Guessing Game: When will we get the remake?

No one seems to be biting on our Reddit leaker's September 27th date yet!

@Lulcielid October 15th 2019

@Lex November 7th 2019

@FFShinra November 18th 2019

@Vyzzuvazzadth December 5th 2019

@pxp December 10th 2019

@Interslicery December 13th 2019

@Ariga December 21st 2019

@Kain424 January 14th 2020

@Castiel Strife January 17th 2020

@cold_spirit January 24th 2020

@Alex Strife January 29th 2020

@Sprites January 31st 2020

@Highwind February 7th 2020

@Celes777 February 17th 2020

@JechtShotMK9 March 26th 2020

@Tashasaurous March 31st 2020

@Animexcel April 7th 2020

@InterfaceLeader June 9th 2020

@trash panda August 11th 2020

@SeaDragon October 20th 2020

@Tetsujin February 23rd 2021

@Mr. Ite November 20th 2021

@The Twilight Mexican November 21st 2021

@Shademp January 31st 2022

@LicoriceAllsorts February 19th 2025

$170 to the winner!
Leaker from before leaked more stuff except he also gave away that it's a fake by posting "proof" (image of a Square Enix check that was actually from an article from eight years ago about scams)
Ah, I see. Is there a screenshot or an archive version of this "new stuff" around somewhere for me to read through? I'm curious about the contents.
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