Pomathon - KupoCon Birmingham 2018


Triple Slash Enthusiast
They were showing off photoreels of past kupocons before the Kingsglaive acreenung and suddenly there you were! Tennyo and Lith were on screen for a while too but my phone was being slow with going to camera mode.


Return of the Dead-eye
Brilliant weekend, I still haven't had enough sleep. :monster:
- Got Yop to dance
- My son ditching as much of his cosplay ASAP after being such a pest to have it
- My son YOLOing onto stage to debate why VII is better than VIII despite never playing either game
- Mo in a kilt *heavy breathing intensifies*
- Meeting Teioh at long last <3
- Meeting Crimson Sun and AJ Hateley
- The fabulous beautiful TLSers who made it to my humble city, thank you all. @Minato my son thinks you rock. :awesome: Absolute pleasure to be in the company of some of the finest folk from the intarwebz and @RedFFWolf was a star as always.
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