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Spyro: Year of the Dragon (Apr 25, 2000 prototype)

This prototype is gold and I haven't even played Spyro apart from a demo for the first game



The "Mean Girls" Nintendo DS game has been shared privately with Bobdunga/Raven. She is not allowed to share the rom with others, according to the wishes of the person who sent her the game files.

In the video Raven shares a summary of the gameplay until the point that a glitch keeps her from progressing. The challenge now is to get the rest of the game functioning, as the assets are clearly there. She will upload a full gameplay video once the glitch-hurdle is overcome.

Gameplay footage up until the point the glitch happens.

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Technically not "unused" but an example of opposite-logic in Faxanadu that was most likely accidental: If you don't have the pendant, the game assumes you have the pendant. If you have the pendant, the game assumes you don't have the pendant.

It's been years since I played Faxanadu but I never knew about this bug before today.

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Sort of like JP Pokemon Red/Green, you will always get the Marsh Badge whether you win or lose against Sabrina. If you go back for a rematch, she just gives you the badge and HM.


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You know, I was looking around at Deltarune's tcrf page, and it reminded me of how weirdly frustrating it is to see a lot of cool stuff that ends up on the chopping for seemingly no reason. Like, I spent a solid few years modding FF7 just because I wanted to properly implement all the cool little scenes that didn't make the cut. It's like, why u do this, game devs? Leave your cool stuff alone!

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Pretty sure I saw it on my high school computers, but I didn't use it. I don't like the UI for a start. I know I used the Creative Writer program by the same bunch though (Microsoft Kids).


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Youtuber Shesez dedicated two episode of Boundary Break to Final Fantasy VII Remake. Lots of interesting stuff here, highly recommend the second video in particular.



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Crash Bandicoot anyone? It's prototype alone is a veritable treasure trove of that game's history at that stage of development and so if you know how to run it, do definitely try it out. Keep in mind tho that many levels are in fact harder than in the finished version and the max amount of lives you're allowed to have is capped at 9.
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