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Devotion 2.0 - CloudxAerith


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Hm it's hard doing searches on images - if someone posted it before it might have a different name and everything. Edit: Anyway I asked what kind of trouble that was, but since nobody replied I assume the trouble was internal/LTD/user related, so I'll just go ahead with other stuff I find.

Thing is though - I've waded through so much porn now I'm really sick. I have to say, the Aerith tag on that site is by far the most hilarious. Also there was a couple of things that was straight out disturbing. Anyway the only interesting thing I found that was remotely related was this, and nothing at all exciting about that one. The only ones I did find that I liked were Cloti, so. Wrong thread.
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Well~ I'm actually not entirely sure. Porn is not allowed on pages that also show ads, but it kinda depends on whether google finds out and if so if it cares if they're spoiler tagged, and exactly what the rules are. I guess we'll just wait until they complain :monster:.

I got a warning when someone plastered porn gifs all over a page on FFOF though.
I was searching through Pixiv earlier and I found a pretty picture of these two, so I thought that I'd share. :)

I apologize if it's a repeat.

Source (Click on the picture to get to it. It's a series of pictures.)

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Needs some lovin' in here :aah:


Some old/random Clerithy stuff -

Cloud first, will add any more I can find, then Aerith, Tifa's, Cait Sith's stuff, etc later (if I can be assed/don't forget :P)

FFVII - Ultimania (2005)

On the request of his childhood friend Tifa, Cloud assists the anti-ShinRa organization “AVALANCHE” led by Barret. At first he has little interest in their goal of ‘protecting the planet’. But after meeting Aerith, an Ancient, and reuniting with his fated rival Sephiroth, he throws himself fully into the battle to save the planet. To Cloud, this is also a battle to examine who he really is and to settle his past.

Aerith, who is pursued by ShinRa for her ability to hear the voice of the planet. Cloud’s meeting with her lead him on a new path.

Cloud’s Rare Smile.

At the start of FFVII Cloud posed as a “cool ex-SOLDIER”, and kept up a cocky front. After it is revealed that he was never in SOLDIER, and he begins to act like himself, but he still doesn’t show his emotions very much. The only time he laughs in FFVII is during a conversation with Aerith at the start of the story, when Jenova is still in control of his consciousness.

· FFVII – Midgar
Worked with AVALANCHE when they bombed the Sector 1 Mako Reactor. During his return to Sector 7, he met Aerith.
· FFVII – Midgar
During a bombing mission with AVALANCHE in the Sector 5 Mako Reactor, they stumbled into a ShinRa trap and Cloud was caught in an explosion, falling down into the church in the Sector 5 Slum. He met Aerith again, and escorted her to her home.
· FFVII – Midgar
The team failed to stop ShinRa’s plans to drop the Sector 7 Plate. Aerith was taken to the ShinRa building.
· FFVII – Midgar
The team was captured while attempting to rescue Aerith, but in the confusion caused by Sephiroth’s murder of President ShinRa, they escaped the city. Together with Aerith and the rest of the team, they pursued Sephiroth.
· FFVII – The Forgotten City
He found Aerith, who had been acting on her own, but shortly after lost her at the hands of Sephiroth.


Crisis Core Ultimania - Cloud's Profile -

Link to FF7 series:
The lead who acts “the hero like Zack”

Obviously, Cloud is the lead of FF7. In the beginning of FF7, he looks like a cool hero, but actually he’s simply unsociable and was dragged by the inferiority that “he could never be like Sephiroth.” His personality was formed not only by the intention of concealing such self, but also by the implanted Jenova cell which twisted what Zack went through as the base. In CC, Cloud’s weak side unfolds before us: it makes us realize the influence from Zack that affects Cloud.

Text near the img:
In the beginning of FF7, Cloud announces Zack’s title. As for Cloud’s regular motion also looks like Zack’s manner, Aerith is also surprised.

As for Cloud…he sees Aerith several times throughout the film. It’s not that he sees her because he feels her presence. He sees her because her consciousness…lives on inside him. ~ Nomura; Distance Interview

One of the first ideas we had for Advent Children was to have Cloud overcome and resolve that immense feeling of guilt. For Cloud, no one other than Aerith can solve that problem for him.---Nojima Page 58.

"The ending scene of the battle with Bahamut, the scene where Aerith reaches out her hand, is homage to the last scene from a previous production. It was Tetsuya (Nomura)'s idea...." ~Nojima, Reunion Files


Credits to the sources :shifty:

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Hi, Clerith club. I recently feel like reading some good Clerith fanfics. Anyone have a suggestion? Preferably a multi-chaptered one. :monster: Thanks!

