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Yes, there were always many Fort Condor battles. But to actually participate in all of them you'd have to go back CONSTANTLY, and for no real reward. This mod just let's you warp back for all the battles.


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The player had the option to give money to Fort Condor to support them, but if I recall correctly there was zero reward for doing this and zero penalty for not giving them money.
There is a minor incentive to fund Font Condor. By giving the rebellion enough gil to win battles you still advance to the next reward in the prize list.

Best to explain with examples:

Say you play the battle when you first arrive at Font Condor. You win a Magic Comb. Then you proceed to ignore Font Condor for the majority of Disc 1. When you first get the Tiny Bronco you decide to check up on the troops. Upon arrival a battle is just about to start. You play and win a Peace Ring, the 2nd prize in the list. That's cool. You decide to ignore Fort Condor for the rest of the game.

Now say you do all that, except you for sure donate enough funds to win all six battles between your first arrival and stealing the Tiny Bronco (18000 gil). You play the battle after stealing the Tiny Bronco and win 3 Turbo Ethers, the 8th prize in the list. That's cool. You do not receive the rewards for the battles you didn't participate in. You decide to ignore Fort Condor for the rest of the game.

Prize list and battles are from Absolute Steve's guide (my bible growing up): https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/ps/197341-final-fantasy-vii/faqs/45703
Very interesting about Yuffie! I...actually don't know how to spoiler tag, lol, so I won't comment on it directly, I'll just say that that feeling was something I always loved about X, and was pretty much the only FF that gave me that feeling.

I personally always enjoyed participating in the Condor battles, like little miniature...what-are-they-called...Tower Defense games? But I definitely agree that the rewards and 'I have to drive all the way back to fucking WHERE??' aspect was all over the shop. I wonder if this is something (the battles, not the locale) that we'll see redesigned in the RM, or just completely scrapped. Its whole existence is pretty retrograde, so I wouldn't be surprised if it was the latter.

I'm finishing up a playthrough of FF8 at moment (wanted to see what less angsty me thought of it, and also do the things I'd never done, like visit Winhill as Squall), and then I just might give this damn thing a try. I mean, why not? Btw did you guys use other mods as well, or just New Threat?
I have some visual mods, the battle backgrounds, spell effects, etc. I also have all Yeahs on Tifa's reels :inno: :monster:

I also had field model replacements but A New Threat replaces those with more normal FF7 ones but recolored/detailed
Sounds like a good combo...I might end up asking for some recommendations for other add-ons when I finally DL this thing. I love all the options and that the community for an over 20 year-old game is so vibrant, but, never having been much of a PC gamer, am simultaneously overwhelmed by the sheer amount of said options. The concept of Field Model Replacements, for example, always sounded so promising, but then I'd watch a video clip and those battle models just look so insanely out of place in relation to the size of objects, etc, that I realized I'd rather just have as-sharp-as-possible Lego Dudes. The spell effects sounds really cool, though. I know a lot of people go with orchestral/Black Mages versions of the soundtrack swap, but as far as that goes, I'm a staunch traditionalist.
Funny timing all this, as I'm playing this mod, myself. Started at the end of 2017, and owing to my very slow and sporadic playing time, naturally I've only completed the Disc 1 section the other day :P

To reiterate others playing it, I highly recommend people give it a try. Hats off to the creator; he's done a smashing job so far (he's been developing it for years, and there seems to be no sign of him stopping). There are so many moments that'll entertain ya. New monsters, revamped boss battles and new boss battles, inside jokes/Easter Eggs, new side-quests, expanded dialogue at parts - and, of course, the overhaul in enemies [incl. what you steal, morph], development, changed items names and effects and locations, as well as magic and enemy skills etc..
- You can choose who you can date, you can choose whether you keep Aeris or not after Disc 1. Among other things, you can skip long portions of dialogue, moments like the Sleeping Old Man will just give you what he can offer without having to have done a particular number of battles, the Fort Condor warp NPC, and one of my favourites where the characters are all out in the open in certain towns when you enter them. Kalm, for example, you can find everyone scattered around the place [though I've yet to check if Cid does, but the rest so far do].

