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Here's a bootleg version of the trailer. Best audio quality I've seen so far.

It's not there anymore. :(

Someone in the audience asked whether the Superman movie could possibly lead to a Justice League movie or some other sort of team-up movie.

I think it's kind of a "duh" topic that they would want to try it after how well the Avengers did.

But then, imho Marvel does have cooler superheroes. *is shot*

But this does sound interesting. I've never been into Superman, but taking away the Boy Scout image could make him more appealing.


I know it's kinda common to reuse music from other movies for trailers, but it's kinda silly when they use easily recognizable music from big movies such as LOTR.


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I know these comments are pretty damn old, but with respect to the music choices in Watchmen: most of them are literally straight out of the comic. In most cases, the text outright quotes the songs roughly where the film uses them. Even the Ride of the Valkyries was mentioned somewhere in the text. I don't blame Snyder for trying to shoehorn in as many pieces Moore mentioned as possible. It's rather unfortunate that some of them didn't fit that well, but that's not necessarily Snyder's fault (although in some cases, he could have picked better versions of them; seriously, Hendrix's "All Along the Watchtower", while great, is kind of overused, and the original "Hallelujah" is not the one I would have picked - although come to think of it, I think that one wasn't mentioned in the text).

As for the Superman film - early days yet. Don't really have enough information to make up my mind.
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It was fairly dull, but hey, its a teaser. If I didnt know it was being made I probly would have been vaguely interested.

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That was AWESOME.

I have no idea how you found that Pixel, but if you find cam footage of Godzilla from SDCC, I will owe you my undying allegiance.

X :neo:

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OK, I'm convinced.


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In the past, Superman was "this big blue boy scout on a throne that nobody could touch him. But we tried to make him so he could beat the shit out of people."
Way to miss Birthright. Also, Morrison's opening arc on Nu-Action.

(TBH, I would've just adapted Birthright for a film script.)
LOVE the sonic boom effect.
Blocked. =/ I snooze, I lose.


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I saw that trailer just about 5 minutes before it got blocked, :monster:

I don't think I've been excited about mongooses since that one Looney Tunes episode


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Figured id post this again since the othe version was taken down

I love how they've worked iconic shots into it. Even the way his cape blows around


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That music is so damn beautiful. I will be seeing this.

I've been playing the #2 trailer over and over since this morning. I thought I was just a Spider-Man guy, but I tend to enjoy Superman stories ever since the animated series (Bruce Timm 90s version).
Maybe it's just cause Im not a Superman fan, but this trailer does nothing for me :/ Not saying it'll be bad, I just feel insanely "meh" about it.

I do like how they're portraying his powers tho, like that shot with him on fire.
I am intrigued. Will watch this movie.

Feeling a bit icky though about Jonathan Clark saying that Kent maybe should have let those people on the bus die. Doesn't sound like Jonathan Clark to me. :/

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That music is so damn beautiful.

Right?! I'm trying to find it's stock trailer music [e.g. Immediate, Two Steps from Hell, Future World Music, etc.] or it it's for the OST or something.

Any help identifying it would be appreciated. :awesome:
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