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"Kupocon" FF Convention! (2017?)


I'm telling you, the spiders are the least of your concerns. I mean have you seen who's in charge there ATM? :monster: Anyway if I go I will take charge of spider removal, I ain't afearing of the eight-legged cockwombles.


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I'm totally there! I don't live that far in comparison to you guys, like a 3 hr flight or so :D

Absolutely, 100% MUST sort out a TLS get together!!!! I totally flipped my shit when I saw it on face face & told the wife I'm there, I don't expect her to want to come, I'd totally want to take my little Vincent & dress him up as a Cactuar or something :D I've already told my superior that it's on & I'll be taking annual leave :D

Suuuuuuper hanging!!!
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