R16: Aerith's Theme vs. Zanarkand

Which of these songs do you like best?

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Pick your favourite!

This poll will be open for two days, and the winner will make it through to the quarter-finals. The complete final 32 bracket can be found here.

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Urgh, this is the hardest one because Aerith is my girl, but Zanarkand is Zanarkand. </3 I had to go with my heart on this one and go with Aerith. She'll never be second to me.
I love Zanarkand. I even play it on keyboard (it's practically mandatory to learn it).
But, Aerith's Theme is just too powerful to me - it gets my vote
Aerith's Theme is very pretty and a perfect track for her. But given the choice between listening to the two songs, I'll almost always pick Zanarkand. It's just a more complex piece (which makes sense, the emotions it's conveying are more complex).


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I'm another who loves both of these songs, but it's not hard for me to pick Zanarkand. Only a few more votes for it and they'll be tied!


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^Oho, I just checked the poll results, and this looks exciting! Thanks for pointing that out.... I'm voting for Zanarkand now. <3


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This poll has about two hours to go, and it's currently a tie, but Monterosa has asked me to count his vote for Zanarkand in case he can't vote himself, so Zanarkand is effectively leading.

Aerith's Theme only needs to tie to progress since it did better than Zanarkand in the previous rounds.

trash panda

....what....why....who....why is Aerith's theme losing???!!!
Zanarkand is just a kerplunkity piano theme. I mean, it's beautiful but it's not epic!




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Yes folks, Aerith's Theme is out. One more vote is all it would have needed. Looks like Lex was wrong about it winning the whole thing. :P
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I'm flabbergasted. Not disappointed, but flabbergasted.
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