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I got ending E, it was an interesting way to wrap the game, that said, I see this ending causing some frustration to some people so I suggest watching it on youtube instead.
I really love this game, guys. I'm most of the way through the second playthrough, and the more I play it, the more fun it gets. I'm doing a lot more of the quests in this run, and I really like the little stories that go with each of them, and how it fills into the wider mystery as to what exactly is going on. I love what a significant, noticeable difference your plug-in chips make. I love the stories that go with the weapons. I love how in the hacking minigame whatever song is currently playing becomes 16-bit. I also love finding connections to the first Nier. I need one more Large battery to finish the Engine Blade, and I haven't found nearly enough Pure Waters to upgrade a Pod even once..

That's all I have for the moment really, just raving. Excellent game.


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Started replaying it today from the beginning and hnghh. Now I remember why I dropped a game as good as Horizon Zero Dawn cos I just couldn't put this down.
One thing I forgot to add is praise for the map. With so many games going for the "sprawling open world," emphasis on the sprawling, I like that the map is a manageable size, that I can actually learn my way around it and know how to get to a place intuitively. But at the same time, there are no shortage of little discoveries.
I was pleasantly surprised when I found the underground tunnel system near the desert after thinking I'd seen the whole map.

I got my Ending B and I believe I'm most of the way to C.
I had been bracing for a rote 'twist' like "The machines have been humans all along!!" Especially since that's what the first Nier did anyway, so I didn't foresee the twist that actually came, which was nice. So I'm very curious as to exactly where/how they're going to wrap this up. Something to do with that voice that took control of the YorHa units, I guess.

Eve's comment to 9S about assuming his desire to "**** 2B" was...unexpected. And can androids even do that?
Eve's comment to 9S about assuming his desire to "**** 2B" was...unexpected. And can androids even do that?
Yoko Taro actually did indeed answer that question in a Q&A section from the Japanese Strategy Guide, which some fans translated into English.
Q4. Do androids, as well as Adam and Eve, have reproductive organs? Do they use them?
They do not have them right after their ‘birth’. Since reproductive organs were hidden in most of the information from humans, they failed to copy those organs. However, during their learning process, they may gain body parts that serve as reproductive organs. Since they can copy anything, they can create semen, change their sex, and even mimic pregnancy to a certain extent, but since they cannot become truly organic lifeforms, they will not be able to undergo insemination or mitosis. They can only create very convincing imitations of the real thing using other materials.
lol. Of course he did.

I finished all the [real] endings last night. I love the effects when you have the Engine Blade fully upgraded.

I don't know that I have coherent thoughts to share, but I can ramble for a bit I guess. Good lord did things start getting shitty in Route C. Even though Ending A didn't actually explain anything, I liked that it was reasonably positive. That all went to hell quickly though, haha. I liked 2B's body armor, and it was fun being a consummate badass again after going through the game as 9S.

The no more humans was a bit of a drag, if only because I really wanted to see what their base on the moon was like and such. But I get the very Yoko Taro-ness of the masters of both sides being long dead. And the connection to the first Nier made sense there. The connections started getting more overt than I was expecting, actually. Seeing the Library in the tower, all the Gestalt reports, of course Devola and Popola. (And to be clear, those weren't the ones from Nier, but the two who screwed up that these two were being persecuted over WERE, right?)
I expected the connections to be more easter-egg-y and vague than that, so that's cool.

The virus stuff was shitty, especially wiping out Pascal's village...was that really necessary? I played A2's bits before 9S', and as he was turning into a rage monster, when I had to go over to Pascal's as him I was afraid they were going to make it that HE gave them the virus. I'm glad it wasn't that, at least.

The tandem boss fight was fun, and the final ending was, at least, pretty adorable. With your pods coming to care about the characters and rebuilding the two so they can be together at least. And that ending credits thing was cute, with the messages from around the world. I actually did pretty well! But I did finally get help towards the end, but I got a lot further than I anticipated at the start.

