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Genesis has shown up as an enemy before in past events focusing on CC in FFRK though, so this is bit of old news to longtime FFRK players. (He also shows up in CC realm dungeons too though.)

edit: My bad, my brain derped. G-Eraser also showed up several times as a boss in CC events, which is why I keep thinking that Genesis was in a lot of CC events......which is technically true, cause copy shenanigans and all. :monster:

(but funnily enough, I don't recall Genesis or his Eraser buddy being in the first Crisis Core event, so, lolol.)

Although what's really surprising is that in Genesis is a new character in JPN FFRK, which makes me wonder if his Soul Breaks will feature voiced lines of him reciting Loveless, which I could imagine would be a bit of a problem with Gackt, but like Force that actually true, or was it something we all just assumed?

(but either way, Global FFRK won't get the voiced lines in their Soul Breaks because lol.)
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"Likeness," legally speaking, is the actual physical appearance of a real life person.

Gackt owns his face.

S-E owns Genesis, the fictional fake-ass Sephiroth prototype who took LARPing his favorite historical play too far, and had to get his ass whooped by Zack to end his foolishness.

A 16-bit sprite of Genesis isn't going to run afoul of any licensing agreement to use Genesis's likeness. Because it's merely a sprite.

But something akin to PS3 or PS4 level model of Genesis as designed originally?

Gackt is 100% going to have a problem with that.

Given how licensing agreements and collaborations work and have worked in the past, an actor/musician/corporation gives the rights of their Intellectual Property, likeness or talent for X work(s), and that's it. If S-E wishes to use said likeness again, new negotiations must be opened for further use. Because no one is going to give a blank check on their image/IP so more value can be extracted from it than what was agreed upon.

It'd make no sense from a business or reputation perspective. He'd want to have whoever uses his face, to run their plan for it first, to ensure it's not something terrible. S-E had the rights for Gackt's likeness for Dirge of Cerberus and Crisis Core. That's it. If they wish to use it again, Gackt would need to be paid. His appearance in CC is a strong enough resemblance to make the case that that's his face. I mean, he's acknowledged in the credits, lol.

The same type of scenario happens when there's a new Kingdom Hearts and S-E has to make a brand new pitch to use the same characters they did before. Sometimes usage rights change. For better or worst. It's why certain games can't be re-released like Konami's licensed beat-em games using X-Men, the Simpson's, TMNT, etc. The rights for the license expired.

I highly doubt S-E has a licensing agreement to last into perpetuity, to use Gackt's face for Genesis. That's why I'm highly doubtful we'll ever see him again aside from sprites, and already shown artwork. :mon:

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I still say -- as I've been saying for a long time -- that it's an easily fixed "problem." Redesign the character's face into another Generic Nomura Bishounen. No more problem.

Of course, the pertinent problem with using Genesis again in any susbtantial capacity is that pretty much no one wants to see him again, regardless of whose face he wears. :monster:


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Yeah, I thought so.

S-E have the rights for dialogue work he's given them. The work that exists and is done, is done.

But that's not the same as a face. :mon:

It's really not something that hints at his return or anything.
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