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The not catching thing I'm actually cool with.

The way it's implemented makes it easy for you to see what the tougher Pokémon are like, especially because they're out wandering in the wild, and that makes the Gym Badges seem more like representations of how capable you are at dealing with tough adversarial tough Pokémon. Catching Pokémon is all about them being willing to listen to you and follow you, and ones that are just high levels in the wild are less inclined to pay attention and join some random wandering kid. Even the description is that they don't let their guard down to even give you a chance to throw a ball to catch them. The same isn't true for the team that follows you through thick and thin and levels up along side you. They can be crazy tough, but they've spent every moment along side you.

Really though, more than anything, I REALLY wish I had the ability to interact with the Pokémon one at a time, rather than needing to have them all out at once. Like... let me choose the Pokémon that I have out and active in camp, so that I can spend individual time with them, and also let them wander around as a group, or when one of them is nervous about one of the other Pokémon, spend time with just the two of them.

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I caved and bought both a Switch Lite and Sword. Just started playing. If anyone has Shield, or if anyone is up for trading and helping each other out, let me know. Need to check a guide and see what version exclusives I should be keeping an eye out for.


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And so, my journey to becoming a Pokemon Master has begun.

I usually always pick a fire starter as my initial Pokemon, but I decided to change things up for Sword and went with Grookey. I was a little surprised when Hop went for Sobble. I was like, 'you sure about that'? Lol. The starters are all freaking adorable, and I loved the sequence when they were all thrown out by Leon and began playing around. So much feels. The game itself looks really beautiful, though I'm not immediately drawn into the aesthetics of Galar just yet.

After the initial intro and hand-holding (and having read all the comments online about hand-holding) to just be presented with the first Wild Lands and told 'there you go, good luck' was a FF XIII WTF moment lol. It's such a huge area! This is my first entry seeing all the Pokemon visible on the over-world and I'm loving it. It definitely makes everything feel more integrated and immersive. After running around the different areas of the Wild Lands, there's so many tantalizing Pokemon to catch, but they seem all high level and I'm low on Pokeballs. It's my own fault, I went on a shopping spree earlier and bought some new clothes and a haircut! Definitely going to come back once I have a few badges under my belt.

I did have a try at an offline Max Raid (still need to set up my online subscription) against a Dynamax Pidove and Natu. That was pretty cool, though I don't love the mechanic that much and wish that Megas (the Digimon fan in me) would have returned.

I need to try out this camping cooking thing, but it wasn't explained where to get the main curry ingredients from. I see that there are berries that you can grab from trees but that's it.

Anyway, gonna tear myself away from the Wild Area until I get my first badges. On to the next town!


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Meant to be playing more of this, but haven't.
I quite like the look of all of the original and Galarian starters' Gigantamax as well as the Legendary Birds.

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Details about Pokemon Home are up.

Guess this is why the GTS got cut from the games :monster: . At least the GTS is free (for 1 trade at a time), but it's a kind of bizarre decision to have it be through the mobile app. Having the option to use it with the Switch version (and, better yet, included in the actual games:monster: ) AND through a mobile app would've been really nice, this is just weird and cumbersome. Like, what about kids who play these games, are they expecting them to have smart phones? It really should've been included in the games themselves. Maybe since it's through the mobile app you don't need to have NSO to use it? That'd be good, at least.

$16/year for premium is a ridiculous price, though, particularly considering that Nintendo's online service is $20/year. It particularly sucks for people who transfer Pokemon from past games, since if you transfer Pokemon not in Sword/Shield's Dex you could potentially have to keep subscribing until whenever there's an in-game Dex with them included - it doesn't seem clear what happens to your stored Pokemon if you stop paying and have less storage spots.

I'm still ambivalent about Sword/Shield. I can see myself caving and getting it eventually at some point (though I'll have to be really in the mood for it at $90 for the game + expansion pass), but it's been disappointing how they've handled stuff this gen, not really a graceful transition from handheld to console.
I have brief/vague but fond memories of the N64 game. I never owned it so I think the only times I played it were at a friend's house and when Blockbuster had those stations with the demo.

Cool to see that a new one's getting made after all this time. It's a bit baffling that they never made one for the Wii or Wii U.


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I remember playing Pokemon Snap a lot when I was younger along with my sister. It was one of my favorite Pokemon 64 games and I'm really surprised that they finally decided to make a sequel out of it after all these years.

Here's wishing for a Diamond and Pearl Remake. I've been DYING for that since Heart Gold/Soul Silver Remakes.


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Also recommend checking out other work that the director/storyboarder (and the team/people she often works with) Rie Matsumoto has done. She’s honestly one of the top best relatively new anime directors of the last decade. Her other music videos and Kyousougiga and Blood Blockade Battlefront are just amazing pieces of work.

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It's proving to be legit, it's got some proto music for LGPE in it too. Built 26th March 2018. Even had Mega evolution included.

There's been a lot of Pokemon leaks this year, it's just come out as well that XY were supposed to get sequels after ORAS that didn't happen.

The reason there's Kanto music is because it was built from LGPE, the 2017 beta has some Kanto maps intact, even the catching tutorial:
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Has there really been no desire to discuss Pokemon around here since October? Gen 8 pissed me off repeatedly but that still makes me a sad Pancham :sadpanda:


Im currently trying to make the made dash to the level cap before the end of the New Year to got those legacy trophies. I still have....... 4million exp to go ;;

At least it's forcing my to get off my fat ass...

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Finally got a foil Pikachu, so I can stop eating Happy Meals. :awesome:
How many tries did that take you?

I've bought 10 total and have at least one version of 21 of the cards, including a regular Pikachu and regular+foil versions of Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander.

EDIT: Open to talking trades, btw. :monster:


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7 happy meals. Not too bad considering. Along the way I got a foil Chikorita, Totodile, Piplup, Tepig, Chespin and Froakie. I'm gonna call it quits with Pikachu since that was the one I was after most. Congrats on getting the original Kanto trio!
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