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Harry Potter and the Chitter of Chatting

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Ahah-hah...someone made it for me in reference to an Angeal/Zack fic I wrote. I found it again at the weekend and decided to use it because it cracks me up. :lol::lol:

It's 7:34am. I'm an early riser.

Obsessed? While it doesn't sound healthy there are probably far worse things to be obsessed by. Still, breaks can be good.


Great Old One
Not obsessed per se, but I'm spending too much time here, when I should be doing my work - it's like playing a computer game and not being able to stop when you should actually stop procrastinating and do your school work instead, :monster:


We have come to terms
Godot, Joker
지은;118705 said:
Also, btw, what's Fated Children Forums?
A long story. :monster: Why?
its dead. not worth signing up there anymore.
Oh don;t bother. It's long dead.

It was active for only about 2 years. Eventually, most people either got real lives, or came here, so its just... barren.
And no don't go. You might stumble upon my non-n00dz. :monster:
I'm hardly even mentioned on there. D:
God you're so boring. You shouldn't even be mentioned at all.

Same with Alex actually. :monster:

Good times, and every one of those posts got a good laugh from me. Especially the ED one, which I'd already read (ilu tony <3)

I'm referred to as a 'hot specimin' :monster:
Which one of the many well-wishers said that? :monster:

Also, skype r fun. Must do it again sometime.
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