President Shinra's name is President?

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I haven't read this whole thread in detail - my mind switches off when I see Japanese, I'm afraid - but I'm interested in knowing what Rufus originally said in this scene, in which he does refer to himself as the President in the English version:

Rufus: "Who are you guys?"

Cloud: "I'm Cloud, former SOLDIER First Class!"

Barret: "I'm from AVALANCHE!"

Tifa: "Same here!"

Aerith: "...a flower girl from the slums."

Red XIII: "A research specimen."

Rufus: "What a crew. Well, I'm Rufus. The President of Shinra, Inc."

Barret: "You only President, 'cause your old man died!"

Rufus: "That's right. I'll let you hear my new appointment speech."

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He calls himself 社長 (shachou) -- or "president of the Shin-Ra Company" in that scene. He doesn't use the English word "president," though, like his father did.


He made a big deal over many odd things. Let this post be the last reference to DLPB, lest we accidentally summon him here.

Too late.

DLPB has contacted me regarding this and asked me to post this. Copypasta:

I did not mean to state it was a fact that he is called President literally, but the confidence was high that this was the case because 3 Japanese translators (2 of which work for professional companies including Capcom) were extremely confident that this was a bad Japanese pun. My own thoughts on this are that it was probably deliberately ambiguous. It is of course entirely possible that it was just a very bad design choice (it wouldn't be the first time in VII), and that President Shinra is never referred to by his first name in the game. In either case, the English translation we are doing is obviously not going to tangle itself up in something unworkable, and so President Shinra is not going to be called President. I am glad that this caused some discussion, but I really do feel that some of you need to grow up over there.


And 1 more favour. Ask Hito and Tres whether they will proof read the final 554 maps for us. The project is very nearly done now, and when it is done, I will need extra Japanese speakers to run through the Japanese v English localisation and make comments on it. That way, instead of things being brought up later, all small niggles will be settled before I call this a final release. I am confident we have done a very very good job of this, but with Japanese it is almost certain that some things will still be incorrect or that subtle things will be missed when we have finished.

I have a bit of explaining to do here. I provide Scottish dialect for Cait Sith in the retranslation project, so DLPB was a bit miffed that I had been "bashing it". I explained that this was not my intention, and that some of the translated names will not be received well and that my posts will reflect this. My involvement with the project - which does clarify and enhance a good few plot points btw, niggling worries about name changes notwithstanding - is how he contacted me.

He has also mentioned that he's not happy about what people have been saying about him. He must still check the forums, because I'm not sure how he'd have read this thread otherwise. In more words than this, I basically told him that he made his bed with his behaviour years ago and that he can't fault other people for that.

I'm giving you all the nice and super-simplified version of the conversation, and trying to sound as impartial as possible. This is something that is physically hurting me, because I have had my fair share of "disagreements" with DLPB on Qhimm. It's in fact probably the main reason I stopped posting on Qhimm and came here at the time, and having to engage in a lengthy discussion with him about this thread has dredged all of that unpleasantness back up.

Sorry for the essay and weird pseudo-offshore nonsense happening here guys, in the sheer goal of honesty I didn't want to withhold his comment. Rest assured I've already given him an earful for being rude about the Lifestream. (If anyone's that interested PM me about it, I don't want to create a public thread for the sole purpose of shaming someone, even if I do want to. Need to try and set examples and shit. Or be a decent person. Something along those annoying lines).

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You did fine, Lex, in all respects.

While I was fully on board at one point, I myself no longer wish to assist with that project because of Daniel's behavior, but I don't fault anyone else for continuing to participate.


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Maybe his name is Bob.

And isn't DLPB perma-b&? The only way he can come back is if he pulls a Username and starts duping.

This is correct. He is permabanned.

This is an official notice to drop the subject of DLPB. He's really not worth the attention and/or trouble.


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As the first person to bring it up I apologise, to you guys and DLPB if hes reading. It was petty and dickish of me.
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