Just for fun: what music genre would FF7 characters listen to?

Naw, man, Barret likes jazz and soul. Folk, O53wewL8nT8#t=3m55s stuff like that. He's soft inside. Can't link yt before atm so c/paste.

I can definitely see Cloud being a top five guy with an untapped enjoyment for slower and thoughtful rock, as of the start of FFVII his mind's kinda abstract. He wouldn't care for finding an exotic sound best suited for him and any junky alt rock song would tickle his tastebuds if the melody's good. His true tastes, which he never realizes until after the story, are more chillaxed.

But he passively respects 80s rock a lot, which happens to be Zack's favourite genre.

Aerith liking Muse like the other person suggested and less super mainstream bands would be a good idea, she's a more established and self aware personality than Cloud at the start of FFVII. They're mainstream still, just not borrowed from popular taste.

Red XIII likes I970aWYDCYI stuff like this and HvdNI00b1V8 abstract synthesized music, techno, especially stuff like the latter. Things that lay a relaxing foundation for deep thought.

Sephiroth likes classical. Piano, organs, orchestras. And maybe a secret fondness for Disney songs, he lauds their composition and looks to them as something he missed from his childhood. He doesn't realize why he likes them.

Yuffie being raised on traditional and wanting to be a k-pop member is perfect.

Cid likes anything boisterous from Eminem to thumping industrial to 70s rock, even some country.

I just imagine Don Corneo listens to Oh Yeah by Yello on endless repeat when he's alone...and also when he's not
I'm going to lay someone with this song playing sometime and she's going to ask "why is this song playing?" reeling


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Wouldn't they be listening to the in game music like we do? I sometimes wonder what the characters actually would think of the in game music. Barrett or Cid: This goddamned tune looping all the time is pretty *&^%%$ irritating!


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Wouldn't they be listening to the in game music like we do? I sometimes wonder what the characters actually would think of the in game music. Barrett or Cid: This goddamned tune looping all the time is pretty *&^%%$ irritating!
I love that idea! :lol: Also, would they like their respective themes?


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Yuffie would definitely be in to K-Pop and other types of goofy music.

Barret is obviously Hip Hop and R&B there can be no other for him perhaps some soul music as well

I can picture Cid listening to the likes of Metallica, Def Leppard and Led Zepplin especially when flying about.


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I'm going more by bands/performers and songs than by musical genres, but you can probably figure that part out yourselves.

Aerith Gainsborough: Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit and Somebody to Love, Janis Joplin - Piece Of My Heart and Joni Mitchell's - Big Yellow Taxi.
Tifa Lockheart: Melanie - Brand New Key (with Aerith occasionally listening and humming along with it), Bonnie Tyler - It's A Heartache, Holding Out For A Hero, Tammy Wynette - Stand By Your Man, Loretta Lynn - Coal Miner's Daughter and Deana Carter - Strawberry Wine.
Zack Fair: Queen - Under Pressure, Princes Of The Universe, You're My Best Friend, I Want It All, We Are The Champions, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy and (why the hell not) Fat Bottomed Girls.
Cloud Strife: Creedence Clearwater Revival - Lookin' Out My Back Door and Bad Moon Rising, Kansas - Carry On Wayward Son, Rush - Fly By Night and The Eagles - Hotel California and Peaceful Easy Feeling.
Barret Wallace: Marvin Gaye - Trouble Man and Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology).
Vincent Valentine: The Rolling Stones - Paint It, Black and You Can't Always Get What You Want.
Cid Highwind: Areosmith - Back In The Saddle, Sweet Emotion and Dream On, Led Zepplin - Immigrant Song, Stairway To Heaven and Kashmir.
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Tifa: Something like The Cardigans, with a catchy, pop beat but with melancholic lyrics.
Aeris: Florence and the Machine.
Cid: Classic punk rock.
Reno: Old school R&B?

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Isn't Tifa a piano player? My head canon is that she plays for the local church (regular services, weddings, funerals, etc.). She also has a regular live gig at least twice a week where she takes fan requests and does piano covers; admission is $10,000 gil per head and her shows are always sold out 6 months in advance. She rakes in the most cash because obviously, and 90% of her proceeds are redistributed to local charities. Her favorite music genres are Chiptunes (8-bit music), jazz, various subgenres of blues, and classic rock.

Aerith totally listens to alternative stuff. Mid 2000's emo (she's into guys with big hair), punk rock, and probably Marilyn Manson. I'm going to put Nanaki and Aerith in the same general category in terms of music interest. I think of these characters like two peas in a pod for whatever reason. When Aerith is gone, Nanaki continues to listen to her favorite songs. Her favorites become his favorites.

Barrett listens to classical music (he listens to Tifa play on the regular, which is how he got into the genre). He has a beautiful singing voice and does bass vocals in the church choir. He's also big on Karaoke night and absolutely slays it with pop hits. Also a big fan of latin music and Opera.

Cloud listens to elevator music, country, and anything with a banjo.

Yuffie listens to rap. I just know she does.

Vincent listes to electronic and disco. Because of course he does.

Cait Sith / Reeve listens to J-pop, R&B, and Christmas songs.


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I'm surprised nobody thinks Tifa would've been into country given that she dressed like a cowgirl as a teenager and had a big Texas sign on her bar. I could imagine the jukebox in 7th Heaven playing a lot of country songs at night while the crowds are there.
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