Part 10 of the Unused Text series has now arrived!


Almost two years already since Part 9 in this article series was published... Seems a lot longer than that, doesn't it? Reno agrees.

New members to the site might be unfamiliar with what the Unused Text series is exactly about, aside from the give-away in its namesake. These essays act as a comprehensive list and guide to all the game text, and scenes, that can't be triggered in the original Final Fantasy VII without cheat devices or modding tools. They are complemented by fan translations of the Japanese text, extensive commentary analysing the unused text in question as well as videos covering the unlocked game script. If you are new to these articles it may be a good idea to start from the beginning, in the article index and term register.

Among the numbered features only Part 11 now remain and I promise that two years will not pass before that article sees the light of day. Now, enough dilly-dallying.

- Final Fantasy VII: The Unused Text – Part 10 | On the Highwind – Cloud’s Return

Many thanks to TLS member mecorx for providing her translation services for this article.

A mix between laziness and a long inability to find a translator. Simple as that.
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Wait, how long was this the top article on the front page? 3 hours? Should be longer IMO :monster:
I have sent a message to vaderSW1 of the podcast to see if he might agree for my newspost to be on the top spot for 24 hours before the podcast newspost reclaims the top. It is perfectly alright if he declines though and there's no need to obsess over the matter.

As per usual I know that I will get plenty exposure through S&G's "Unofficial FFVII Novel" facebook page anyway. :) Thanks also to Pixel (or whoever handles the facebook page) for posting the item so quickly to the Lifestream facebook as well.



This is a Big Deal. It seriously deserves the top spot for a couple of days at least. Congrats and thank you Shad, will read with much enjoyment shortly <3
I have failed to emphasize that mecorx should be thanked for this article getting published at all. The article has been actually mostly finished for eighteen months but my conscience did not allow me to publish it before the (re)translations had been made and added. It took so long to finally find an available translator and I hope she'll stick with it for Part 11. =)

Oh btw Lex, feel free to grammar correct the article or fix any other mistakes while you read, if you are up to it. I haven't had the article proofread by anybody yet.
Although my memory could fail me I vaguelly recall that our articles are mostly written in American/US style, ergo why I wrote "savior" instead of "saviour" when that word was used in the article. Correct me if I'm misremembering the style we usually go with for our frontpage articles.


We agreed that it was up to the author after some discussion, so how it's spelled is irrelevant as long as you're happy with it :)

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Small trivia, Itown2 refers to Ultimate Weapon as "Earith" in that scene. That's usually what the programmers called Aeris.
Looking over my draft for Part 11, which I originally intended to lead all the way to the final dungeon. If it was to be posted in its entirety, the article would be longer than Part 10. A (very) rough estimate would be...1.3 times longer than Part 10.

Thinking back to my lesson where I overdid the article length with Part 5 and Part 6, I'm thinking of splitting up the final article in two. I like this idea both because that means the final number will be 12 (which is way more aesthetically satisfying than 11) and because it's more merciful on the reader in terms of length. The only downside, if it even is a downside, is that the final article will not look "epic" through its sheer length.

Looking at a preview I just made of how the final stretch will look when divided into Part 11 and Part 12, I think this can work really well.

If you support the idea of two shorter articles instead of one article that is longer than Part 10, THANK THIS POST. If you prefer to have one final article that is longer than Part 10, please make a post about it. :monster: Yes, I'm placing more work on those who desire for the final article to be Part 11 because I'm personally leaning towards publishing two shorter features and having Part 12 be the final number.
Seems the most fitting place to post this.

Proof of my fallibility: Realized now that I forgot to include an unused line for Part 2 of this series. The line is by the more gentle of the two guards in the Sector 7 pillar area:

My partner’s pretty mean,
I wouldn’t get him mad, if I were you.”


It was when Pixel made an unrelated inquiry about the text in this field that I came across this oversight of mine. :monster: Clearly I am only human.
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