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FF VIII Remaster [Available Now!]


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Pity. Oh well, one can only dream.


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So how about the release date guys!? Its confirmed to be 2019....

I think its safe to say that it will be 9-9-2019. Precisely 20 years since it was released in America. Who else bought the game 9-9-99!? Such an epic day. I remember writing that date on my papers in 7th grade and not paying a DAMN bit of attention to any of the classes. All I could hear was the song "The Landing" and imagining the adventure that lie ahead.

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Technically not about FF8 but this video shows how the original Diablo game was reverse engineered so that it could be ported to modern systems. Might help some people get a better idea of how reverse engineering a game without source code is very much possible, albeit tedious. Keep in mind that the Diablo example is a more idealized case where there happened to be enough documentation to pretty much recreate the source code.

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The more I look at the the new designs, the more I'm liking them. That's partly because I'm a massive weeb, but it actually makes sense in the game as they're highschoolers.

The one thing I like about the old PS1 graphics is that it gave some scenes a very creepy vibe. The low poly faces can actually be quite scary IMHO and added to the creepiness of the sorceress's, and I actually will kind of miss that lol.

That said, I do like that they're putting enough work to completely update the designs. FF 8 is actually my favorite game by just a little bit over FF 7, so looking forward to seeing it in a new light!

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The battle fields don’t look like they’ve been updated....?
Unfortunately, it only looks like the character, monster and GF models have been updated.

It's the major reason why I'm buying this on Steam. Something like the Remako Mod for the backgrounds would make this version perfect, as I'm loving what they've done with the models in general.


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Me too. Just got to the world map and that hasn't been touched, sadly. Hopefully modders can adapt some of the existing mods for the original PC version to fix these graphical oversights (world map, backgrounds, etc.). The menus and character models look great, but aside from that, an autosave, and some built-in cheats, there doesn't seem to be much else that they've done.
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