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Oh on, yeah. I was watching the roar at 0:39 which matched the slightly different roar Indominus Rex had in the other trailers. Odd that it's all T-Rexy at the end of that spot. :/

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It won't be farfetched cos ya know, they spliced it from the t-rex DNA for sure. Either that or it can imitate dinosaur calls, especially with that line Owen said: 'they're communicating'. Question is, can I-Rex copy raptor calls too?! :DD


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This is the best viral video of theirs yet, and it gives an interesting perspective to where things are at in terms from the transition from Jurassic Park to Jurassic World.

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The wife and I have plans to see it... I want to say tomorrow which is technically correct since today is friday, but since I have two more sleeps between now and then I'm just gonna say "Saturday". We'll be seeing a showing in a town about 30 minutes away to see the thing on IMAX at 10:30 AM. It's a bit early for the two of us, but I know how much she wants to see it and it was the only time that worked for us since I have to work that day from 4 PM to 10 PM (just a short cover shift rather than my usual 8 hour night audit) and Sunday night I have plans + night audit shift.

I'm not a huge fan of the series, but I did really enjoy it and I mean come on... giant dinosaurs + IMAX. What's not to like?


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Why did they think it was a good idea to create this thing?
Now that I've seen the film, I can safely say this is very satisfyingly answered. The answer is that
they were manipulated into it by Vic Hoskins, who wanted it for his "dinosaurs in the military" gambit. He was arrogant enough to think that he could control either the Indominus Rex or the velociraptors enough to use them as a replacement for soldiers. It's also revealed that Hoskins and Wu were in on the creation of the dinosaur together, and it was intentionally given abilities that would enable it to escape so that Hoskins could test his theory.

I correctly called several things in this film, btw, such as
Hoskins being eaten by a velociraptor, as well as the fact that the velociraptors wouldn't stay under Owen's control when they were sent after I. rex. To be fair, the film telegraphed the former pretty obviously in advance; there wouldn't have been any other satisfying fate for him.

Other things I liked:

  • The soundtrack. I wouldn't have even guessed that Williams didn't write it; Giacchino did that good a job seamlessly integrating his style in with Williams' existing themes, as I well knew he could.
  • The final battle was amazing.
  • The film delivered its Aesop without coming across as heavy-handed like some of the previous films did.
I enjoyed it on a very base, summer blockbuster level. I had a lot of problems with the script and things that happen. Like
why does the head of the park not demand a full list of all the animals put into the indominus? "We put some stuff in it and it had other effects". K, well how about telling me what you put in it so it doesn't pull some other random ability out of nowhere and surprise our boys? How about telling his partner Hoskins that he put raptor DNA in it since that's probably an important bit of info if you're gonna send raptors to fight it.
And the whole military plan was dumb. Raptors sent into combat is a stupid idea. And Hoskins line "we're doing this, with or without you" is idiotic. We're going to do this mission to control the raptors, but we'll do it without the only person that can control the raptors to some degree. And he knew it was because of the bond they had, otherwise his whole wolf pup story has no point.

The kids were also annoying, and the whole
part came out of literally nowhere and went nowhere.

Action scenes were fine tho, cg was extremely unimpressive with the original still being better 23 years ago. And holy fuck, that
baby sitter got by far the cruelest death ever for no reason. The main antagonist got a bite to the hand then mauled while she was picked up, dropped, grabbed in mid-air, dropped in water, dragged up in a beak, tossed around a bit as it was trying to take off again, then ultimately eatten. Like, what? The villains death has 2-3 seconds of screen time, while her death is drawn out to fuck.
She suffered.

Edit: Also, one thing that really annoys me is when intelligence = omniscience. I Rex knows everything, even when it has had no opportunity to learn that information, or even really understand it.
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My full thoughts to come but everything you said about
the sitters death i said the same to my wife. I was like god damn Hoskins got his hand bit and then killed offscreen. The sitters death never freaking ended!

Edit: Okay here is my full review, but it's all very spoilery so just it's in the tag below:

Let's start with the "bad" since there's only a bit of it:

- Too self-congratulatory: It's not just this movie but a lot of them recently. On the plus side this means we get to see a lot of iconic Jurassic Park imagery, but they cram it into this movie in a really unnatural way. The whole fixing the old Jurassic Park jeep sequence... come on, what purpose did that serve apart from patting themselves on the back? You could have had them simply find one of the ACU jeeps that wasn't ruined and escape that way.

- The product placement: Like this is the most obnoxious product placement since Man of Steel. And while it was funny that even they called attention to it, you can't just say "haha we're tossers" and then continue to do it. That's like Marie Antoinette going "if they can't drink soda let them drink Starbucks". It's like you're rubbing it in our faces. Everytime we saw one my wife and I just rolled our eyes. The funniest because it was so desperately shoved in our faces was Samsung and Verizon Wireless. But then you've got, of course, Starbucks. They actually make reference to Pepsi and Tostitos in the self-effacing joke, and the one that I enjoyed the most was Beats by Dre. Like wow, Dr. Dre, you really need the cash don't you?

- The pseudo-science: While actually not too distractingly preposterous (anymore than, oh I don't know a theme park of dinosaurs) there were a few things that even moderately educated me was going "uh, yeah no..." When the I-Rex was popping out of the jungle like it was turning off a cloaking device and some ACU guy shouts "IT CAN CAMOUFLAGE!" I was going "uh... that's not how camouflage works..." But still, I can't bitch that much. Again. Theme park with dinosaurs.

