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Hotaru Kumiya (nee: Yankumi)


Faction (medium, exorcist, or possessed):
As of five months ago Hotaru's begun suspecting she may be a medium, or at the least mildly possessed, but can't possibly see why she would just be figuring these things out now. (SPOILER: She's not possessed, but that doesn't mean her baby has a clean bill of health)

Hotaru is short, thin and cute enough to make it work. She hasn't cut her hair since her last break up (in middle school, so wow) and it trails down her back in black waves that tend to curl when it's humid. She is fond of wearing long dresses (especially now with her baby bump) and hair bands to hold back her long bangs. No matter what she wears she'll always be found with her necklace, a simple chain with two rings of different sizes.

Out of all the words that can be used to describe Hotaru, bright is not one of them. It seems as though her common sense is little more than a pleasant memory. What she lacks in brains she makes up for by having a kind and affectionate personality. She loves meeting new people (rarely forgetting a new face but not always remembering the name attached) and tries her hardest to keep those around her happy even at risk of her own unhappiness. Hotaru is also a maternal woman, occasionally falling into "Mama Bear" territory when someone she sees as her family is at risk, and she's always looking to extend her family.

Spicy foods (curry, tacos, salsa, the list goes on), horror movies (creature movies especially), magic girl comics, Korean television dramas, the smell of laundry detergent, children's activity books, chocolate milk

Yogurt, strawberry milk, Roombas, the smell of melon, toy dogs, spitting, chewing tobacco (but not smoking tobacco)

The only child of Kojiro Yankumi and Soo Yun Dahn, Hotaru was raised by her great aunt Toki while her parents traveled the world as part of the Peace Corps. She had a normal childhood full of hunting for frogs in a creek, playing tag in the park, and ice cream on the front porch. Her normal life became a little less normal after meeting Takeru Kumiya. The school's not quite bad boy but certainly not an honor student thank you very much, caught her eye and she caught his. Ignoring her aunt's advice (but accepting her permission) and not bothering to tell her parents Hotaru married Takeru at seventeen and after graduating high school the pair began work. Hotaru began working at a bakery and clothing store while Takeru worked at a bike shop and as a construction worker. It was hard but they always took Monday off to spend together. Their happily-ever-after ended painfully when Takeru was killed in an accident. His body may have stopped but his spirit pressed on, determined to tell Hotaru he loved her before passing away for good. He possessed the body of Hotaru's coworker and good friend, Ken, and went to say his last goodbyes. And, being not exactly a bad boy but certainly not a saint, he may or may not have gotten one last nookie out of it. Heartbroken, Hotaru returned to her aunt's house and began working with her telling fortunes and selling herbal remedies to the neighbors. As the weeks passed Hotaru found she was gaining weight and a month after Takeru's death she learned she was pregnant with (hopefully) his child. She now spends her time preparing to be a mother and wondering where all these niffy fortune telling and magic healing came from. God knows it wasn't there before Takeru died.
Only because there was this one Korean reality TV show I used to watch where they'd feature Korean celebrities bungee jumping. And they were always saying, FLY TO THE SKY~~~~ and Skye just reminds me of that, lol.
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after much consideration, I'll join. As a badass exorcist priest. Watch out for his 'Lets get Dangerous line'.



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Skye is a fine name and I certainly never wanted to name one of my daughters that. ...Yeah.

And hi. I'm Tina's/Aki's/whichever's irl friend. Normally going by Izy/Izzy/hey you over there! Yeah you, with the face. Stop doing that!/you know, whatever. ...Izy or Izzy works fine.
Haha, I've always like the name "Skye" though, and the one you're thinking of is Sky anyway.

But I'm over that now and so is she, so I don't know why you would think it would bother me, lol.
There's nothing wrong with the name Skye; it just reminds me, is all.

after much consideration, I'll join. As a badass exorcist priest. Watch out for his 'Lets get Dangerous line'.

And hi. I'm Tina's/Aki's/whichever's irl friend. Normally going by Izy/Izzy/hey you over there! Yeah you, with the face. Stop doing that!/you know, whatever. ...Izy or Izzy works fine.
Have fun!
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Name: Douglas R. Cameron

Age: 23

Faction (medium, exorcist, or possessed): Exorcist baby! YEEEEAAAAAH!


6’1” with a scar on his right face from a nearly traumatizing experience with a ghost, wears eyeglasses (customized to be sunglasses when needed) His face has minor stubbles due to a lack of sleep, his hair is long and jet black and his eyes blue. Douglas is always seen with a guitar case when on his missions by the church, sometimes a large gray suitcase for missions that some exorcists from his church have failed to return. He wears overall black robes seen in all priests and carries three crosses on his person, when on the field, he wears a gray motorcyclist’s jacket and a 1930’s style black fedora. He wears customized black leather gloves doused with holy water constantly, to ensure that the children he blesses at the orphanages and churches will be protected by ethereal phantom entities. He is the only priest in service wearing branded hoes that is not worn by a priest or nun.


