Canon of FFVII

Welcome to the lore of Final Fantasy VII. Here you can read discourses about the very meaning of canon, its complicated landscape in the context of FFVII itself, plus fan-written guides on the sometimes overlooked, confusing or esoteric aspects of the Compilation.


Terminology & Evaluations of Canonicity

Guide to FFVII Canon, by Squall_of_SeeD
Is FFVII connected to FFX and X-2?, by Squall_of_SeeD & Shademp
Origins of the Shera, by Shademp
What is the name of FFVII’s planet?, by Shademp
English Canon: The mistaken capitalization of ‘Weapon’, by Shademp
Surnames of Crisis Core characters, by Squall_of_SeeD
When did the opening to Dirge of Cerberus take place?, by Squall_of_SeeD
Was Sephiroth the first SOLDIER?, by Squall_of_SeeD


Plot Analyses

Compilation of FFVII FAQ, by Squall_of_SeeD
Dilly Dally, Shilly Shally — An LTD Analysis, by Squall_of_SeeD
Dissidia 012 Plot Analysis, by Squall_of_SeeD
Disclaimer: Dissidia is part of FFVII canon; hence why the plot essays are linked here even though only parts of it focus on the seventh roman numeral Final Fantasy.

Story Compendiums

History of Deepground Revealed, by S & G
A comprehensive look into the history of Deepground and the Shinra company with info taken from the Dirge of Cerberus Online Mode.

Ye Olde Vault

Here is where articles with outdated and/or obsolete content, usually deemed so by the authors themselves, are listed. Look to articles in either of the three previous categories for more up-to-date info.
Dissidia Plot Analysis, by Squall_of_SeeD.
Predictions and Conflict Over the Plot of Final Fantasy Dissidia 012 (Duodecim), by Squall_of_SeeD.
Love Triangle Debate Analysis, by Squall_of_SeeD.
FF 20th Anniversary Ultimania excerpt: End of the LTD, published by Ryushikaze, translations by Squall_of_Seed.