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I have a confession to make ... I ... I ... actually don't really read Clerith fics. Or any fics really. Maybe the odd Sephris fic, I really loved that whole Mirror Image deal :pinkmonster: Just random fics here and there but yeah not really a mainstream/hard core fic reader. Which is weird since I'm a prolific reader of books offline! :monster:


sup yo

i just realized i had a list of cleris fic recs somewhere. i usually lean towards more angst than fluff, but if you're interested i can list a few :monster:


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Sorry if there's any repeats -- it's been a while since I've posted in here! :monster:

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Yaay, Clerith liiives, I come bearing gifts/goodies! :excited:

For peeps who haven't seen them - Emperor/Empress Aerith from/for Final Fantasy Brigade and stuffs -




まだまだあるよレ 右ちしろレジェンドたち
ファミ通Mobage Vol.14掲載
いきなり本誌の付 録じゃないんだが。 しかし、お雛エアリス様 と対になるセツ卜なので みんな買ってあげてよ

The text above Aerith says: "..because she matches with them, by all means, let's play with them !"

The red text by Aerith says: "You can get this figure on page 78."

Cloud's section says:
"There are still more! Aforementioned interesting legends"
On sale now. Fami Mobage vol. 14.
Mr. Emperor doll Cloud.

Suddenly, it's not written in this magazine, but because he makes a pair with Ms. Doll Aeris, everyone please buy him."

The Zack section says:
"On sale March 21st
Weekly Fami publication
April 4th - 11th combination insert [like a special page added in a magazine]
Uniformed Zack."

いまだ根強い人気を誇り、ランキング上位に 君臨する「ffvii」が今月は1位。シリーズ初のブレイステーション用ソフ卜で、ポリゴンでのキャラクター描画など画期的な試みが多数盛り込まれた。登場キャラはいまだ高い人気を誇る。

Final Fantasy VII International
This always takes the top spot in the archives.

Boasting deep-seated popularity, and taking the top spot, FFVII is this month's number 1. The first in the series to use Playstation software, it was filled with many new ground-breaking experiments, such as portraying the characters in polygon form. The characters still boast a high amount of popularity

Thanks/credits to Dreamstar from the CxA forums for the translations and others members there for the scans and scan sources/etc as well :)

There's also this which hasn't been translated yet and unfortunately the scan died but Google says :monster: -

久しぶりの本这登堪 に興窗気肢の"BIG3"ウ ワーマンです。今回は,「FFブリゲイド」のスゲェ较とじアイテムが、遇刊ファミ通とファミ 通MOBAGEに付いてく るということで、空伝に来たよ一。 何がスゲェつて、上のエアリスとテ ィファを兒てから、下に視線を移し てみてよ。ほら!やべェ一つ(笑) ふだんマジメな「FF」キャラたちが、 八メを外してやがる……。「FFブリゲイド」では.こんな衆敵な彼らといつ しふに敕えるのですぜひ迸ぼう!
78へージではこんな姿エアリスか ゲッ卜てきる!

Commentary is BIG3
Package and the same item Sugee
Is "BIG3" Uwaman of limb 窗気 Xing Tamar 这登 this after a long time. By the same items and comparability Suge~e of "FF brigade", and keeping up with the Ru MOBAGE publication Famitsu and Famitsu Gu, this time, I came to the den empty one. Joey from the Tifa and Aerith Suge~e shall, on the, what is I moved down the line of sight. Hey! (Laughs) We "FF" character is usually serious, would remove the memory eight Ya Ya ... one should ェ. Flaring means stick with them to shake the enemy when this crowd. 敕 you get in "FF brigade!"
In the fully self-Te ー Bok Getting this figure to 78 or Aerith!

Another scan -


Some of the scans basically say/show the same thing I think but it's still nice to see them used/published/etc so much in different issues of magazines/etc :)

There was also a scan with an Aerith feature but that also died but apparently the text for that referred to Aerith and Cloud in the same "set" Basically if you get Cloud and then Aerith, if you get Aerith she goes with Cloud's set/makes a set with Cloud :D Then if you get school uniform Zack and school uniform Tifa you can make a set with those two too.

Also in the Famitsu magazine in one section you can scan a smartphone code which has something to do with Aerith, though people won't know want it is till they buy/use/scan it, it could be a graphic background for your phone or maybe a character code for Aerith in the Legend minigame :)

I like how for the showcasing of FFVII as a number one game they used a Clerith pic with it :lol: The church, where the promise of a date was sealed :)
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