He is a devout believer in the Lord in his own way. He is a very strange man compared to other priests, but his gifted skills in exorcism and kindly blessings and caring personality towards orphans and the unfortunate have earned him great respect and enduring toleration by the churches he is associated with despite some of his strange recurring hobbies that goes against some of their beliefs. When exorcising, he uses all the standard protocols and important prayers needed, in order to ensure that the unfortunate one possessed remains free from the grip of the entities of the afterlife and unlike standard exorcists who goes by the book, he has unorthodox methods up his sleeves should the spirit possessing the person or haunting the place refuses to cooperate.

He believes that some evil entities possessing the living are nothing but pests that needs to be sent to the afterlife or contained within the church’s holy manuscripts written to contain them, he doesn’t believe all of them are evil and just needed to be heard by the living. He will gladly perform an exorcism to any soul requesting it.

When exorcising a person or place and he finds out that the spirit is a violent entity, he becomes very serious in his work, often beginning his task with the words: “Let us Pray”, often reciting verses or quotes from the bible randomly when engaging the entity.

Likes (at least five, please):
Milk, Billiards, European food, Holy water, American donuts, motorcycling, movies, Bible studies, cooking, praying, fencing, fairy tale folklore, Rock music and stand up comedy (often based mostly on nun and priest jokes)

Dislikes (at least five, please): Satanists, unruly ghosts, corrupt priests, punk rock, Uwe Boll films, bad donuts, peanuts and silly movies.


Born to an average home and family, Douglas was considered to be a very strange boy, often believed to be talking to himself or seemingly attacking the air at random when he was 5 and 6 years old. They did not realize that the boy was able to see ghosts or other entities, often staring them down or throwing his toys and cutleries at the air. When he was 8, his mother was possessed by an unholy spirit that had been watching them all since he was born. He tried to free his mother in vain, seeing the spirit is too strong for his mother to let go, she nearly could’ve died, his father called a passing through priest who swiftly intervened and captured the spirit after appearing in his neighbourhood for a bible study, Doug was amazed that the priest could harm the entity in many ways that he cannot fathom.

The priest identified to be Alexander Winchester was an exorcist who also saw great potential in Douglas, they became good friends after saving his mother and after some convincing, inspired Douglas to walk the path of god and become an exorcist. Afterwards, he was taken in by the church to become a priest and an excellent exorcist in his own right. The only problem with Doug is that he rarely follows the standard restrictions granted by the priests, often contradicting what he really is. Despite the contradicting lifestyle and outlandish behaviour, Alexander still has great respect for Douglas, as the young gifted exorcist was able to complete his tasks without fail and also discover new ways to capture spirits or release them.

Weapons against spirits: Douglas is a priest sent by the church to dispatch spirits that have been attracting attention, so it comes with no surprise that the wild priest comes with weapons against such unholy entities.

His basic standard arsenal includes bible pages doused in holy water to set up a barrier with the possessed and him in it, injections to put the possessed to sleep in order to properly communicate with the entity, and normally scalpels or knives strictly made by the church to pull the spirit out, these blades are made by the church only to serve the purpose of harming the spirit and not the body. He also has his own set of arsenals customized from the church but rarely uses them incase of dire emergencies.

Lastly, he comes with a holy book issued and made by the church that could send the spirit to the afterlife after his exorcism proves effective or kept for the church to properly understand and study.

Special abilities:Douglas can see ghosts since he was a child, often able to harm them given enough effort, this phenomenon is carefully monitored by the church and exceeds their expectations everytime Douglas ventures out to exorcise spirits. Other abilities include the ability to detect entities within a building or within a person, or differentiate a ghost from another otherworldly entity.

Edit: the special abilities and weapons section is subject to change to better fit the story later guys, I'm just writing stuff up.


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If fiona was a ghost, she'd be the toughest thing to exorcise. arguably the hardest ghost for Doug to free or some shit like that.


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lol he would have to have like, a Holy Blessed Artillery Piece Of Magnificent Purity Manufactured By The Angels So Well That God Hefted It In His Arms And In His Infinite Wisdom He Said "DAAAAYUM SON THAT'S A HELLA SWEET LONG TOM"

to be able to exorcise her. :monster:
Glad to see people joining.

And are we going to get this RP started? I'd write my history but if it's oaky to do so I'd like to reveal it more in my posts - or is that not allowed?
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You know that could be Doug's final weapon name

a Holy Blessed Artillery Piece Of Magnificent Purity Manufactured By The Angels So Well That God Hefted It In His Arms And In His Infinite Wisdom He Said "DAAAAYUM SON THAT'S A HELLA SWEET LONG TOM"

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Throwing this up. Will finish it soon.

Name: Thaddeus Juhász

Age: 25

Faction: Exorcist


Personality: Quiet, gentle.

Likes: Caring for others



Weapons against spirits:

Special abilities:


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He wears a top hat and likes to say random weird shit that nobody really gets.
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