- Heavy-handed emotional scenes: What purpose did the kids serve except to be the maguffin that motivates the real lead characters of Raptor Boy and Java Girl? Oh that's right. To shove a really over-the-top divorce subplot to make us feel sad. I get that they need to have some heart-felt scenes, but it really felt out of place and distracting. And you're not gonna really get heartfelt from your unstoppable badass and your frigid bitch who becomes badass on her own terms, but it really felt like sloppy writing to me. Maybe I'm just overly critical.

Okay, now the Good:

- The Dinosaur Warzone: I love the fact that this movie felt like Predator mixed with a war movie. It's pure testosterone, even if most of the guns are completely and rather unrealistically useless against the giant reptile. But let's face it, if the guns worked the way they should have, the movie would have been a lot less impressive. I like that it took an entire military force to even hold their ground against the I-Rex (much less that brief moment when the Raptors betrayed them). Also the guys with the AT4 Rocket Launcher... why didn't you shoot first. I mean it was cute when he blew a Raptor to smithereens, but your firepower would have been handy if you blew a rocket down his throat.

Also that image of Owen on the bike riding alongside the raptors... as the Nostalgia Critic once said: "that belongs on the cover of a Meatloaf Album."

- The Characters: Much though I felt the kids were forced, they still had enjoyable characters and some relatively decent chemistry. But for me the show stoppers here are Han, Leia and Darth Senator Armstrong (seriously has Vincent D'Nofrio played in a role where he wasn't a total douchebag?) They were each cookie cutters, but they were enjoyable cookie cutters and ones who felt appropriate for the film. Though I am anticipating somebody complaining that the woman basically ruined everything and the man had to fix it, let's not forget that she was acting appropriately for the situation as her character dictated. I did not ever think she was being an unreasonable bitch even though the movie was trying to frame it that way. That was reserved for Hoskins who really screwed everything up. It's worth noting his plan with the raptors though wasn't terrible... until it was.

- The Ending: God talk about a testosterone rush. The balls to the wall finale was basically a dinosaur version of Dragonball Z. First T-Rex fought the I-Rex, but I-Rex's powerlevel was far too high. But luckily Raptor showed up to help. The two of them fought hard and managed to push the I-Rex back against the water tank where it was finished off by that giant Leviathan looking thing. Is the I-Rex really dead? Find out next time on DRAGON BALL Z!

- Everything Else: Assume anything I didn't bitch about was amazing. The music was incredible, let's face it Jurassic Park has one of the greatest film scores of all time. The humor was on point. I saw the thing in IMAX 3D and let me tell you, that's the way to see this thing if you can. The visuals were stunning and even the ham-handed self-referential moments were still enjoyable. I mean seriously this was a great film. It had its problems sure, but I still loved it.

Also, my wife says I'm insane but is it just me or does Irrfan Khan (Masrani) look kind of like Jeff Goldblum:

Well in reflection it's like Jeff Goldblum and Tim Curry had a love child.
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I am glad that they didn't give the Rexie the Worf Effect after the last sequel had Spinosaurus kick that T-Rex's butt like it was nothing. Even better Rexie is the same T-Rex from the first movie. :excited:

Fun fact the oldest living T-Rex they found, Sue, lived to be 28 years old. So, Rexie is an elder by T-Rex standards.
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I love how
Rexie and Blue reconciled, especially since Big One (Jurassic Park's Alpha Raptor) was very antagonistic while Blue is more docile and it still made me sad that she wasn't there to save Delta and Echo from I. Rex's rampage or Claire too damn late to calling Rexie for the best showdown. Rexie simply let her go instead of continuing hostility, given they tagged together against I.Rex. I say once, I say again, one cannot beat the classic Dinos no matter how you photoshop/mixmatch a new one.
. This is one wonderful trip down nostalgia lane properly done that JP3 failed to give me. :') also
I'm glad Rexie smashed the Spinosaurus skeleton, it's a good take that to show us that her kind are still the apex predators that we know and love.
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I totally missed the
Spinosaur reference. Nice little middle finger to JP3.


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Just saw it. It was a fun movie. Lots of leaps in logic but I suppose that's all part of the fun, right?
the final battle was pretty awesome. I love that this was the T-Rex from the original movie. Although I think I once had a nightmare that was very similar to when the T-Rex gate opened. Ugh I would be shitting my pants...


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Watched it yesterday and I really liked it, despite being quite indifferent to the films. The only annoying thing was my brother constantly whining that it was too loud (and no, we weren't even sat at the front. More like near to the back!).
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Went and saw it... and it very much delivered on it's premise! Nice to see all references to the first Jurassic Park as well as how they changed a lot of them so it wasn't too stale. Seeing them have a justified reason for Rexie chasing someone was very satisfying...
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The cool part about that scene is that the clicker Owen uses to signal to the Raptors that they obeyed him is used by other animal trainers in exactly the same way.
I really loved the movie, but I feel like they had to cut things and I missed what was left out.

For example, I think
the subplot about militarized dinosaurs and no one knowing what's in the IRex should have been expanded upon since it doesn't make sense that Clair and Masroni (who operate and own the park respectively) don't know what's in it.I think it would have been a great reveal that the IRex is in fact part human and Wu has been secretly using the park to experiment with making Dinosaur Super Soldiers. Which then would have made the sequel hook about Wu escaping with the embryos more interesting.
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