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Member Spotlight #21: Ask Celes Chere anything

Jesse McCree. I feel like a New Man
yes this is one of the walls in my bedroom so

Man O Man I miss that headless woman Celty... It feels good just hearing they will return.

Have you ever read the sister story of Durarara called Baccano?

If so, Do you think Ladd Russo can beat Shizuo?

What are you expecting in this series this time around?

Where do you work now?

Are you happy at work?

Do you prefer console games or PC games?
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I haven't been to disney world, only disney land. If I did go to florida i'd head straight to harry potter land and think of nothing else until after that lmao

LMAO actually it's my boyfriend who is OCD about cleaning. he dusts and cleans and sweeps all the time which is fine because i hate cleaning it'd look a lot messier if it were my room alone... tho that's also a pic from when we had first moved in, there are figures of anime and game characters around there now

if i was a super hero it wouldn't even be to save humans, IT WOULD BE TO SAVE ANIMALS AND MY NEMESIS WOULD BE CRUELLA DE VILLE

i have never seen or read baccano

and so i can't answer the next question ;u;

I'm expecting the light novels to play a big role, which i'm excited about

i work for a call center for verizon

i hate it

and i prefer console games tho... i love playing certain games on pc. i prefer playing l4d on pc now for example and if i had the ability i would have chosen ffxiv for pc


If you could make any fictional character real to be your love/best friend/side-kick/all of the above, who would it be?
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