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League of Legends


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It's always a treat to get a new League Cinematic.

making of the video as well as a little back story on the character if you don't know League Lore.

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She looks a lot better. I just wish the Meta wasnt so unfun these days I actually could muster up the strength to play.


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Yesterday Riot announced a bunch of stuff on their 10th anniversary stream, they can finally add that S to Riot Games.

A tactial team based FPS

Summoner's Rift will be coming to mobile and consoles (note: it's not a port of the SR of the pc game but rather a new from scratch version)

Team Fight Tactis will also come to mobile soon

A card game ala Heartstone

First early footage of their League of Legends fighting game

A Diablo-like game (not officially announced but footage can be seen on their stream)

An animated show


Riot is murdering Blizzard, lol.
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