Final Fantasy VII: The Unused Text – Part 2

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The Sector 7 Slums

Narratively, the events in the Sector 7 Slums serve to bring the player closer to the main characters and the slum dwellers.

Originally this narrative included a lot more obligatory and optional dialogue, such as more interactions between the AVALANCHE members and Cloud, references to Sephiroth (and even a glimpse of our antagonist via two dream sequences), clear signs of Cloud’s mental instability, allusions to the nature of Materia, and, finally, an abundance of slum dweller dialogue.

In comparison, the Sector 7 events in the final game are much shorter and leave out a lot of exposition and plot elements, instead introducing them later in the game. As Midgar is such an important part of the game’s first act, it is not surprising to find these revisions and exclusions, making the Sector 7 slums one of the areas that is most tightly packed with unused text.

Sector 7 Pillar Grounds (MDS7PLR1)

{Barret} BARRET
“Don’t get all slaphappy just ’cause 「作戦ひとつうまくいったぐらいで
today’s mission went well!!” うかれてんじゃねえぞ!!」

Similar to Barret’s line at the train station where he tells the AVALANCHE members to not get lazy just because the first mission was a success.

Tidbit: Taking the southern path, which in the final game is always off limits you, will take you to the Sector 6 playgrounds (MDS6_2). The field has no data for transporting the player back to MDS7PLR1, however.

The more gentle (or nervous) of the two guards, blocking your path to MDS6_2 at the beginning of the game, has one unused line.

“Listen… 「あ、あの……
My partner’s pretty mean,  となりの先輩、こわいから
I wouldn’t get him mad, if I were you.”  さからわない方がいいと思いますよ」

The Pillar (MDS7PLR2)

Location Name

Sector 7 Mechanized Tower 7番街機械塔

In the English game the location name is too long for the menu so the two last letters can’t be seen.

The Sector 7 Slums (MDS7)

In the final game the camera pans over the field while Barret storms Seventh Heaven and forces everybody out so that AVALANCHE can have the place to themselves. Apparently dialogue was planned for the slum people as they were chased out of the bar.

「お、おいっ!! O, oi!!
どいたっ!! I moved!!
どいたっ!!」 I moved!!
「撃たれるっ!! I’m hit!!
撃たれるっ!!」 I’m hit!!

Unknown whether a character was meant to be shot by Barret or if this is just the character in deranged panic.

「ゴリラ!! Gorilla!!
ゴリラ!!」 Gorilla!!

Possible racial slur against Barret.

「ヤダッ! No!
さわんないでよっ!! Don’t touch me!!
変態!!」 Pervert!!

This line hints towards a feminine source, perhaps either the slum girl or Johnny’s mother.

Johnny’s Mother [First Talk-To Line]

「あら、いやだ! Oh, ick!
BARRETが帰ってきちゃったよ。 Barret’s back.
きっとまずいことがあるよ」 There must be something afoot.

Johnny’s mother has talk-to dialogue available when the player is not normally able to move. Her lines change to the dialogue below once Barret reemerges from the bar.

Johnny’s Mother [Second Talk-To Line]

「ほら、やっぱり。 There you go.
いわんこっちゃない」 I told you so.

The locked dialogue at first appears to be nothing but unused additions to the scene with Barret storming the bar but the talk-to dialogue of Johnny’s mother leaves the possibility that the player was meant to have control over Cloud and that all the above were meant to be triggered by approaching the respective characters.

“Hey!! 「あっ!! Hey!!
Heh heh heh… ウヘヘヘヘ…… Heh heh heh…
Say, you’re kinda cute. やっぱ、かわいいなぁ。 Say, you’re kinda cute.
Cutie pie…” マイラブリーエンジェルちゃん…」 My lovely angel…

Someone trying to shag either Cloud or a fellow slum dweller.

{Barret} BARRET Barret:
“All right!! 「よし!! All right!!
You losers go on ahead!!” おめえら、先入ってろ!!」 You guys go on ahead!!

Fits the context of Barret, after clearing the place, staying outside and making sure that all the AVALANCHE members enter the bar.

Seventh Heaven Bar (MDS7PB_1)

“Enter name” 『TIFA名前入力』 Tifa Name Entry

A developer’s note that likely showed up during test play, before the “Decide Name” menu had been implemented. Notice that in the English script rip, the main names are surrounded by {} brackets. This is because the name depends on what the player chooses. Naturally for the game rip we chose the normal names. However, in the unused text files of JORG, often in big duplicate groups, we find instances of the main characters’ names not being surrounded by these brackets.
Evidently, the “Name Entry” function was added fairly late. Aeris and Cait Sith also have developer notes for when they supposed to be named by the player.

After naming Tifa, she will ask Cloud about the flowers he bought from Aeris (that is, if the player decided to buy from her). None of this is unused. However, the actual field model resembling flowers is unused. By looking at the model, we see it looks more like a tiny bouquet, consisting of two flowers.

If you make the model visible in-game, it is involved in the used scenes but in a very bare-bones fashion. Its default position is in the field’s centre (in “origo”, where the x, y and z coordinates all equal to zero) which is right in front of where Cloud will be standing when Tifa asks him about the flowers. Whether it is Tifa or Marlene who then takes the flower, it will move to them, then the flower teleports to Jessie. The reason it moves to Jessie is because the flower is actually involved with triggering some of Jessie’s used script; this is a programming quirk, nothing more.
Notice that none of the characters actually use an animation where it looks like they are holding a flower/bouquet. The unseen model simply drags along with them. Perhaps the designers felt it too difficult and unnecessary to choreograph the scenes involving the flowers.

Thudthudthud!! 『ドカドカドカ!! というSEがはいるよてい』 “’Bang bang bang!!’ sound effect planned.”
That ???? is supposed to come in.

Indeed developers do not start out with all the sound effects ready, so here they left the to-do note for Barret’s entrance.

『ピンボール動く “Plans for the
???? …… pinball machine to
……予定』 ……move.”

Taking a look at this prerelease image, we see that the pinball machine was once part of the background. At some point the developers had to decide between either creating background animations for the pinball machine moving up and down or to replace it with a 3D model. They ended up choosing the latter.

{Tifa} TIFA
“{Cloud}… 「CLOUD……
come over here.”  こっちにきて」

After the other AVALANCHE members have secluded themselves in the basement, the player can see this line by talking to Tifa before triggering the scene where she asks Cloud to sit down and have a drink. In this instance the line is used.

The line is marked to appear once in a used context and once in an unused scenario. By activating a disabled border, the one that will later on cause Tifa to ascend from the basement and ask Cloud to join them (after his confrontation with Barret), Tifa will speak the above line.

{Tifa} TIFA
“Everyone is down below.” 「みんなは下にいるわよ」

In the final game she will say “You’d better go down below,” when talking to her after her and Cloud’s optional scene at the bar counter where the player can accept or decline one of her drinks. “Everyone is down below,” is probably just an unused alternate.

