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Final Fantasy IX

Never heard of that before, but that looks pretty cool. It's a shame that the image has been brightened so considerably, but the payoff of the enhanced backgrounds is clear.

Been meaning to replay the game at some point, so this would be a nice way to do so.

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Gary Caelum
I saw that a while ago while they were just experimenting with it.

It's quite impressive on the whole, but the quality it comes out with for the backgrounds is quite inconsistent. They use that picture of Conde Petie on the main page because that looks really good. But then quite a few other ones (look at the black mage village scenes) just look like a standard photoshop filter's been used.

I figure give it another 5 years and the tech will probably have improved to fix that. If they can get the whole thing looking as good as that Conde Petie shot, I'd be sold. Lol even though they can't technically sell it. Square Enix should hire them to release it officially.
Mr. Ite
Gizamaluke! My first playthrough I had no Quina, no Rei's Wind, but I did have the Butterfly sword. I probably spent 15 hours grinding around that dang bell, with failed attempts at the boss every hour. I died SO MANY TIMES.

The strategy guide of course directed me to PlayOnline so many times I stopped referencing it long before Black Waltz 3.


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I had burned all my money on items and sold equipment to keep doing that, so when I discovered the Synth Shop, I rightfully decided it would be faster to start over than grind up the necessary funds to fix it, lol.
I miss my first run, I knew nothing about the tent trick other than seeing my own team get hit with the bad status ailments lol. Did no chocobo hot and cold, so I had no good abilities.


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I did a run awhile back where I got all possible items and treasure save Excalibur II, defeated Ozma, got Dragon Crest and Frog Drop powered up to deal 9999 damage, and get all characters their abilities.

At that point I resolved to not play FFIX for a long ass time :mon:

There are soooooo many missable items in this game. The most I think of any FF.


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i never got the excalibur ii or defeated ozma (and probably a bunch of other stuff), do the boosters they added for the ports make those things easier? i think i have it on my ps4 atm so i might go and try to do that at some point


Been replaying this on the PS4 for the platinum trophy after playing through this port when it released on Steam.

I have some major criticisms that I remember from last time but I think they genuinely impact the experience in a negative way:

- The menus (in style) were obviously built for mobile so visually they're not great, but I think worse than that they don't operate in 60fps meaning they're really sluggish to move through. The ports of VII and VIII also had this problem.
- There is 8-directional movement. WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS. They took analogue support out of the game altogether! One of the best things about FFIX was how smooth the exploration gameplay was and it was down to having analogue movement.

Both of those things are downgrades from the Playstation original which is mad.

That said, the character models look great and I can't stress enough how good being able to turn off random battle is. Choosing when you want to fight improves the experience of all 3 PS1 FF titles for sure.

On my road to the platinum so far I've done all the worst trophies. I dedicated my first playthrough to the Excalibur II perfect game challenge (which is a breeze with no random encounters and speedup) which I completed a couple of days ago. I even managed to fit in getting all the chocographs and treasures before I picked the sword up!

I actually only turned on the game to see if I could do the 1000 jump rope challenge (there's a trophy for that) and kinda thought if I managed it I'd follow through with the rest of the trophies. I've done this twice before - once on PC when it released on steam, and once when I was 11 years old and it used to make me cry. After I was successful (1170ish jumps!) I decided to go ahead with the Ex2 challenge, and I didn't even load a fresh game so I actually started with a 40 minute disadvantage lmaoooooo. Speedup really makes it easy, I made the time back in no time.

Then I did the unique 100 tetra master NPC wins which was not as painful as I expected. Followed by the 10000 kills trophy which was the worst.

Now I just need a few odds and ends to get the platinum but it needs another playthrough because there's an obscure trophy for colour fortunes in Dali (which I no longer have access to) and another for the Benero brothers shuffle minigame which you have to get right 6 times in a row :/

But I'm nearly there! Put my time off work to good use lmaooooooooooo
Mr. Ite
I also just played this on PS4 this week for the first time, and I have roughly the same impression. Switching between walk and run in the config menu is heinous. But switching off “intro battle cam” is a qol improvement I was not expecting. I did mega speed and was able to get my buddy’s save file to a place where Desert Palace wouldn’t completely destroy him. That was about all I did.
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