For those playing it, I won't reveal what happens (only the boss's name itself), but if you want what can be described as the most exciting/bizarre battle so far in Disc 1, it has to go to:
The Red Dragon in the Temple of the Ancients (the boss will have a different name, as is natural with this mod). Just wait till you see. That is, provided your version's recent enough, 'cause if you look it up online you might not see anything peculiar in older playthroughs.

Since playing A New Threat, I've had a bit of fun lately messing with the tools used to mod the game. Changing names on things, character stats, what equipment they'll have when I load up a current game, messing with enemy formation, their attacks, stats and even their AI. It's quite entertaining!
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Yes! Someone else is playing it! :geek:

For those playing it, I won't reveal what happens (only the boss's name itself), but if you want what can be described as the most exciting/bizarre battle so far in Disc 1, it has to go to:
The Red Dragon in the Temple of the Ancients (the boss will have a different name, as is natural with this mod). Just wait till you see. That is, provided your version's recent enough, 'cause if you look it up online you might not see anything peculiar in older playthroughs.
I just completed that yesterday. That was so weird. Definitely gets the award for most bizarre battle so far. :lol:
I just completed that yesterday. That was so weird. Definitely gets the award for most bizarre battle so far. :lol:
Plenty more to come after that, for sure, but in a good way :D - I can attest to that.

I'm looking forward to trying out all the new stuff that I forgot to mention in the previous post
- the Junon tournament, LV.4 limit break quests, the Dark Cave side quest
Thinking of all that, it might actually make me speed up a little in my playing XD
New Threat Runthrough Update

To be fair, I kind of set myself up for this fall. This mod has shocked and surprised me at so many unexpected turns, that I was building up in my mind what they would do with Vincent. I was anticipating that they would somehow allow you to be able to control his Limit Break forms, or at the very least, allow you to use an Attack command during combat. Unfortunately, this isn't the case. Yet, because of the increase in tactical decisions and more precise actions at times when facing different monsters, this actually makes Vincent a much larger liability than ever before in battle if you unleash his Limit Breaks. And, obviously, being unable to use the Attack command once a Limit Break is available, it just makes the situation really worse.

So, I've been personally forced to sit Vincent out of this playthrough. I got my ass handed to me several times when a quick Phoenix Down or a status recovery item could have easily saved the day.

Speaking of battles, I keep making a mistake with the revised Enemy Skills. It is so ingrained in me of what Big Guard does, that the change to Wall / Reflect is still catching me off guard during battles. I keep healing my opponents over and over lol. One day it will finally click that I really shouldn't use it for Boss Battles. :P Yet, I am thoroughly enjoying having my knowledge and expectations turned on its head when it comes to both normal encounters and facing bosses. Remember that Fire + Elemental combo in armour when facing the Gi? Forget it. The Dragon fight and the Demon Walls in the Temple of the Ancients? Get ready for a huge shock! :awesome:

I really love the shade thrown when you reach the City of the Ancients.
After Aerith has just died, Cloud goes up to her and uses a Phoenix Down, saying that, although he hasn't got a Level 4 Revive yet, this will do, lol. After that, Aerith is in your party as if nothing has happened! :lol: I actually wouldn't mind if this was something that was actively altered in the Remake, perhaps with Aerith refusing to return when Cloud desperately tries to use Revive on her - something to do with needing to use Holy within the Lifestream. That could be doubly emotional. In any case, I'm interested to see if there will be any major dialogue changes in my future progression with the story with Aerith in the party.

Minor irritation - I'm not sure if there is a glitch or an error, but Yuffie's Limit Breaks don't seem to be progressing beyond Set 1. I should double check the FAQS but it seems to be an error, as I already have Cid up to Set 3 and I've been using Yuffie since the start.

In any case, I have now reached the North Crater. Can't wait to see what happens next!
New Threat Runthrough Update

I feel like clapping, as the creator has done some incredibly nice little touches throughout the unfolding story as - you are more than likely aware - Aerith is retained within your party. She physically reacts and has snippets of dialogue just like anyone else within the group, and parts of the story are slyly re-written so that her 'death' is expunged from existence. Instead, the dialogue shifts to the fight to save the planet and her efforts in aiding that with Holy. Seriously, what an incredible job. It is like she never left.