Cloud and Barret’s fight in the basement contains no unused text. We move on to the scene where Tifa asks Cloud to stay behind and fight for them.

{Cloud} CLOUD Cloud:
“So let {Barret} and his buddies 「BARRETたちがなんとかするんだろ? Barret and them will do something, right?
do something about it.” 俺には関係ないさ」 It’s got nothin’ to do with me.
“It’s got nothin’ to do with me.”
{Barret} BARRET Barret:
“You damn right we’ll do something about it. 「ああ、オレたちがなんとかする。 You damn right we’ll do somethin’ about it.
N’ you stay outta this {Tifa}!” TIFA、もうやめとけ」 Give it a rest, Tifa.

Overhearing them from the basement, Barret was meant to interrupt the conversation between the two childhood friends. In the final game Tifa and Cloud are not interrupted and they begin reminiscing about the promise they made 7 years earlier. As we shall see, this scene was meant to take place outside of the bar.

After Barret’s line the player would gain free mobility and the option to talk to Tifa and/or continue the scene by attempting to leave the bar.

{Tifa} TIFA
“Please {Cloud}…” 「CLOUD、おねがい…」

Although cheating your way to free mobility makes it easy to trigger this dialogue, it may not be properly displayed because it interferes with the scene that is already running. Text is available when PPV=78, which represents the point in time before the flashback occurs.

An unused version of the scene when Barret pays Cloud exists. It notably lacks any scripted actions for just how Barret arrives from the basement. Perhaps the developers were deciding whether Barret ought to arrive casually via the pinball machine or if he, like in the final game, should climb up the metallic wire.

The actual text is not very different and he performs the same actions when paying Cloud as he does in the final version of the scene.

{Barret} BARRET
“Whoa, wait a damn minute. 「おい、ちょっと待て。
{Cloud}!!” CLOUDさんよ!!」

In the used version Barret says “Wait a sec big-time SOLDIER!”

{Barret} BARRET
“A promise is a promise! 「約束は約束だからな!

This line is referenced twice in the game code. It is used once in the default scene and once in this unused version.

Aside from the small bouquet, the field actually has another unseen model, this one is called “cash”. Obviously intended as Cloud’s salary, but even when the model is made visible it does not appear right in front of either Barret or Cloud in this scene. It only has a position in origo and one right next to Wedge. Like the flower is used to trigger some of Jessie’s used script, so is the cash model used to trigger some of Wedge’s script.

Cloud receives his pay and again the player gains free control over him. After this event the PPV=81 which causes more text to become available, such as Barret’s and Tifa’s talk-to dialogue below.

{Barret} BARRET Barret:
“There’s your money. 「ほ、報酬はやったんだ。 I, I gave you your money.
Now get the hell out!!”  もう用はねぇぞ!!」 I’ve got no more use for you!!
{Tifa} TIFA Tifa:
“{Cloud}… 「CLOUD……。 Cloud…
I can’t believe this is goodbye.”  これで、さよならなんてうそだよね」 This can’t be goodbye.

Leaving the bar and re-entering without walking down the stairs and triggering the next scene will cause Biggs, Wedge and Jessie to appear. They are huddled together talking about the instability of their organization.

The game code is incomplete here and it is unclear exactly where Tifa and Barret were meant to be standing but the player was likely not meant to talk to them again as the AVALANCHE trio are standing in the way of the bar counter and the pinball machine.

Biggs ビックス Biggs:
“You know, {Cloud}. 「あのさ、CLOUD! Um, Cloud!
{Barret} says those things, but…” BARRETは、あんなこと言ってるけど・・・」 Barret says things like that, but…
“We’re really unstable right now. 「おれたち、ほんとは不安なんだ。 We’re really worried.
If SOLDIER were to show up, they’d whoop us.” ソルジャーが出てきたら If SOLDIER gets involved,
おれたち、みんなやられちまう」 we’re all done for.
Wedge ウェッジ Wedge:
“{Cloud}, ya gotta help us. 「CLOUDさん、手貸してくださいよ。 Cloud, please help us out.
I’m really scared.” 俺、こわいっす」 I’m scared.
Jessie ジェシー Jessie:
“{Cloud}…. 「CLOUD・・・・・・ Cloud…
It’s painful.” なんだか、せつないよ」 You look kinda miserable.
“Why is that?” 「どうしてなの?」 What’s wrong?

Things Cloud should remember (MDS7)

When Cloud leaves the bar at PPV=81 the girl, boy, Johnny and Rattail Guy run into Johnny’s house, after just having eavesdropped on what was going on in the bar.

Though the scene triggered by walking down the stairs is available over a wider PPV interval, it is important to leave the bar just after Cloud has received his pay in order to see the slum people running away.

Tifa follows Cloud outside.

TIFA Tifa:
「あ~あ! Ah!
本当に行っちゃうんだ!」 You’re really going!
TIFA Tifa:
「かわいい幼なじみのたのみも Leaving without even listening to your cute
きかずに行っちゃうんだ!」 little childhood friend asking you to stay!
CLOUD Cloud:
「ん……?」 Huh…?
A: よくいうぜ! A: Easy for you to say!
B: ……わるいな B: …Sorry.

Just like in the used version of the scene inside the pub, picking B will give Tifa +5 Love Points. No Love Points effect from picking A.

After the player picks an option, Johnny and his companion get kicked out of Johnny’s house by Johnny’s mother. They crawl across the ground to hide behind a pole in order to listen to Tifa’s and Cloud’s conversation.

TIFA Tifa:
「……約束も忘れちゃったんだ」 …You forgot the promise, too.
CLOUD‏‏‏‏‏ Cloud:
「約束?」 Promise?
TIFA Tifa:
「やっぱり忘れてる」 So, you really did forget.
TIFA Tifa:
「思い出して……CLOUD。 Remember, Cloud…?
私たち13歳だった」 We were 13.
『ここで回想へ To the Flashback:
ニブルヘルム村・旅立ち編』 Nibelheim – Travelling

The standard flashback scene begins.

On That Night 7 Years Ago (NIVL_E1)

{Tifa} TIFA Tifa:
“Sephiroth… 「セフィロス…… Sephiroth…
The Great Sephiroth?” 英雄セフィロス、か」 The hero, Sephiroth?

Adult Cloud

{Cloud} CLOUD Cloud:
“I thought about Sephiroth all the time. 「あのころの俺は、ねてもさめても Back then, awake,
Even in my sleep. セフィロス、セフィロス…… asleep, it was always Sephiroth…
My mom had given up on me.” 母さんもあきれていたな」 Even my mom had given up on me.

Adult Tifa

{Tifa} TIFA Tifa:
“I had no idea you were planning on that.” 「私、CLOUDが I had no idea
そんなこと考えてたなんて you were thinking
ぜんぜん知らなかった……」 that…

Adult Tifa

{Tifa} TIFA
“But, what about our promise?” 「ね、それより約束は?」
{Tifa} TIFA
“Isn’t it hard to join SOLDIER?” 「ソルジャーになるのって

At this point in the used scene the Cloud and Tifa of the present are invisible. However, their unused lines have character animations, which strongly implies that the two were to be visible during this interruption of the flashback.

