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^Mass produced merchandise. She sells them for extra income. She gave some to Cloud and Tifa because she still has lots of them.


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I love watching videos of Tifa in battle. She's so fast and mobile! It's great seeing the different builds and combos that people can get out of her. In the proper hands, she can practically destroy just about any opponent.

There are some combat guides for playing as Tifa, up on youtube. I found BltzZ's Tifa combat guides informative:

And his advanced combat guide:


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Haha, love the one with Nathan Drake! :D That's how I'd react too.

Here's another awesome hype reel of Tifa.



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Am I the only one who absolutely DETEST Tifa's special outfit in EC? It's fcking LAZY, barely visible when she fights (why should I bother buying it???). I mean she has a blue top and some armour on her legs, I'm absolutely fuming (also dropped EC because of this).


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What do you mean dropped it? It's not even out yet.

Alt outfits not being worth the microtransaction is a good thing, as far as I'm concerned.
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Well, my interest in that game dropped in the negative. Yeah it's a gatcha and I usually am very resistant to buying stuff in games - apparently the most interesting stuff which is the games are free anyway.

It's the way everyone (SE included) seems to think that Tifa never having a nice dress to wear is OK that gets me. And I loved her dresses in Remake, I just wish she'd have at least one gown? This is the laziest shit ever in comparison, not to mention don't talk to me about her wearing a dress being "not believable", she's a fcking monk and has armour on her legs????


I bet there's gonna be a million alt outfits because that's how they plan on milking the money out of us. In First Soldier that's where the microtransactions are - in buying outfits and other cosmetics, none of which are a requirement for the main game. EC you'll be able to play the story with everyone in standard outfits for free, but outfits and weapons will cost money, either to buy them direct or to roll the gatcha.

I thought the top was cute! But yeah no way it's the only alt outfit she's getting.
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