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IRC stats and quotes


Double Growth
Never said it did. :monster:




21:43:32 Sprites hiya :D
21:43:54 Marcus I'm back from Work
21:44:05 Marcus Does Lex have Final Fantasy X
21:44:09 Marcus ??
21:44:16 Lex yes
21:45:09 Sprites ohhh how is it?
21:45:16 Lex much amazing
21:45:35 Lexi feel myself falling in love all over again
21:45:38 Lex marcus are you there
21:45:49 Marcus You bastard
21:46:02 Marcus I'm here just looking for something for the mothe
21:46:18 Lex right now im just rubbing my face on the beautiful vita box
21:46:19 Lex mmmmm
21:46:21 Lex ffx
21:46:22 Sprites are the faces as annoyin as people have been saying they are
21:46:34 Marcus FUCK YOU LEX
21:46:36 Marcus FUCK YOU
21:46:36 Lexim kidding guys it only dispatched today I'll be getting it tomorrow :D
21:46:47 Sprites lol
21:46:48 Marcus all is forgiven
21:46:52 Lex hahahaha
21:46:54 Marcus<3
21:47:24 Sprites so we won't be seeing you for a bit then after tomorrow xD
21:47:36 Lex I'll keep the chat open babes <3
21:47:42 Lex but ill probably stream it


23:56:56 Troll #YOSO
23:57:01 Troll #youonlyswagonce
23:57:24 Kiigen You would swag
23:57:48 Cthulhu #swagpeen
23:58:12 Troll #13inchswag
23:58:19 Troll #ifyouknowwhatimean
23:58:52 Cthulhu #thatswhatsheswagd
23:59:03 Troll #ohhhhnice
23:59:12 Kiigen Not to be way too literal with the definition but that mean...
23:59:14 Kiigen #13inchsecretlywearegay
23:59:18 Kiigen I don't get it
23:59:31 Troll #nohomo
23:59:36 Cthulhu #cockscockscockscocks
23:59:38 Kiigen #Ohok
23:59:44 Kiigen #anddicks
23:59:55 aaron where is soak? she should have shown up by now :(
00:00:07 Kiigen She's not gay enuf
00:00:15 Kiigen #NGE
00:00:22 aaron cocks are supposed to bring her into the chatroom though
00:00:25 Troll #shedoesnthaveenoughswagforthischatroom
00:00:29 Kiigen #NottobeconfusedwithNeonGenesisEvangelion
00:00:39 Troll #whatsnge
00:00:47 Kiigen #NotGayEnough
00:00:58 Troll #totally #nohomo
00:01:08 Kiigen #allhomo
00:01:16 Kiigen #nohomo
00:01:27 Kiigen #allhomonohomo
00:01:36 Troll #yolonohomo
00:01:46 Kiigen #Best
00:01:57 Alice cocks
00:02:04 Kiigen #nice
00:02:08 Troll #alicejoined #nice
00:02:13 Kiigen #hashtag
00:02:27 Alice #aliceconfused
00:02:59 Troll #alicehitherselfinherconfusion
00:03:02 Kiigen #DoIt4dalolz
00:03:13 Cthulhu #ftw
00:03:18 Alice #alicefainted
00:03:24 Troll #wemighthavejustcreatedloadsofchannels
00:03:30 Troll #gonnapostthisontheforums