{Tifa} TIFA
“If I’m ever in trouble, my hero will 「私がピンチのときに
come and rescue me.” ヒーローがあらわれて助けてくれるの」
“I want to experience that at least once.” 「一度くらい経験したいじゃない?」
{Cloud} CLOUD
“Ha, ha, ha! 「ハハハハ!
What’s that?” なんだよ、それ!」
{Tifa} TIFA
“You’re laughing at me!” 「笑ったわね!」
{Tifa} TIFA
“Come on! 「いいじゃないのよ~!
Promise me!” 約束しなさい~!」

Probably considered too out of character and/or damaging to the tone of the scene.
Incidentally, Cloud has no unused “laugh” animation in this field to accompany his unused line.

Things that Cloud should not know… (MDS7)

TIFA Tifa:
「思い出してくれたみたいね、約束」 Looks like you remembered the promise.
CLOUD Cloud:
「俺は英雄でも有名でもない。 I’m not a hero and I’m not famous.
約束は・・・・・・守れない」 I… can’t keep the promise.
TIFA Tifa:
「でも子供のころの夢を実現したでしょ? But you made your childhood dream come true, right?
ちゃんとソルジャーになったんだもの」 You became a SOLDIER.
TIFA Tifa:
「ねえ、これからどうするの?」 So, what will you do now?
CLOUD Cloud:
「・・・・・・セフィロスをさがす」 …Search for Sephiroth.
TIFA Tifa:
「セフィロス・・・・・・生きてるの?」 Sephiroth is… alive?

CLOUD Cloud:
「わからない。 I don’t know.
もう死んでるならそれでいいさ」 If he’s dead, that’s fine.
「でも、生きてるんだったら But if he’s alive,
俺は・・・・・・あのときの決着を I have to settle things
つけなくちゃならない」 once and for all.
TIFA Tifa:
「あのとき?」 “Settle things”?
CLOUD Cloud:
「5年前・・・・・・ニブルヘイム。 5 years ago… Nibelheim.
俺たちの故郷をあいつは・・・・・・」 Our hometown, he…
TIFA Tifa:
「・・・・・・・・・・・・」 ……
CLOUD Cloud:
「TIFAだってそうだろ? Don’t you feel the same, Tifa?
ひどい目にあったんだからな」 You went through something horrible.
TIFA Tifa:
「{Cloud}・・・・・・あのときのこと Cloud… you know
知ってるの?」 about what happened?
CLOUD Cloud:
「知ってるもなにも・・・・・・よく覚えてる」 I know everything…… I remember it well.
TIFA Tifa:
「・・・・・・・・・・・・」 ……
CLOUD Cloud:
「ん? どうした?」 Huh? What’s wrong?
TIFA Tifa:
「・・・・・・CLOUD、覚えてるんだ・・・・・・」 …Cloud, you remember…

Barret appears at the bar entrance.

BARRET Barret:
「おう!! Oi!!
いつまで、ごたごたやってんだ!!」 How long till you quit fussin’!!

Johnny and Rattail Guy run back into Johnny’s house.

TIFA Tifa:
「わかった。 I understand.
CLOUDはセフィロスを探すのね」 You’re going to look for Sephiroth.
TIFA Tifa:
「でも・・・・・・気が変わったらもどってきて」 But… if you change your mind, come back to us.

Barret and Tifa enter the bar. Player gains control over Cloud. You can either visit Johnny’s house now for some unused dialogue or do this after triggering a scene by trying to leave the field.

Player tries to leave and Johnny, Rattail Guy, and the boy run after Cloud.

“SHHH!! 「おい!! Oi!!
Wait a minute!!” ちょっとまてよ!!」 Wait a minute!!

The game code places this line with Rattail Guy so it´s probably him shouting.

Johnny ジョニー Johnny:
“I thought you were something 「おまえ、ただもんじゃねぇと思ったが I thought you were somethin’ special,
a little better than this, 幼なじみだったのかよ…」 but you turned out to be childhood friends…
but you’re just a punk kid after all.” 「俺のTIFAちゃんと……」 With my little Tifa, no less…

“Just what the hell do you think
you’re doing 「そんで、お前は俺のTIFAちゃんの Just who do you think you
with my little {Tifa}?” いったいなんなんだよ」 are to my Tifa?
“And now?” 「いまはさ?」 Huh?
A: We’re just friends. A: ただの幼なじみだ A: We’re just friends.
B: What’s it to you? B: おまえたちには関係ないだろ B: It’s got nothin’ to do with you.
A: “But {Tifa} doesn’t think so.” 「でもよ、TIFAちゃんは But Tifa doesn’t
そう思ってねぇぜ」 think that.
“Why does she ask you n’ not me?” 「なんで、俺じゃなくて Why does she ask you
お前にたのむんだよ」 ‘n’ not me?
“If {Tifa}’s in trouble 「TIFAちゃんが困ってんなら If Tifa’s in trouble,
then I’LL help her.” 俺が助けんだ!」 then I’LL help her!
“But then I guess not. 「だけど、そうはいかねぇよな。 But I guess not.
She’s nothing to me.” 俺にはなんもねぇ」 I got nothin’.
“Not those memories beneath 「星空の下の思い出も Not memories under the starry sky
the stars when we were kids 子供のころの夢の話もな」 or dreams we talked about
or all the stuff we talked about.” when we were kids.
“About all I got is the sake 「せいぜいあるのは、毎日お店に通って About all I got is the sake
that she poured me everyday お酒ついでもらったことぐらいさ」 that she poured me every day
I went to the bar.” I went to the bar.
A: “Crap!” 「くやしい!」 Damn, that’s raw!
“Hey! You! 「おい! 幼なじみ! Oi! Childhood friend!
Don’t think you can just walk outta here このまま立ちさるなんてゆるさねえ!」 I’m not gonna let you stand there like that!
like that!”
“Shhi-! You busted a promise!! 「クッ~!! 約束かわしたんだろ!! Shhi-! You broke a promise!!
‘n’ you made {Tifa} cry!!” TIFAちゃんを泣かせんなよ!」 You’d better not make Tifa cry!

+5 Love Points to Tifa for choosing B.

B: Johnny ジョニー
“Oh yeah!?” 「そうかよ!!」
“That may be but you ain’t walkin’ away 「でもよ
from here!” このまま立ちさるなんてゆるさねえ!」
“Urgh! You made a promise, didn’t ya!? 「んがっ~! 約束したんだろ!!
‘n’ don’ you fergit that {Tifa} TIFAちゃんは
like an angel. スラムの街の天使だってこと忘れんなよ!」
An angel of this slum!”

