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Professor Turo is a fuckin babe.


I know what one I'm getting!

Anyway I'm actually looking forward to this - I haven't played a new Pokémon game since Moon and I don't think I finished that. I just wish this wasn't releasing the same week as God of War Ragnarok.

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You know, I actually stuck with Pokemon all the way to Sun and Moon and I actually enjoyed those ones. Then I got a Switch and Pokemon Sword and just... did not like it. Maybe I've outgrown the series? Pokemon Crystal is my favorite Gameboy RPG and I still replay that one every so often so it makes me a little sad that I've seemingly grown out of the series.

And me not liking Sword/Shield wasn't a matter of not trying - I restarted it three different times in an attempt to really give it a chance and each time I got a little bit further and immediately jist lost all interest. I never plan on quitting completely, I just end up not thinking about it and then when I do I'm just like... eh.

I won't bad mouth it because if it brings you joy that's awesome. I'm jealous. I'm really not sure qhy I disliked this one so much. It was still jist Pokemon. It wasn't any graphical problems because I don't care about that... I really just don't know. I don't even really think it's burn out because I can still enjoy other older pokemon games???

I have 2 theories:

1. Maybe I'm just getting old

2. Maybe I just hate british people



Sword and Shield were bad because Nintendo were being accurate to how shit it is being in the UK right now. Absolute genius, I know :monster:

I fell off during Sun/Moon because the tutorial was way too long. I think I played about 10 hours before I got bored. The last one I played a lot of was X/Y. I respected that it threw you right into the game without any bullshit. The move towards a more story-oriented JRPG in Sun/Moon was interesting, but I think the story was too flimsy for me to get passed the fact that it essentially turned it into a slow pokemon game.

I really was enjoying Legends: Arceus, but it got pretty repetitive quickly, so when I put it down I never felt the urge to pick it back up. I feel like Game Freak has the ability to make something truly great with that direction if they really gave it a few years of dev time. Unfortunately I'm not holding my breath, because it seems as though they wanted to move on from Arceus really quickly in order to have people refocus on the mainline formula.

I'm still with the series because it's been such a part of my life, but I also don't hype up every generation like I used to. I've pretty much outgrown the mainline series. If they do something that catches my eye, I'll be rushing to put in my pre-order. At this point, it takes a lot more than putting out reskinned versions of the same game 2-3 times a year to pique my interest :monster:


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And he still didn't grow up an inch.

I wonder who will be the new mc pokemon.


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So, while I was gone for years and years or however the fuck long it's been, I went to this kooky place called Paldea and somehow enrolled in school...

But seriously, Gen IX happened and it looks like it barely got a mention here. Which, as you can imagine, makes me a saaaad Pangoro. Not that I don't understand, after the hellish slog that was Galar. So, lemme give you a Gym Leader's thoughts on the matter :trainermon: This has been out for a long while so not gonna bother with spoiler tags, someone let me know if that's a mistake. I don't want a repeat of my old Cynthia comes to Unova fuckup :doh:

The most important thing: new Pokemon. And I love them. Kinda all of them. I've raised all three starters (starting with fire, as is tradition for me) and they're all great. I love Skeledirge in like every way, Quaqueval is a boss, and my Meowscarada earned a spot in my gym battle rotation like instantly. I love my Bombardier (it's no Honchkrow but it'll do), my Mabosstiff is a treat (her name is Masha and she is a goid girl), its so good. But then, I liked the Galarian Pokemon, so how about the region?

I actually love Paldea itself. I hated the idea of having a legendary forced on me to travel with, but ended up actually feeling bonded with the big lug over the course if the journey. Using Koraidon to travel around and get into trouble really does make the trip enjoyable, and while things got a little graphically messy now and then I think Poke-Spain has a nice aesthetic that Galar was missing, from the hometown to the tallest mountains. It bothers me how few interiors are in game, and I despise going back to single use TMs just for a half-assed crafting system, but I can live with it. For the first time in ages, I actually like and respect all three "rivals" a fair but. Arven and Penny have so much more personality than I'm used to (low bar, admittedly, but they beat the hell out of Hop) and Nemo just charmed me the way I think Game Freak wanted Hau to back in Alola. And I appreciate that the main story is broken up between them, with Nemo a obsessing over the League, Arven hunting Titans to save his beloved Mabosstiff, and Penny trying to fix her mistakes with Team Star. No lie I teared up over Arven and Mabosstiff. That used Sucker Punch right in my feels. Thankfully Dark resists Dark, eh?

I'm also semi- fond of Team Star. I think they're much better at twist not-really-villains than team yell by leagues... But I also wish they'd stop doing that. Three in a row, guys, fuck. It's Fire)Fighting all over again, but with villain team "twists". Still, I really like their bosses, their headquarters fights, and their really shitty victim blamed backstory. Shit be topical.

But then there's the Pokemon League. Letting me challenge gyms in any order without level adjustments was a mistake. Like, it's so hard not to over level these days as is, don't let me fuck up and fight the first gym leader third by mistake. Poor chumps. I hate never getting to challenge the E4 again, and I hate friggin' "La Primera" even more than that puts Leon. I swept her so hard she never inflicted damage even once. Wrecked, rocked, and rampaged on her. And I get to call myself A Champion if Alola. Not THE Champion. Just one of many, with her still calling herself TOP Champion. It makes me want to vomit.

The main plot worked for me, much better than the dumb shit happening in Galar. I felt awful having to send Koraidon into that final battle when it hates to fight, but the actual bonding at picnics and on rides, eating sammiches made it feel earned. And since I do not train legendaries, poor was allowed to retire from fighting with my blessing afterward. I said just this once and I meant it.

Post game is ... Bad. I miss the Battle Tree so hard. I miss Delta Episode from OR/AS. I miss having something besides raiding bullshit raidboss dens. And while I like the strategy if Terrastalizing, I hate the look, hate the name, and pointedly never used it in League or trainer battles the whole game. Seriously just gimme back Mega-Evolution already, this new gimmick every region shit got old fast.

All in all I took good (breeding on picnics beats the hell out of going to the daycare) with the bad (fuck you seven star mighty marked Decidueye!) and overall, i liked it. It's no Hoenn, or Alola, but it's a nice place to visit.
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