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just post your profiles/posts/whatever, plz, I'm sure it'll be great.
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Okay! I'm in the process of making a profile! So far... I have the name down. Well, the first one anyway. What's a good last name for a woman named Mara?


Also, I have a question. I want to make my character an exorcist, but, I was wondering if it would be alright for her to have been a medium previously?
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Alright, here's the profile! I was kind of flying by the seat of my pants, so I don't know if this fits with the story or what. *sighs* I hope that I'm doing it right.

Name: Mara Revanche

Age: 22

Faction (medium, exorcist, or possessed): Exorcist

Appearance: Mara has long, dark brown hair that reaches down to the middle of her back with a part on the left side of her head. Most of the time, she keeps it in either a braid or a bun and doesn’t garnish it with any kind of accessory. Her eyes are a startling shade of violet and lack a sense of warmth. She’s pale and across the skin above her breasts is a scar that extends from her left shoulder to her right. She hides it underneath high collared shirts and turtlenecks and doesn’t like to talk about it. The cause of the scar is unknown… even to those closest to her. Her wardrobe is composed of mostly black and gray materials that allow her to move around easily. She doesn't like jewelry, but around her neck is the pendant that her father gave her when she turned ten. It's simple and the stone is the same shade of violet as her eyes. Considered to be her most prized possession, she never takes it off and keeps it hidden from view.

Personality: From the outside, Mara seems to be a dispassionate, solemn person, but in reality, she’s very unsure of herself. She doesn’t have many friends, but those she does have, she treasures and protects. Her main reason for becoming an exorcist was to protect people and keep them safe. While she tends to be a bit socially inept due to her shyness, she bonds well with children and animals. She doesn’t have many hobbies or outside activities besides her job. She prefers to keep to herself and doesn't like it when people pry into her past. Despite being sensible in day-to-day life, in exorcism, she is extremely bold and doesn't hesitate or hold back.

Likes (at least five, please): Privacy, silence, friends, animals, strawberries, books, milkshakes, cookies, chess, helping people.

Dislikes (at least five, please): People she doesn’t know, make-up, evil ghosts, technology, cruelty.

History: She was born into a family (which consisted of her mother, father, and two siblings) of exorcists and grew up being trained in their ways. Around the age of twelve, her entire family was killed by a group of possessed during an attempted exorcism. The only way she escaped was by hiding behind a curtain and waiting until it was over and the possessed were gone. After her family died, she disappeared… only to show up under the tutelage of a master exorcism a short time later. She trained with him for the next seven years of her life before graduating and leaving. People do not know about her family or past, nor does she share this information openly. Since she was young, she could always see the spirits. This has aided her in her work. She uses her own spiritual energy to cast ghosts out of the afflicted, but, while her energy is extremely high, fighting often leaves her exhausted. Because of this, she keeps a heavy arsenal of weapons at her disposal. These include - (to be added)

Edit (6/21/10): I added two years to her age and fleshed out her appearance, personality, and history more clearly.

Also, not quite sure of her weapons, yet. At least I have her special abilities figured out. Which, as well, makes me ask - do the weapons and special abilities have to be conventional?
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The bio lives... I hope it's alright. Working on a first post too. ^^

Name: Mikon (Miki) Resarin

Age at death: 17

Time since death: ???

Appearance: Mikon has medium shaggy light brown hair, that falls messily in his eyes and twists a bit wildly around his face. He is an average height (5'7"), and has a very simple style. He likes to cover up as much as he can to feel safe and secluded. For this reason he wears baggy clothing such as sweatshirt and jeans, a hat and scarf. At times he would even cover his ears with ear muffs or put on head phones. On his hands he wears thin gloves, and only takes them off when absolutely necessary. His shoes are plain converse hightops, that are slightly too big for him, untied. He is used to tripping over his own feet. His eyes are a pale green, and a few freckles grace his cheeks. His skin is pale, smooth, and untouched.

Personality: Very shy and awkward, Mikon likes to keep to himself. He doesn't stand up for himself or others, making it hard for him to find any friends. His smile is soft and warm, and he tends to be frightened easily. He's gulliable and naive, and hates loud noises. He is always thinking that the whispers he hears in hallways are about him, and he always feels like eyes are constantly judging his every movement. For this reason he tries desperately to block out the world around him. He is not harmful in nature, but when threatened he will panic and end up doing things that he later regrets.

Memories post mortem: The only thing that he can really recall clearly is his name, he doesn't remember his family, what happened to him besides that his life ended by his own will, or who his friends were. However, flashes of events appear to him briefly, which causes him strain. His goal is to piece together his memories, and remember who he truly is. He is paranoid that in life, he was a bad person, and sometimes even believes that he deserves to be dead. He often sees many frightening figures without faces, which he assumes are flashes of people he used to know. Because they are faceless, he considers them to be more like demons and is afraid of finding the face to go with the figure. He is extremely paranoid, always wondering what is out to get him. He's someone who is crying for help, but there is nothing but demonic shapes of memories to greet him...

Memories pre mortem: Mikon grew up with only his Mother, his father having left them when he was very young. She always had trouble supporting them, and they could only afford a tiny apartment room for the both of them. He was always helping around the house, and even though he had school, he tried his best to bring in money from a part time job he had on the side. Because he was always working, he didn't have time for a social life. In school he was awkward and quiet, doing nothing but focusing on his studies. He was determined to make his Mother proud, refusing to be a failure like he believed his father was. It was only when his Mother pleaded to him that he go out and live the life of a real teenager, that he stopped working and studying less. He kept his grades, but he found that the world of other humans was a cruel one. He was often teased when he spoke, because he would stutter and trip on his words.

His death was caused by suicide. Stress and heart ache caused his Mother to start and lash out at him often, which grew worse by each passing day. Eventually she made him feel worthless, by calling him a mistake. Since his Mother was the closest person to him, he felt like he no longer had a reason to live.

Abilities: Communicating with the living, contacting spirit mediums, appearing visible//disappearing, sensing other souls/spirits, sensing danger.
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I edited my post because I wasn't completely satisfied with the contents of my previous one. :monster:


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