Part of this dialogue can be found in the Early Material Files of the FFVII Ultimania Omega. Johnny’s farewell in that draft was moved to a later segment.

The retranslation clears up a prevalent confusion regarding Johnny; he calls Cloud “childhood friend” not because they are actual childhood friends, but because Cloud is Tifa’s childhood friend. To further clear up matters, Johnny’s used lines in Costa del Sol,
“Hey, is it really you? We were in SOLDIER, and childhood friends before that. You were such a playboy. And a $#&^ murderer!!”
should, in fact, translate to
“Oh, and you are…? It can’t be! You’re that ex-SOLDIER, childhood friend, and sexy playboy! A, and… a murderer!”.
We can thusly conclude that Johnny was never in SOLDIER and he is not inexplicably mistaking Cloud for Zack, as some players might have misinterpreted. He is also not from Nibelheim and does not share any childhood memories with either Tifa or Cloud.

Johnny runs back into the house.

Rattail Guy
A: “Cause, I’ll be back!! 「ぜ~ったい、もどってやれよ!! I’ll be back!!
Don’t make her cry, dammit!!” いいな、泣かせんなよ!!」 Don’t make her cry, dammit!!

Rattail Guy

B: “I’ll be back, I say!! 「ぜ~ったい、もどってやれよ!!
‘n’ don’ fergit it!” いいな、忘れんなよ!!」

Rattail Guy runs back into the house as well.


“H, hey!! 「おっおい!
Keep your mitts off of Marlene!!” マリンちゃんには

The boy follows suit.

Johnny’s House (7MIN1/MIN71)

Entering the house at 90≤PPV<108 reveals a total of six NPCs huddled together in a field that otherwise only show Johnny’s parents. The boy, sitting on a “T-4000” toy car, has no dialogue. Same with Johnny’s mother.

The field is called 7MIN1 in all PSX versions but is named MIN71 in the PC version. This is one of a dozen examples with the number in a field name being moved around for the PC port.

Johnny’s Father

「ハッハッ…… Hah hah…
あなたもテレビ見たさに我が家に?」 You came to my house to watch TV?
「ハハッ……まあ、私は家内とちがって Hahah… well, unlike my wife,
ふところがタプタプですから I’m a pretty generous guy.
まあ、ゆっくりしてってくださいよ」 Go ahead and relax.

Johnny’s Father [If you never picked A]

「ところで、この事件」 By the way, what are your thoughts
「あなたはどう思われますかな?」 on this whole affair?
A: 実は俺が犯人だ A: Actually, I’m the one who did it.
B: 興味ない B: Don’t care.

Johnny’s Father

A: 「ハッハ……ご冗談を」 Hah hah… good one!
「いやいや、私の見解ではね。 Anyway, from my point of view,
アバランチとやらいうテログループも those AVALANCHE terrorists
いよいよ終わりですな」 are finished.
「神羅カンパニーはミッドガルの警備に Sounds like Shinra’s decided to
ソルジャーの投入を決定したようですよ。 deploy Soldier in Midgar’s defense.
いやはや、気の毒に」 Man, too bad for them.

Johnny’s Father [Talk-to line if you picked A]

「これは大きな声ではいえないんですがね。 Can’t say this too loud, but
実は私、学生のころね。 when I was a student, you could
あれでして、まあ反体制といいますか」 say I was, well… anti-establishment.
「ハッハッ……おはずかしい。 Hah hah… how embarrassing.
かげながら、アバランチのことを I’m secretly rooting
応援してるんですよ」 for AVALANCHE!

Johnny’s Father

B: “Ha, Ha!…… Well, 「ハッハッ……。
there’s nothin’ wrong with that, I’d say.” まあ、それもいいでしょうなあ」

This line is also used as a response when you can talk to Johnny’s father later on in the used script. In other words, this line is both used and unused, depending on the context.

The following talk-to lines by Rattail Guy will trigger in this order:

Rattail Guy [First Talk-To Line]

「おっ!! 見えた見えた!! Oh!! I saw, I saw!!
テレビは離れて見ねえとな!」 The TV’s too far, I can’t see!

Rattail Guy [Continuation of First Talk-To Line]

「おっ!! お前は幼なじみ! Oh!! You guys are childhood friends!
かわいそうによ…… It’s a pity…
ジョニーのヤツいじけちまったぜ」 Johnny’s lost his nerve.
「オレはここでテレビを見ながら I’m watching TV to distract
世の中のことでも考えて myself from thinking about
気をまぎらしてんのよ」 what’s going on in the world.

Rattail Guy [Second Talk-To Line]

「おっ!! Oh!!!
ありゃ、プレジデント神羅!! That’s President Shinra!
ほう~!!」 Wow!!

The field actually contains an invisible and notably very tiny President Shinra model. Though he is never situated there he was probably meant to be inside the TV.

Rattail Guy [Third Talk-To Line]

「おっ! Oh!
ソルジャーが出てくるのかい! They’re sending SOLDIER out!
アバランチとやらもこれで終わりだな」 Those AVALANCHE guys are finished!

Rattail Guy [Fourth Talk-To Line]

「フッー…… Sigh…
なんかあわただしい世の中になっちまった。 The world’s sure gotten confusing.
別れの予感がするなあ」 I feel a premonition of farewell.

This is the final default talk-to line and a confusing one at that. Is Rattail Guy worrying that he and his friends might die in this time of increasing turmoil? Is he planning to leave the slums? The precise meaning is unclear.

ジョニー Johnny:
「……TIFAちゃん… …Tifa…
TIFAちゃん……」 Tifa…
ジョニー Johnny:
「ああ……!! Aa…!!
よりによって、お前にー!! By you, of all people!!
ひどいよっ! ひどすぎるっ!」 It’s awful! It’s too awful!
ジョニー Johnny:
「やめろっ!! Stop!!
やめてくれっ!!」 Please stop!!
ジョニー Johnny:
「見るなっ! Don’t look!
見ないでっ!!」 Don’t look!!

Johnny’s incoherent babbling hints that he is dreaming, but we can only guess what those dreams are.


「あら、クールな興味ない男さん!」 Hey, Mr. Too-Cool-To-Care!
「このテレビ、どこ製だと思います?」 Who do you think made this TV?
C: 神羅製かな…… C: Shinra, maybe…
D: ……興味ないな D: …Don’t care.


C: 「正解~!!」 Correct!!
「ついでに、そこの子の愛車神羅T4000も While we’re at it, so was that kid’s favorite
この家の家具もトイレのペーパーまで Shinra T4000 car and all the furniture in
ぜ~んぶ」 this house, right down to the toilet paper.
「便利な世の中の道具は神羅製!!」 Everything useful in this world is made by Shinra!


C: 「だから、わかんないのよね~」 That’s what I don’t understand!
E: なにが…… E: What…?
F: ……興味ない F: …Don’t care.


