Editorial: Black Chocobos - The Oddballs of Final Fantasy

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Since today is the 6 year anniversary of the release of Final Fantasy XIII, I thought I'd whip up an article talking about some of the more maligned games of the series.

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Many thanks to VaderSW1 and Ryushikaze for making comments and edits to the main article and Lex and Flintlock for helping me with the actual Wordpress stuff.


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I just gave this a read on Facebook, and I thoroughly enjoyed it Jason. You did an excellent job on writing this!


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Great read, thanks JT :D

Loved the 'A love / eight relationship' haha!

You're making a very good point, hopefully some more people will be able to keep open minds about the 'multi-part series' thing :)

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Thanks for the article, it was a good read. Your conclusion very much agrees with what I've read from ffworld (it's a small French fan site but the owner managed to get interviews with the folks from Square), which is a sentiment that I share as well.
I've always favored innovation and experimentation (part of why I personally consider old-school turned-based systems obsolete). I personally disliked FF XIII (enough to disregard its sequels), but from what I've seen (and played) I'm going to enjoy FF XV a lot.
If one never tries anything new, one will never find anything better.
Nice article Jason!

One minor mistake I noticed quickly as I was skim editing:

Final Fantasy XIII: The Pretty Line

Some have praised have the characters, but for every Sazh and Fang we have a Hope and Vanille.
But yeah, that was a really nice read. I'm not 100% sure that they 'learn' from every experiment or listen completely to fans, but I do agree that this very experimentation is what is keeping the franchise alive and fresh. It might have been a different story if they had only started doing that say, a couple of incarnations in, but at it's core, it's been doing that right from the start.
Jason Tandro, Doc Brown, Santa Christ, FearAddict, Thibault Stormrunner, RN: Micah Rodney
Thanks all for the kind words, I had fun writing this. You all know how I love to babble my opinion at people lol!

Claymore: Caught the mistake and corrected it. Good looking out!
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