefing on auto scope...The auto scope is a useful part that will automatically target the enemy for you..On the other hand, attaching one to your weapon will dec....
While the above could be NPC text, it could also just be a very elaborate tutorial found in the menu.

When browsing z217 I mostly find references to sound effects, flags, IDs, game states etc. Such as...


























Shirouto roomdatta..FEDEF_R0000_WARP_01_LEAF_0..dsj_652..bureiku1..ev2046_sub..


setTimer..exit_onlinebattle..loadchr_bzd..(Ljava/lang/string; )I..reportQuestEventDone...



The java references are quite common.

ultima espio

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I've always wanted to see that too, nice one!

What's interesting is that DC's manor is closer to the original, with the path curving, and the side of the inn visible.


But in Crisis Core, it's a straight path, there's no lanterns and no other buildings in the area.

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Look at all that moonlight shining in through the window!


The way that the manor is built almost right into the mountain wall adds to its depressing atmosphere for me. With so many of its windows, you'll be faced mostly with a mountain wall and only a small glimpse of sky. Kind of like the Midgar slums in that way.

Had myself a look at some of Vincent's stats. The four stats that increase with his levelling are STR, DEF, DEX and INT.

I couldn't spot an effect from increasing the DEX stat, so I looked up what the game manual had to say... Apparently, DEX infuences Vincent's accuracy. Now that I look up the English word "dexterity" I see that it doesn't just mean "speed" but that it also means "skill". Having seen Dexterity used as a measurement of Speed in a number of games I naturally assumed that it would have influenced Vincent's firing rate or running speed, when clearly it didn't. The fact that the DEX stat doesn't bother me even when at its lowest value just confirms how pointless this stat will be for the player.

STR increases both attack power of bullets and melee attacks. This stat and DEF added the most noticable benefit when increased. Compared to those two, the INT stat is unremarkable in its effects. Even when going from INT-1 to INT-100, the increase in Magic Atk Strength was surprisingly small. In my tests the magic atk power didn't even double, though I admit there are other factors that could be at work here.

Being able to confirm the stat boosts from your equipment is awesome. The game itself doesn't provide all the numbers and while the DC Complete Guide does reveal a great deal, you still need Cheat Engine if you want to learn all the values related to weapons and accessories. Knowing where to find these addresses will help me when I revisit the unused items to confirm the stats they influence (and don't).

Melee buffs from various equipment:
Power Cross = +35
Power Cross β = +55
Power Cross γ = +80
SA37 = +80
SA38 = +100
Bayonet Rifle = +20​

Power Booster effect post-JORG:
Power Booster = +25%
Power Booster β = +40%
Power Booster γ = +60%​

In JORG, both β and γ give a boost of +60% to the power of your gun. The benefit of the Power Booster γ is how light it is, which is relevant in JORG because of how easily Vincent is slowed down by the weight of his equipment in that version. Post-JORG, the weight is 750 for every Power Booster.

Power Booster WT in JORG:
Power Booster = 750WT
Power Booster β = 1500WT
Power Booster γ = 30WT​
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- Known as "Test 1" in the zonelist file found on the disc. This map is zone 12.

- The zone is designed to be a mission, specifically an Extra Mission. Teleporting to here in JORG will lead to nothingness. When you clear the mission you are transported back to the Extra Missions menu.

- The setup is similar to Extra Mission #16, "Stygian Sewers", where you had to hunt down the Heavy Armored Soldier B. In that mission the soldier constantly runs away from you, until you reach its final area and upon defeat drops a Gigas EX Medal, which you then pick up to clear the mission. Here in Test 1, the soldier hunts YOU and will drop a Mini EX Medal for you to pick and clear the mission.

- The Heavy Armored Soldier B has a measly 15HP. He will only start hunting and shooting you after being touched and/or receiving damage. Upon defeat, the "box crate destroyed" animation and sound effect happens.

- Vincent's animations are not entirely up to date, seemingly representing a state between the original Japanese version and the US release. Not only does each melee swipe end awkwardly, but Vincent still has his 4-button-press ground melee combo, except that his model isn't programmed to display that combo. In the US release and afterwards, Vincent's ground combo was shortened.

- The mid-air melee combos are not properly animated, in the same way as his ground combo isn't.

- Dashing and double-jumping works fine.

- There is no menu map. The Objectives menu lack an actual mission description, no matter if you are playing in English or Japanese. The silence at the "Ready", "GO!" transition at the start is standard for these debug maps.

- Drum cans can be "defeated" and will add to your killchain, but their explosion animation never trigger and they remain objects that can be targetted.
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Realized only yesterday that I had forgotten to check out the Galian Beast form in these debug rooms. In short, Galian Beast is in roughly the same incomplete state as normal Vincent is. Will include that in a recording someday. The models normally used for Vincent and Galian Beast are p000 and p001 respectively. For the debug rooms, the models p200 and p201 are used for Vincent and Galian Beast. These numbers are far out from the values normally used (p000-p015), and is a good example of how I can't predict the existence of models in far out number ranges, other than if I were to test all 1000 variations for every group.

The reason I still haven't made a video showing the "Test 2" debug mission is because my repeated attempts to acquire three item cases have failed. When you go beyond a certain line, three item cases and a Sahagin will appear. Retreat back towards where you see the item cases, and you'll pass the invisible line which make them disappear again. The item cases are forever beyond your reach.



Attempting to reach these item cases is in fact how I accidentally found the addresses to remove collision and explore areas freely. Despite finding many more neat addresses after that, the item cases STILL elude me and it's starting to piss me off. >___< I don't feel like making a recording of this debug mission until I've found a way to reach those items.
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