E: 「アバランチってのが戦う理由よ! The reason AVALANCHE fights!
いったい、何が気に入らないのかしら? What are they so unhappy about?
事情通の私にもわからないわよ」 Even a well-informed girl like me doesn’t know.


D: 「あ!そ! Oh! Right!
なにごとにも動じないあなたって It’s kinda cool how
ちょっと素敵よ!」 nothing gets to you.

Talk to her again and you get to pick C or D.


F: 「あ!そ!! Oh! Right!!
さっすが、クールな興味ない男さん!」 Just what I’d expect from Mr. Too-Cool-To-Care!

Talk to her again and you get to pick C or D.


「カネさえあればこの街は天国なんだよな。 As long as you have money, this place is heaven.
なんとかして神羅の仕事に Somehow or other, I’d like
ありつきたいもんだぜ」 to find work with Shinra.

In the used script the slum girl will criticize the bombing of the #1 reactor but in this unused script she is clearly pro-Shinra. This makes her an especially obvious product of Shinra’s propaganda machine.

The Unused President Shinra Model

Almost certainly meant to be visible through the television is a normally invisible, tiny version of President Shinra. Although the unused text, mixed with his size, heavily indicates that he was meant to be inside the television, no command moves him to the TV. He has a default position, the location he winds up at without any additional commands, and then a position behind a chair. This latter position is in use because he is involved with triggering the talk-to lines of the girl and Johnny’s mother.

Default position. Set position.

The developers might have experienced difficulties trying to make this 3D model integrate with the 2D background of the TV, hence why it is unused. There’s also the possibility that it was deemed too silly to have your first “encounter” with the President be one where he looks like a doll.

Cloud Returns (MDS7PB_1)

When the player returns to MDS7 after the flashback, a flag is activated which is supposed to make the following scene at the bar counter available. The PPV-dependant post-flashback scene of MDS7PB_1 will interfere, however, and a player reentering the bar at this point will fail to trigger this scene.

A part of the field data named “StageDR” contains all the different scene setups, with each setup pointing out where all the field models are, if a border is on or off etc. Manipulating single values will not easily replicate all the conditions referred to in these “Stage Directions”, which explains to us why the following scene was not uncovered until Myst6re used his program, Makou Reactor, to pick the correct scene setup.

{Tifa} TIFA Tifa:
“Will you please come back? 「CLOUD! もどってくれるの? Cloud! You’re back?
Ah, wait. Please wait.” あ、でも、ちょっとまって」 Oh, but just a minute!
“The president of Shinra 「プレジデント神羅の発表が President Shinra’s address
is going to read a statement.” ニュースで読まれるの」 is being read on the news.

Tifa switches on the TV with a remote.

President Shinra プレジデント神羅
“The terrorist group called AVALANCHE 「……壱番魔晄炉破壊事件に関して
has claimed responsibility for today’s bombing アバランチと名乗る組織から
of the No. 1 Mako Reactor.” 犯行声明が出されています。
“It is also predicted 「声明によるとアバランチは
that they will continue with similar terrorist 今後も同様のテロを続けることを
activities in the future.” 予告しております。
“But I want the citizens of Midgar to be assured.” 「しかし、ミッドガル市民のみなさん
“Shinra, Inc. has mobilized SOLDIER to protect 「我々神羅カンパニーはこのような
you from any violence and thereby…” 暴力からみなさんを守るために

Tifa switches off the TV.

{Tifa} TIFA Tifa:
“The next time we’ll be up against…SOLDIER.” 「私たち・・・・・・次はソルジャーと戦うのね」 We… we’re up against SOLDIER next.

Players of the final game can hear about SOLDIER being deployed by listening to the newscast in the AVALANCHE hideout and by talking to the guards in MDS7PLR the day after. While the dialogue is missable in the final game, in the older draft players had to hear about SOLDIER for the story to move forward.

In no part of the used or unused text, however, does anything ever come from this looming threat as you never interact with SOLDIER in the story.

When facing the “Air Buster” in Reactor #5 Tifa will ask if the machine is from SOLDIER. This line was likely meant to reconnect with the foreshadowed military threat but also marks the last time that SOLDIER is referenced as a potential obstacle in their journey.

Tifa turns to face Cloud.

{Tifa} TIFA Tifa:
“{Cloud}, then you’ll help us?” 「CLOUD、助けてくれるのね?」 Cloud, you’ll help us, won’t you?
A: A promise is a promise A: 約束だからな A: I did promise.
B: But I still hate {Barret} B: でも、BARRETがきらい B: But I hate Barret.
A: {Tifa} TIFA Tifa:
“I hate {Barret}.” 「ありがとう、CLOUD」 Thank you, Cloud.

A mistranslation so gross that it only makes sense by assuming that the localization team mistakingly re-translated Cloud’s dialogue option.

[First time picking B.]

B: {Tifa} TIFA Tifa:
“You came to tell me that?” 「そんなこと言いにきたの?」 You came to tell me that?

Player has to pick A or B again.

-2 Love Points to Barret.

[If you pick B a second time.]

B: {Tifa} TIFA Tifa;
“He’s not a bad person.” 「・・・・・・悪い人じゃないわ」 …He’s not a bad person.

Player has to pick A or B again.

-2 Love Points to Barret.

[If you pick B a third time.]

B: {Tifa} TIFA Tifa;
“Don’t worry. 「だいじょうぶ。 It’s alright.
I’ll talk to him.” 私からちゃんと話しておくから」 I’ll talk to him, OK?

-2 Love Points to Barret. A total of -6 Love Points to Barret after choosing dialogue option B three times.

After picking B for the third time or picking A Tifa will leave the bar counter. However, after closing it behind her she freezes and no further actions are triggered. The scene is choreographed with erroneous commands for both Tifa and Cloud, but with a few tweaks the scene can flow normally.

Tifa goes to the pinball machine and waits for Cloud.

{Tifa} TIFA Tifa:
“Come on. Let’s go below!” 「さあ、下へいきましょ!」 Well, let’s go below!

Tifa’s line is referenced twice in the game code; once for use in this scene which runs by itself and once as a talk-to line. It should also be mentioned that the sequence that follows after Cloud and Tifa descend down the pinball machine exists both as an automatic sequence and one that is triggered by pressing the circle button to descend the freak elevator.

These two exhibits are the only remnants of a scenario in which the player was meant to gain control over Cloud and decide on their own when to go down with Tifa.

Cloud runs over to Tifa and the two descend to the basement. Suddenly Cloud finds himself alone in a dark space confused about his surroundings. The sound effect of the pinball machine descending plays over and over.

{Cloud} CLOUD Cloud:
“What’s goin’ on? 「どうなってる・・・・・・? What’s happening…?
It’s really shakin’ a lot…” やけにゆれるな・・・・・・」 I’m really shaking…
{Cloud} CLOUD Cloud:
“{Tifa}? 「TIFA・・・・・・? Tifa…?
Where? どこだ?」 Where are you?