Been enjoying playing around with some of the new / altered Materia. Having Heal, which has an Osmose ability, is such a fantastic change, and really cements the continued use of Magic during battles. And the new Planet Materia has a great addition to the usual Ultima spell with new Hydro and Holy magic attached to them. I actually wish that there was a whole lot more new Materia, as he's shown that he is incredibly capable at creating and balancing everything.

The only time that I've felt that things became rather unbalanced / unfair is during the fight with the New Threat's version of the Proud Clod. The machine hits HARD, has several counter moves, can sometimes use 2-3 moves in a row, has it's powerful charged beam cannon ... and throw in paralysis and 30 second death countdown moves as well. Oh boy. You really need to fortify yourself with Wall throughout the entire battle, but this can prove to be quite difficult because, as you know, you can't recast any Barrier magic until it is completely depleted. So if you happen to mistime events, or he suddenly launches his counters and dual moves before you have a split second to recast the magic, then you can easily find yourself with the entire party wiped out.

It took several attempts, and a quick chat with the developer to make sure that the numbers were stacking up right, before I finally got through the battle with a slight rearrangement to my team's setup. It was hard though, and I know some other people mentioned that particular fight on the forums, so it definitely needs some tweaking there in the future.

The latest version of the Mod has some hot fixes and some minor changes. Cid has a new variation of the Second Wind innate ability that Cloud used to have. Once it is ready during battle, you can actively trigger it using the Defend command to completely restore his HP / MP. Neat. Cloud now has a new Limit Break stack innate. He gains power whenever a Limit Break is used in a fight.

I have currently hit 'disk 3' and am about to check out all the new sidequests and changes that have been implemented into the mod. First, I'm going to check out the character sidequests for my main party (Cloud, Aerith and Cid), then I'm going to check out the Gold Saucer / Battle Square changes. I love how he made the party leader change function with Cid or Tifa. It's pretty neat, and allows other party set-ups without Cloud (if you so wish). On the return to Midgar, it was nice again to see everyone hanging around in different places, like Barret and Tifa at the gym.

I thought it was really touching to see Cait Sith doubled-over outside the entrance to sector 7. Awww.

It's little touches like that which makes this mod incredible. It's one of the major things that I love about XV and I hope that the Remake really grabs a hold of - that party atmosphere, having the group converse with one another, and feel more alive by doing their own things at times.

Anyway, gonna have a break for a bit ... then onto the sidequests!


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^ I have a save of NT going, I've been meaning to really play it, I'm just outside of the Mythril Mines, right after you are explained the SP system by Mr. Smile.


Applies to both PS1 and PC but especially relevant to modding...

Neural networks are being used to upscale FFVII field backgrounds to higher quality than ever before

The results are extremely impressive. This use of machine of learning appears to be a literal game changer.

This sort of technique has also been used to enhance the graphics of Doom and Morrowind.

My jaw literally fell open when I looked at some of the images in that thread. I'm insanely impressed - this gives me a reason to go mod-tastic again when it's complete. I'd love to do an article to promote this mod, I might post over there since it's been a while.

I'm envisioning having them all in a folder and just having my desktop background rotate between them. This is so exciting!!!!!


Oh wow, those letters are actually really impressive - I couldn't see much difference beyond a "Yeah it's a bit sharper", which was something you could probably achieve with image editing software. But not the letterings; that information is actually missing, and somehow that tool managed to create something legible (like "red tag") from pixelated artifacty noise.

Which... actually makes me skeptical, is the "before" image really the source image?


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Just saw this thread. I've gotta try this New Threat mod out!
@ForceStealer , could you possibly pm me the modlist you referenced earlier in this thread? I've only ever used the Reunion mod, so I'm not really familiar with FFVII's modding scene.
Ditto on that. I want to play more updated mods, and I can't do that with 7th Heaven. I want to install fresh on my better computer anyways, since there's a chance I can 'maaabye' record footage there.
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