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Never seen the appeal with Whedon, first Avengers was great fun but nothing particularly inventive. Second one was meh, and Josstice League, based on this and reception, was the nail in the coffin.
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I'm so glad this got released. Zack is one of those people the internet blindly hates and goes to extraordinary lengths to try to prove he doesn't understand how to make movies, so I'm so glad he got some vindication and support after the death of his daughter. Got around to watching it this week.

I was actually kind of surprised how much of this movie was in the theatrical cut. The bones of the story were still there, but that stupid two hour mandate cut out the tendons that were holding the bones together, so we ended up with a much more coherent and sensible narrative. A lot of small details that tie things together so much better.

The action is much better, and we get to see the Amazons and Atlanteans put up more of a proper fight. A lot of little scenes designed to flesh out side characters and give them stakes.

I do miss one thing from the theatrical. "Save One!" was a great scene.

Dialogue can be a bit blunt at times. "You can be anything you want to be." Nice dodge, Diana, although it would have been hilarious if she'd just said no.

Steppenwolf is oddly loveable because he's powerful enough to be dangerous but weak enough that he has to be crafty rather than just brute forcing everything.

Glad to see the nightmare verse again at the end, it wasn't so easy as to fend off the bad future as simply as that.

It's not the greatest film ever, and not quite up to the standards of BVS, but the story works, there's nothing wrong with it and it's a good example of what it's supposed to be. I think we would have got a more polished product in the cinema in 2017, but I'm glad we got to see this vision.

'For Autumn' Oof, that hurt.


It looks... weirdly like something in between Burton/Schumacher and Nolan batmen, :monster:. Not as cringe as the previous iterations at least.

But, as with all DC shit these days, to me it keeps feeling like they're trying too hard to be a thing, idk.


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...So I guess we won't see Batman and Catwoman fucking in the Batmobile.

I'm utterly disappointed. Damn.


Wait, that's not what people are pissed about?! WHAT'S WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE???


Listen closely, there is meaning in my words.
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Are they high?

What the hell does that movie have to say that can't be said in 2 fucking hours?

No thanks. Definitely waiting now.


Saw it yesterday, didn't feel like a 3 hour movie at all for me. Thought it was pretty good!
Wonder where they're going with this in the future. The tone in this one wasn't too dissimilar from the Nolan movies in that it felt like a very grounded no superpowers type of world.

Thought it was cool that Pattinson was pretty much in costume for like, 90 percent of the movie.

Didn't pay too much attention to casting news and had no idea Colin Farrell was in this until the credits rolled lmao absolutely unrecognizable
I like Giacchino's Batman theme here. Very simple but effective :P


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Yeah I feel for the people that it's a long runtime. I'm a content-guy so I was always want more and never want the ride to stop XD But, that state of being is easier when I'm in the comfort of my home and have a pause button—people with small bladders beware, DO NOT get that Icee. lol

But anyway, I'm still revving to see it, and touring the non-spoiler reviews, I really like how people are using the same terminology and phrases. "noir", "gritty", "very good detective work", "comic version of the movie Se7en", "great character arc for a year 2 Batman", and on topic, "it doesn't feel like 3 hours" just like @Tetsujin mentioned. The Dark Knight will always hold a special place in my heart and I hope i'm not setting my expectations too high, but man most everyone has said very glowing things. (Except Ben Shapiro XD Apparently there's something to that but I don't wanna know yet) Can't wait. Truth be told, I was really rooting for Pattinson because he seemed like an underdog in this situation considering everyone's insistent Twilight references, so I'm kind of happy he legitimately has silenced a lot of detractors.

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Very mixed feelings. I miss Batfleck, the action isn't as good.

Pattinson does good work, his 'I haven't slept in three days' look is very convincing.

Thematically, it kind of eats itself. We have this super awesome new mayoral candidate, who the camera cuts away from before she ever has to come up with any kind of policy. Gotham has its problems, but does she have any ideas on how to address that, or is she just running on a platform of 'not the other guy'.

They're trying to say something about systemic failures and privilege, but also it's all the fault of these specific people and their conspiracy.

It...almost works, but it's just a tiny bit short of what it's trying to be.
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