{Cloud} CLOUD Cloud:
…I’m going out… 「・・・・・・俺はどこへ向かっている・・・・・・」 …Where am I going…

The nightmare culminates with Cloud shaking and holding his head when suddenly a giant Sephiroth appears and prepares to strike our protagonist!

The screen fades to white before Sephiroth is allowed to deal the blow.

Yet again GlitterBerri’s translation trumps the misleading original localization but never from this text alone could anyone have deduced that a giant Sephiroth was to appear after this dialogue’s execution.

This would have been the player’s first in-game glimpse of Sephiroth. The impact of seeing the game’s antagonist presented as a giant in relation to Cloud clearly visualizes Cloud’s trauma and what an ominous figure the gamer is to expect.

After the fade to white the game jumps to TRACKIN; the truck that took Cloud and the rest to Nibelheim.

How do they make Materia? (TRACKIN)

From the debug lobby, go to the northeastern room (BLACKBG5), talk to Sephiroth, and select “from pinball” to jump to this scene.

PPV must be ≤ 96, otherwise the scene from the Kalm flashback will occur (or if the PPV>344, no scene at all). The “from pinball” option sets the PPV to 96, however, so timing is not an issue. The screen is set to a dark tone to represent the haziness of Cloud’s flashback.

{Cloud} CLOUD Cloud:
“I wonder how they make Materia?” 「マテリアって I wonder how
どうやってつくるんだろう……」 Materia is made…
“You mean you don’t know?” 「……知らないのか?」 …You don’t know?
{Cloud} CLOUD Cloud:
“Do you?” 「……知ってるのか?」 …Do you know?
“It’s the Planet. 「……星がつくる。 …It’s made by the planet.
It takes years to make.” 長い長い時間をかけてな」 It takes a very long time.

“Lately, it’s been Shinra 「もっとも、最近では神羅 However, it seems that recently Shinra

It is never strictly referred to in the used game script that Shinra is responsible for making Materia abundant but most players will understand this anyway by looking at their Mako monopoly and Cloud’s comment in Aeris’ church that “Nowadays you can find Materia anywhere.”

The full version of this scene, which is an earlier draft for the truck dialogue, exists in the Japanese game script but has no prompt as all the lines exist solely as locked text. This will be presented in the article dealing with the Kalm flashback (Part 5 in this article series).

The screen fades to white yet again.

Wake up, Cloud! (WHITEBG2)

From TRACKIN, the game will attempt to jump to WHITEBG2. This represents a white background field. WHITEBG2 had most of its data deleted in all post-JORG releases which will cause the game to freeze when it tries to jump to this white space in those versions.
The field exists solely for this unused scene which is triggered if PPV≥96. Again, it is only accessible in JORG.

The camera is moving up and down as Barret and the others are trying to wake up Cloud.

BARRET Barret:
「おい、しっかりしろ!」 Oi, hang in there!
TIFA Tifa:
「だいじょうぶ?」 Are you alright?
アバランチの面々 AVALANCHE Members:
「CLOUDさん!!」 Cloud!!
TIFA Tifa:
「もう! びっくりさせないでよ」 Grr! Don’t scare me like that!

After the last unlockable line the characters fade out and the game jumps to AVALANCHE’s basement, thus ending this sequence of delirious events.

The Materia Scene (MDS7PB_2)

Yet another familiar scene for dwellers of the debug rooms. Enter the eastern debug room (BLACKBG2), talk to Barret, and select “Materia”. As long as the scene with Cloud waking up alone in MDS7PB_2 the following morning has not occurred, this unused scene will play out.

To trigger the scene without using the debug room, you must descend down the pinball machine after activating the unused bar counter scene via the activate-border method.

The field also contains unused data to jump to WHITEBG2. Possibly Cloud was meant to fall unconscious after the game had jumped to MDS7PB_2 or WHITEBG2 was prepared for an event which was never even created.

「だいじょうぶ?」 You alright?
「おい、しっかりしろ!」 Oi, hang in there!
TIFA Tifa:
「もう!びっくりさせないでよ」 Grr! Don’t scare me like that!
BARRET Barret:
「TIFAから話は聞いた」 I heard it all from Tifa.
「そんなに参加したいってなら If ya really wanna help,
次の作戦でもやっとてやる」 I’ll hire ya for our next mission, too.

Cloud’s Materia pops out. The screen blinks green.

TIFA Tifa:
「わぁ、きれい!」 Wow, it’s beautiful!
TIFA Tifa:
「これがマテリア?」 This is Materia?

Cloud picks up the Materia.

CLOUD Cloud:
「ああ。 Yeah.
人間の未知の力を引き出す」 It draws an unknown power from humans.
TIFA Tifa:
「なぜ未知の力が使えるの?」 Why can we use this unknown power?
CLOUD Cloud:
「なぜ? Why?
……聞いたことはあるけど忘れたな」 …I’ve heard the reason, but I forget.
「重要なことは The important
どうやって使うのかだけだ」 part is how.
TIFA Tifa:
「じゃあ、どうやって使うの?」 Alright then, how do we use it?
A: 面倒だが説明しよう A: I’ll explain if I have to.
B: 面倒くさい B: I won’t bother to explain.

The Materia tutorial that engages if you pick A is almost exactly the same one that you get in MDS7PB_1 in the final game but with the crucial difference that the “Materia” sub menu is not added to the menu. The tutorial will ignore this and Cloud’s explanation goes on as though it had selected “Materia”. Because at one stage the game is programmed to press the cancel button twice, the tutorial will end prematurely as the game leaves the menu.

「チュートリアルによるマテリアシステム説明」 Materia System Explanation Tutorial
(別画面???) (Separate Screen???)

Apparently the designers at one point did not know whether the tutorial should be on the actual field, like most of the tutorials in the beginner’s hall, or in the menu.

TIFA Tifa:
「私にも使えそうね」 Looks like I can use it too.

We never get to see Tifa actually trying out the Materia.

B: BARRET Barret:
「ソルジャーさんたちの秘密ってわけか」 SOLDIER secret, huh.
「まあ。いいだろう。 Fine. If that’s how yer gonna be.
オレだって少しは知ってるからな」 I know a little already.
BARRET Barret:
「ところでCLOUD」 By the way, Cloud,
「おまえさんはどうして why’d ya quit
ソルジャーをやめたんだ?」 SOLDIER?
CLOUD Cloud:
「あんたには関係ないことだ」 That’s no business of yours.
BARRET Barret:
「なんだと!?」 Wha?!

Jessie covers her head before the impending conflict.

TIFA Tifa:
「いいじゃない、そんなこと。 Enough of that.
明日は大変よ! Tomorrow’s gonna be rough!
早く休まなくちゃ!」 We have to get some rest!

Barret shakes in anger, causing even Tifa to jump to the side. Biggs and Wedge cover their heads just like Jessie.

BARRET Barret:
「…………」 …………

The screen fades out and Cloud wakes up in the basement, just as he does in the normal order of events.