Kain Strife

Some Kind of Animator
12:02:07 Cthulhu NANOMACHINES?
12:02:26 Kiigen Nanomachines
12:02:36 Explains all paranormal activity
12:02:42 Cthulhu Paranormal activity?
12:02:42 Kiigen ALL OF IT
12:02:54 - Psycho Mantis
12:02:59 Cthulhu Psycho Mantis??
12:03:09 Kiigen PSYCHO MANTIS???
12:03:17 Cthulhu PSYCHO MANTIS!?!?!??!?!?!?
12:03:21 Kiigen That is the best way to ask a question tho
12:03:30 not What is that? or What?
12:03:32 Cthulhu Ask a question?
12:03:33 Kiigen just repeat it
12:03:34 lol
12:03:41 LOL??????
12:03:56 Cthulhu repeat it??
12:04:06 Kiigen REPEAT IT???!??!
12:04:12 Cthulhu :mon:
12:04:30 tbh Hayden&#65533;s voice does make me moist in the panties, despite the questions?
12:04:56 Hayter
12:05:05 Kiigen yeh, and yeh
12:05:11 Cthulhu the EA Sports dude
12:05:13 IT&#65533;S IN THE GAME?
12:05:32 Kiigen I pictured that raising the last vowel way too high
12:05:39 fuk
12:05:42 not vowel
12:05:47 Man I'm stupid
12:06:02 Cthulhu Vowel?
12:06:09 Kiigen Game?
12:06:20 Ami Wat
12:06:26 Cthulhu Wat?
12:06:26 Kiigen Wat?
12:06:33 Cthulhu WAT!??!?
12:06:39 Kiigen #wat
12:06:45 Marcus VAT
12:06:49 Cthulhu Hayter should totally do shit on reddit and have him do recordings by request
12:06:55 like Arnold did a while ago
12:07:06 Kiigen So wats the verdict on Jack Bauer?
12:07:08 as Snake?
12:07:13 now that the game is out
12:07:13 Cthulhu Jack Bauer?!
12:07:16 Kiigen yeah
12:07:24 Cthulhu oh right, new VA
12:07:26 Kiigen are u actually asking or still loling
12:07:27 ok
12:07:30 Cthulhu idk, haen&#65533;t heard it :mon:
12:07:39 Kiigen I heard it in the trailers.
12:07:42 Undecided
12:08:01 Cthulhu Undecided?
12:08:10 Kiigen They mostly picked him because acting/ facial acting someone in Snake's Age group
12:08:18 Like I'm open to it for those reasons
12:08:21 Cthulhu Snake&#65533;s age group?!
12:08:22 Kiigen but Hayter is canned
12:08:27 Cthulhu Canned?
12:08:47 Kiigen Kojima wanted someone who was able to give the facial expressions of someone 40+
12:08:47 == Cthulhu is now known as Snake
12:08:50 Kiigen lol
12:08:51 best
12:08:58 Snake 40+?!
12:09:06 Kiigen I'm starting to wonder if Snake pays attention
12:09:11 or just repeats the last word
12:09:13 Snake Attention!?
12:09:24 I should totally make a Snake bot that does that
12:09:28 Kiigen Yeah you should
12:09:33 Snake to repeat key words
12:09:35 like Metal Gear
12:09:38 Metal Gear!?
12:09:54 Kiigen Maybe you can get it to read off the last word of someone's line?
12:09:59 That may be complicated tho
12:10:09 Snake nah, that&#65533;s relatively easy
12:10:19 just grab the section after the last space
12:10:23 Kiigen Then give it a sort of random engine
12:10:34 lol engine
12:10:37 not engine
12:10:48 Snake Random engine?
12:10:55 Kiigen Like after 30 seconds every ten seconds do a sort of dice roll
12:11:04 Snake Ten seconds!?
12:11:13 Kiigen and then pick the last users last word after it successfully picks a time to do it
12:11:16 yeah sure
12:11:17 lol
12:11:25 Snake Lol!?
12:11:28 Kiigen LOL????
12:11:34 Snake Fission Mailed!?
12:11:46 Kiigen This is why the world doesn't need more than one snake
12:11:48 solved
12:12:09 ke!?
12:12:44 == Kiigen is now known as Liquid
12:12:46 Liquid sup
12:12:50 Snake Liquid!?
12:12:54 Liquid BROTHER?
12:13:03 SNAKE!!!!!
12:13:05 Snake LIQUID!?
12:13:06 SNAKE???
12:13:11 SNAKE
12:13:16 Snake GLASSES?
12:13:20 Soak You guys are so weird lol
12:13:25 Snake Soak!?
12:13:29 Liquid WEIRD?
12:13:55 Snake Liquid!?
12:13:58 Liquid SNAKE?
12:14:02 Snake LIQUID??
12:14:09 Liquid BROTHER!!!
12:14:14 Snake *totally makes out*
12:14:24 * Liquid uses tounge
12:14:24 Snake [/fanfiction]
12:14:29 == Liquid is now known as Kiigen
12:14:33 * Snake becomes pragnent
12:14:38 Kiigen lolwut
12:14:40 == Topic for #tls is: mpreg
12:15:06 Soak I read a really great Reno/Rude mpreg fanfic
12:15:13 someone from tls wrote it
12:15:20 Snake ye gods
12:15:23 I mean
12:15:25 RENO!?
12:15:29 RUDE?!
12:15:47 Kiigen MPREG?
12:15:52 Snake MPREG!??!
12:16:02 Soak lol
12:16:07 Snake CISHET?!
12:16:15 Kiigen Wut
12:16:19 Snake ikr
12:16:20 Kiigen So uh, Mpreg huh?
12:16:31 Snake mm hmm
12:16:35 Soak Yop Kii cant handle the mpreg
12:16:38 Kiigen The M is there for a the obvs right?
12:16:38 Soak not like us
12:16:52 == Ami has quit
12:16:53 Soak MAN PREGNANCY
12:16:56 Kiigen gross
12:16:57 ur sick
12:17:04 Soak you're*
12:17:12 Kiigen *disgusting


Great Old One
Okay so ADP was in #tls asking about IRC apps and while searching for the #tls IRC-thread I dug out this thread. And hahaha I just needed to bump it. It's like staring at 2012. Amazing. <3
* Cthulhu ([email protected]) has joined #tls
<Cthulhu> d´awww
<Flintlock> Yo.
<Cthulhu> haio
<Ryulappy> Yar da har
* Cthulhu ([email protected]) Quit (Connection reset by peer)
* Cthulhu ([email protected]) has joined #tls
<Cthulhu> waht
<Cthulhu> no u internets
* Cthulhu ([email protected]) Quit (Connection reset by peer)
* Cthulhu ([email protected]) has joined #tls
<Cthulhu> ...stop that
<Ryulappy> Internet says "NEVAR!"
<Cthulhu> I SAY NO U
<Flintlock> No you don't.
<Cthulhu> yes I do
* Cthulhu ([email protected]) Quit (Connection reset by peer)


Skype chat, Carlie spoiling the whole fucking game's plot because she doesn't give a fuck:

[01:03:51] Carlie: And then they went to that thing and found that fucking thing appeared and then that fucking bullshit happened


Pro Adventurer
People are Skyping while we have a Hangout going? Why not combine forces? :P

We don't have much FFV chat at the moment, it's mostly LotR stuff.


I dunno either, :monster:. I'm not (or, never) in the mood to be talking and showing my face and shit though, makes me very self-conscious and shit.


Bad Habit
Ruby Rose, Lucy
It's mostly me, lith and Tennyo who have no shame... and Ghost who randomly appears to show off his eyebrows. :monster:


[20:25:26] Anne: it's still smaller than the one I had that broke xD
[20:25:33] Anne: it was 6.4''
[20:25:43] Freek Wielstra: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
[20:25:52] Freek: ...( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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