"Final Fantasy VII Lateral Biography: TURKS - The Kids Are Alright"

The Engineer
TKAA is important because it's the only Compilation entry that outlines how exactly Jenova destroyed the Cetra... which wasn't by *her* destroying them herself. It was by using Mimic to make them see things that weren't there to get the Cetra to turn on each other out of paranoia. Which is... kind of important when it comes to what most likely happened with Sephrioth at Nibelheim (and what happened with Angeal and Genesis in Crisis Core). They are all paranoid about something and it gets blown out of proportion in each case and that's when they all over react. And all of them have way more integration with Jenova than anyone else...

It also goes into what kind of science Shinra was doing with Jenova before Sephrioth was born which is... sketchy as hell. I do not want to know what exactly was going on to make an arm that was both Jenova and "human. It's not from the actual Jenova mummy so... Jenova Cells acting like stem cells and regrowing organs on their own maybe???

Either way, there's info in TKAA that should really have been in... a lot of other Compilation titles since it fills in so much of the backstory of Jenova. If it doesn't end up in Remake in some way, I'll be very disappointed.
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