“Save Point” 【セーブポイント】
Access the menu メニューを開いて「セーブ」を選ぶと
and select [SAVE] to save your game. ゲームの状態を保存できます。

The discarded save point, in its beta form, can be seen in the “Making of FFVII” video found in the FFVII International Bonus Disc. Those who read the previous article in this series knows that a promo video uploaded by Square Enix in 2012 gave us a higher quality recording of this beta scene.

No save point data remains here in the final game.

Before Leaving (MDS7PB_1)

{Barret} BARRET Barret:
“Yo, {Cloud}.” 「おい、CLOUD」 Oi, Cloud.
“Got a message from the old man 「武器屋2階のオヤジからの伝言だ! Got a message from the man on the 2nd floor of the weapon shop!
at the weapon shop upstairs!” いいもんあげるからとりにこい…… Said he’s got somethin’ special
“Said he’s got somethin’ special たしかに伝えたぞ!」 so come and get it!
so come and get it!”
“Yo! If you pull somethin’ funny… 「おう! おかしなマネをしたら…… Yo! If you pull somethin’ funny…
you now what I’ll do to ya, right?” わかってんだろうな」 you know what I’ll do to ya, right?

This is an unused version of a line that is instead spoken by Tifa in the final game.

{Tifa} TIFA Tifa:
“{Cloud}! I got a message 「CLOUD! Cloud!
from the Weapon Shop man upstairs.”  武器屋2階のおじさんから伝言よ」 I got a message from the man on the 2nd floor of the weapon shop!
“He has something he wants to give you. 「あげたいものがあるからお店によって He said he has something he wants to give you
 ……だって。 and to come to his store and get it.
Don’t forget!”  わすれないでね!」 Don’t forget!

The original translation caused confusion for many gamers because it seemed to be talking about a non-existant second floor of the Seventh Heaven. We know the 2nd floor to be the Beginner’s Hall and apparently the entire building is collectively referred to as the Weapon Shop despite only the first floor being devoted to selling weapons. No character ever says outright to Cloud “I see you got my message,” but the guy in the red shirt is the only character on the second floor who voluntarily gives you any items, which in this case are an All Materia and an Ether. Ergo, the red shirt NPC is presumably our guy.

If you approach him earlier he will say that if you come back the next day he will reveal to you his occupation, further stressing that he is interested in your arrival.

Let’s go blow up another reactor! (MDS7)

When the player crosses a border, the AVALANCHE members, who are standing close to the upper right exit, will run away. This is a small part of what used to be a bigger scene. By making the game instead refer to a script from Cloud the entire unused scene will run on its own.

Barret and Tifa split from Cloud.

{Barret} BARRET Barret:
“The hell’re you doin’, boy? 「なにやってんだ!! The hell’re you doin’!!
The operation’s already started!!” 作戦は始まってんだぞ!!」 The operation’s already started!!

All the characters, even the slum people, turn to Barret in surprise. Barret runs back and stands next to Cloud. Johnny walks up to Cloud.

Johnny ジョニー Johnny:
“I’m leaving. Goin’ faraway. 「俺、男をみがく旅に出っからよ! I’m leaving on a journey to become a better man!
But when I come back  これで、さよならだぜ!」 This is goodbye!
I’ll be a better man! This is goodbye!”
“Hey! Childhood friend! 「やい! 幼なじみ!! Hey! Childhood friend!
You better take  TIFAちゃんを大切にな!」 You better take
good care of {Tifa}!” good care of Tifa!

Yet another line that is referenced twice and unused on one of the two occassions. Johnny will say this if you walk up and talk to him in the normal sequence of events. Just like in the default scene he will then quickly run away and leave the slums. Again, “childhood friend” is merely Johnny’s casual name for Cloud and does not mean that they are actual childhood friends.

Used version. Unused version.
{Barret} Barret:
「いくぜ!! We’re movin’ out!!
もたもたすんな!!」 Quit laggin’!!
{Tifa} Tifa:
「いきましょ!」 Let’s go!

Barret and Tifa join Cloud again and the player gains control. An incomplete part of the code will lead to the hand above Cloud, visible if you press Select, being stuck at the centre of the screen. The camera will also refuse to move.

But we can’t leave yet! There’s still more unused text in Sector 7!

Materia Store (MDS7_IM)

“By the way, you wouldn’t happen to be… 「ところで、あんた。 By the way, you wouldn’t
もしかして……」 happen to be…
Naw, never mind. ……いや、なんでもないよ。 …Naw, never mind.
Forget it. 失礼、失礼」 My apologies.

A natural assumption would be that he was about to ask Cloud if he was from SOLDIER or if he was part of AVALANCHE.

Weapon Shop – First Floor (MDS7_W1)

“Crap!! Watch it, you old guy!” 「チッ!! おっさん!!
“I was just about to rip up that smooth 「あんたのツンツン頭を
little head of yours!” ブチぬいちまうとこだぜ!」
“In the slums 「スラムじゃ、自分の身は自分で守る。
ya gotta take care of yourself first.” ガキのころから、そんな生き方さ」
“I been livin’ like that ever since I was a kid.” 「オレみたいにタフな男の子になりたかったら
“You wanna be tough like me? いかす武器を選ぶこったな」
Then you gotta pick out some good weapons.”
“Oh and uh, by the way 「でな、おっさん。
old guy…” 相談なんだが……」
“You can see this store don’t have no customers… 「見ての通り、この武器屋には客がいない。
and even tough guys like me タフな男の子のこのオレもびんぼうってわけさ」
could use a buck or two…”
“Ya think you could spare some cash?” 「というわけで……
A: Give him some A: 金渡す
B: Don’t give him any B: あげない
A: “YESSS…” 「しめしめ……」
B: “Damn, man!! 「チッ!!
Ya chinsey old %*&!” おっさん、しけてんな」
“Hey old guy! I got a good-lookin’ sister!!” 「オレの姉キは美人だぞ!!
☞  Give him some ☞  金渡す
☞  Forget it ☞  あげない
“What’s the matter, old dude? 「おっ!!
You don’t like women?” おっさん、美人に興味なし、と」

Translation note: “Sister” could also be “Woman”, so he may not be talking about a sibling.

The character’s attitude and constant referral to Cloud as an old guy leads us to think that this is the kid talking; the one who in the final game can offer Cloud accomodation on the third floor for the exchange of 10 gil. Perhaps the idea of this kid acting as a pimp was considered too risqué to be included in the final game.

Beginner’s Hall (MDS7_W2)

“I welcome everything going to pot!” 「俺っちは、ぶっそうな世の中を
“GO!! GO!! AVALANCHE!! 「ゴー!!ゴー!!
That’s what I say!” アバランチ!!ってやつだな」

If you enter the Beginner’s Hall early on it will be almost empty of people. The bulky guy with the dog will be there and he talks about how the weapon sales business is gaining from AVALANCHE’s violence, a state of events he’s clearly happy about. Will he still welcome everything going to the pot once the sector plate falls on him later?