A couple questions that are just off the top of my head - so, in Ending D, the Machines launch themselves into space. But they don't show that in Ending E, so did that still happen? Or did A2 just wreck the tower and the machine network is destroyed?

Another - so the backdoor built into the Bunker so that YorHa would be wiped out before they learned the truth and spread it to other androids. But...was that simply scheduled to happen at the appropriate time (as in, when it looked like the androids were about to win?) Or was it just counted on that the machines would find it?

I'm assuming we don't know how long 2B has been repeatedly killing 9S when he got to clever? Who started YorHa anyway, were the humans still around? Or was it just some androids figured out the truth and were remarkably plan-oriented?

That's all I have for now I think, but I'll come back if I think of more :monster:

Anyway, the game was great fun, highly recommended :ultros:


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As someone who still needs to play Automata (I’m slow), NeiR Gestalt gripped my imagination back when I was in High School. I hadn’t played anything quite like it, even if the gameplay was kinda rough. I’m so glad they’re doing a remaster, giving it some more eyes.

I wonder if they’ll have “The Father” as a playable skin, the American version of the main character.


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I wonder if they’ll have “The Father” as a playable skin, the American version of the main character.
this was available in japan too, but only for the xbox 360 while the ps3 got the younger protagonist. according to wikipedia the young version/replicant was the one yoko taro really wanted to make while gestalt was suggested by a producer and western staff to appeal to foreign market, which i guess is why this is based on replicant.

i never got to play this so i'm interested to try it out. i kinda hope they do include gestalt as like a bonus mode or something. as far as i understand it's the same basic story just with character relations and certain dates changed?

also remaster the drag-on dragoon series (which i also never played), you cowards
Nice, I really enjoyed Automata but never got to play the original so I've been hoping for a re-release/remaster. I expect the gameplay to feel rough, but people seem to really like the story and characters, so I'm looking forward to giving it a try. It's only going to be brother Nier in this release, right?

Btw that ridiculous number is the square root of 1.5

that's gotta be some sort of jab at KH lol
lol I was wondering if it was a jab at KH or them keeping in style with the Automata DLC's pretty ridiculous title.

also remaster the drag-on dragoon series (which i also never played), you cowards
I've not played them either (just YouTube'd DOD3), but I'm hoping Drakengard 4 is what Taro's working on next.
I'm so happy the original Nier is receiving the love and respect it deserves this week.

I played the original, uppercase NIER after Nier Automata and actually liked it more. I found the setting, characters, and narrative to be more engaging and just more nuanced in general.

It's funny to me how Nier Automata has completely eclipsed the original game. Even my friends refer to Nier Automata as simply "Nier", as if the original game never existed. This is pretty common online too. Hopefully this release will give the original game some presence.

I do worry that new players will be put off by Nier Replicant's slow start. I hate to be like "it gets really good after 10 hours'', but... it gets really good after 10 hours lmao. There's also an issue in how Nier Replicant's most interesting thematic content is tied to its non-traditional story structure. Basically you're required to go through the second half of the game three times to see it all. That's a hard sell. But the payoff is real, I mean I'm still thinking about it four years later.

I want to provide a bit of development context. When originally developing Nier Replicant, Yoko Taro was deeply influenced by the events of 9/11:

9/11 was an unfortunate event that triggered out of a situation where both sides believed they were doing the right thing. The question is, what did they see from their point-of-view? What does it look like from each other’s perspectives? These were the thoughts that went through [Yoko Taro's] head when he was making Nier.
The main character's birthday is even September 11th. It's also purposely structured like Ocarina of Time, the quintessential "hero story" in gaming. How Nier Replicant connects these two seemingly unrelated aspects is fascinating. So yeah, to anyone playing Nier Replicant for the first time, I definitely recommend sticking around for all of it.

Plus you get to watch this knock out of an opening:

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