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Hey guys! I'm diving head first into my new role here on TLS and it's going to start with this thread.

Our panel at EXPCon (where we discussed the lore of FF's XV and VII, along with fan theories surrounding both) this weekend was a surprising success, despite the last minute preparations and none of us being adequately prepared due to lack of communication from the con.

After this experience, I really think this is something our forum might excel at, particularly at KupoCon, where the primary interest of everyone there is Final Fantasy.

I'm taking this opportunity to ask for forum input/suggestions on any panels you might like to see us do at future events, regardless of whether or not you will be able to attend.

The FFXV lore panel was a great hit because most of the attendees came for the chocobros. The types of panels we do could be tailored to what kind of guests will be at these events, in order to draw people in. We could highlight ourWhat suggestions do any of you have that would draw in an audience? Obviously we want to highlight our work here on TLS, but I want to hear from the rest of you.


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New Final Fantasy game pitches, spin-off or otherwise might be worth a shot as a panel topic. Whether it's an outline of the party, plot or gameworld.

Or maybe unused mythological figures that we'd like to see used as Summons a la Odin, Shiva and whatnot.

For panels with big time guests (VA's and stuff), maybe which character in the pertinent game scared them/the audience the most.


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At Final Fantasy-specific events, I think attendees would be most interested in one of our panels if it was on our specialist subject, Final Fantasy VII and its Compilation. So far all the special guests at KupoCons have been connected to XV, unless I'm mistaken, but we're lucky in that the Remake will keep VII relevant for the near future, so there may be Remake-connected special guests at some point; voice or mo-cap actors and so on. Failing that, we have a lot of information about VII on The Lifestream which has gained some traction in the fandom but would still be new and interesting to a lot of people. We'd just have to make sure any presentation about it wasn't too dry. That recent Kotaku video series, for example, does a good job of mixing in humour with its line-for-line language comparisons. Or we could come up with something completely original (in the sense that it's not based on any of our previous work) – why we love VII so much, how it influenced the rest of the series, our hopes or wishes or concerns for the remake – and so on. In the right hands anything is viable.


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I was thinking more along the lines of Flint's post as well. Keep it VII specific if we can, and based on the work everyone has put into TLS.

Even at EXP Con, our panel was billed as being about the Lore of XV, however we had questions s about VII as well, so people are interested.


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That’s exactly why I made this thread. We have a lot of VII-specific knowledge we can showcase. I’d love to highlight Shad’s Unused Text Series, or even his Dirge of Cerberus work.

Whatever we do decide to do in the future, I’d like to have PowerPoints or something akin to that to accompany the panel. That could be a collaborative effort. I’m not currently planning anything as of yet, I just want to brainstorm ideas with forum.


I like for us (read: you FF nerds :awesome: ) to sit there and get quizzed about loads of stuff, like the pub quiz. You guys know far too much about the games.

Another thing we could do is give presentations, e.g. about the unused text series or all that DoC stuff or the mobile games. Actually what am I saying, that's all Shademp's stuff, he should do it :awesome:
While I am unlikely to attend any cons (almost solely because of money issues, at this point) I'd gladly help out with preparing powerpoint presentations. Just let me know the desired topic and the deadline for the project.

Let's not forget that plenty of Tres's work (not just his glorious FFXV compendium) could be used for creating presentations. My mind is primarily on the articles in the Canon of FFVII section. ^_^


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I'm handy with powerpoints and like creating them for shits and giggles and would be happy to collaborate with others on that :monster:

I think sticking to VII lore would be best but if we find ourselves with a heavy XV opportunity like the last one, it shouldn't be squandered.


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I get that our niche is mainly VII, but if we have a wealth of knowledge in other Final Fantasy games then we should flaunt that as well. It could possibly deter people who attend these panels at events from wanting to join the site/forums if all we do is VII.

I'm just trying to see it from both sides. I love VII, but I'm also trying to think of the site as a whole and the best ways to promote it. That's... what I'm here for. :closedmonster:

But yes Channy, if you would like to help out in the future with Powerpoints and such I will totally take you up on that. And you would get credited for it of course. :D


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Well Fangu is something of an authority on Fran FFXII, so other games in the series shouldn't be overlooked, neither should wider S-E RPGs - there's plenty of us played Secret of Mana enough to comment on the remake (urgh, DO NOT WANT), and I know Chrono Trigger has a special place in a lot of folks' hearts.

Anyway, Shad, you will get to present at a con one day if we get the shop up and running and actually sell stuff. :monster:
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