“I don’t have any extra Potions on me. 「俺もポーションの手持ちがないよ。
Why don’t you go buy some?” 買ってきたらどうだい?」
{Cloud} CLOUD Cloud:
“Sorry. 「悪いな。 Sorry.
I’ll have to go get my money.” 報酬だと思ってもらっておく」 I’ll have to get my pay.

If you pick the option “How to heal your allies?” but don’t have any potions in your inventory the guy will offer you one of his. Using up the potion after the tutorial and picking the same option again denies you the tutorial because the NPC has no more potions to give. Cloud’s response to this is unused.

Cloud is clearly speaking about the pay he is meant to receive from Barret. This unused response contradicts the game’s timeline because you can’t access any tutorials in the Beginner’s Hall until after Cloud has received his pay.

{Cloud} CLOUD Cloud:
“[wiped out]. 「【全滅】か…… [Wiped Out].
This is one I’ve never personally used. 俺の記憶にはないから、これは人から聞いた話だ」 I don’t remember it ever happening to me, so this is what I’ve heard from others.
But I heard from someone
what it was about.”
“When you are wiped out, 「【全滅】したときには When you’re wiped out,
you start back from the last save point.” 前の【セーブポイント】からはじまる」 you start back from the last save point.
“Even a weakling like you 「おまえたちのような弱いヤツでも Even weaklings like you can make it out
can make it out of the roughest places 地道に戦えば、どんな難所でも脱出できるはずだ。 of the roughest places if you hang in there and fight.
as long as you hang in there and fight. ありがたいことだな」 You should be glad.
You should be glad!”

This explains what happens when you get a “Game Over”. The team is never listed as “Wiped Out”, nor is this status written as an unused status in the menu text.

Weapon Shop – Third Floor (MDS7_W3)

“Save Point” 【セーブポイント】
Access the menu メニューを開いて「セーブ」を選ぶと
and select “SAVE” to save your game. ゲームの状態を保存できます。

Aside from the text, no data for an unused save point exists here, either.

Revisiting Johnny’s House (MIN71/7MIN1)

Presumably all the lines belong to Johnny’s father as he often starts sentences with “ha ha”.

Johnny’s Father

“This might sound rude, but…” 「ハッハッ……ぶしつけな質間ですが」 Ha ha… it’s rude to ask, but
“Is your family still living? 「ご家族は健在ですかな?」 is your family well?
A: I forgot about them long ago A: いたとしても忘れたな A: I forgot I even had one.
B: I’m just an ex-SOLDIER B: 俺は孤独なソルジャーだ B: I’m a solitary SOLDIER.

Johnny’s Father

「ハッハッ……。 Ha ha…
“Well, you really outta go home again.  まあ、たまには帰ってあげなさい。 Well, you really ought to go home once in awhile.
And if you can’t do that,  それができないなら And if you can’t do that,
try and at least remember them sometimes.”  ときどき思い出すのがよろしい」 try to at least remember them sometimes.
「ハッハッ…… Ha ha…
親はそんなことでよろこぶもんです。 That sort of thing makes parents happy.
まあ、そんなもんですなあ」 Yeah, that’s about it.

Johnny’s Father

「ハッハッ……。 Ha ha…
“Our boy acted like you,  私も若いころはそんな風に When I was a young lad,
When he was a kid.”  かっこつけたこともありましたよ」 I used to put on a show like that too.
「ハッハッ…… Ha ha…
“You seem to be about his age.”  あなたは、まだそんな年ごろかな」 I guess you’re the right age for it.

Finally time to leave the slums.

Let’s Get on That Train! (MDS7ST3)

The following unused scene is heavily deficient in choreography. Normally, when approaching AVALANCHE, they’ll run away as they do in MDS7 and this time they’ll enter the train. It is clear that instead of them running away, this unused scene was meant to trigger. Anyone modding the scene back in would have to cause the game to refer to each subsequent script. As it stands now most of the dialogue isn’t triggered by anything.

{Barret} BARRET
“Yo! What’re ya doin’ now?” 「おう!!
Biggs ビッグス
“uh, {Barret}… 「あ、BARRET…
We, uh…”  おれたち……」
Wedge ウェッジ
“We can’t do it. 「ダメだったっす。
We just can’t do it.”  俺たちには、できないっす」
Jessie ジェシー Jessie:
“Don’t worry! 「気にしない! Don’t worry!
Don’t get all worried!”  気にしない!」 Don’t worry!

Jessie jumps over to Cloud.

Jessie ジェシー
“{Cloud}! 「CLOUD!
Let’s make the mission work!”  作戦がんばろうね!」
Jessie ジェシー
“{Cloud}? 「ね、CLOUD?
When this mission’s over…”  作戦終わったらさぁ」
“Why don’t all of us take a long vacation. 「みんなでお休みとって
Maybe we could go to a hot springs somewhere?  温泉でもいかない?」
A:    Yeah… A:    ああ……
B:    I don’t know… B:    わからないな

In some unused text from inside the train the AVALANCHE members speak about going to Cosmo Canyon, which may or may not have hot springs. Whether or not Jessie had other potential locations in mind here is unknown.

In the Japanese version the text window is not so needlessly huge and the dialogue options are placed adjacent to the pointer.

A: {Cloud} CLOUD
Yeah… 「ああ……。
If I feel like it.  気がむいたらな」
A: Jessie ジェシー Jessie:
Alrighty then! 「うん! Got it!
It’s a date!  CLOUD、約束ね」 Cloud, it’s a promise!
B: {Cloud} CLOUD
You never know what lies ahead. 「先のことなんか、わからないな」
B: Jessie ジェシー Jessie:
…how lovely. 「……いいわ」 …That’s alright.
I might just have to tempt you, then. 「またそのときになったら I’ll see if I can’t tempt you again
 誘惑する」 when the time comes.
{Barret} BARRET
Yo, you all done flappin’ your gums!? 「よし、気がすんだか!!」
Go! 「いけ!
Get on that train!  列車にのりこめ!」
{Tifa} TIFA
{Cloud}… 「ね、CLOUD。
Don’t be so distant.  あんまり冷たくしないで」
Everyone wants to be your friend. 「みんな、CLOUDと
I’m sure…  仲良くなりたいんだよ。
{Barret} BARRET Barret:
Damn, man!! 「ケッ!! Damn, man!!
I’m here to fight!  オレたちは戦ってんだぞ!」 We’re here to fight!
Don’t care ’bout bein’ nobody’s friend. 「ともだちになることなんか Don’t care ’bout ‘being
 ねえんだ」 nobody’s friend.
{Barret} BARRET
Let’s go! 「オレたちもいくぞ!
Don’t be late!  遅れんな」

Barret and Tifa are scripted to join the party again after this line.

This ends the extensive presentation of the unused script of Sector 7. Next up is Part 3: The Train Escape & The Sector 5 Slums.