Remake Interviews: Catch-all Thread

The announcement of announcements continue from our dear Shinji Hashimoto.

4:52 - 5:59

Shinji Hashimoto said:
Next year is going to be a big year

Next year will be the 31st year, and our teams
are busy working on new titles

Next year will be a big one, and we will bring
exciting, new FINAL FANTASY games to the world


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I can see them announcing XVI next year for projected launch in 2019 (delayed to 2020, PS5 launch title).
I wouldn't be surprised if you're right about that.

In fact, I can see them somewhat repeating the FFXV(when it was still VSXIII) being ported up from PS3 to PS4 all over again, only this time with FFVII Remake being ported up from PS4 to PS5, because, number one, we hardly heard anything more about the game this year, so I doubt we'll even get a release date even next year, number two, it'll be in three or four part full game parts and it is a massive project, and number three, Nomura's doing finishing touches with KH3 which is coming out next year(assuming that it's not delayed to 2019).


I can see them announcing XVI next year for projected launch in 2019 (delayed to 2020, PS5 launch title).
That'd be a first. Their development for mainline FF games has been shit for years now. I mean sure, I hope they finally fix their shit and get that shit together because they know how to make good games, but really, XV was disappointing and a crappy development cycle thing.
Though it doesn't contain anything new, Yoshinori Kitase recently addressed the FFVII Remake in a Q&A video over at EDAMAME Arcade Channel. Many thanks to Radigar for sharing this!

Transcription of 8:31 - 10:09.
E: How do you feel about the impact FINAL FANTASY has had on the gaming community?

K: After 30 years, it [is] great to see people who were once players now in the industry making the games
As we work on the FINAL FANTASY VII Remake, the staff grew up playing the [original] game…
They have a passion to make the best possible game
At the time I didn’t realise the impact the games had but now seeing fans become creators I understand

E: We are looking forward to the Remake

K: With the fans of the original making the Remake, the next generation of players can enjoy it…
Who in turn will make future games, it’s a great cycle I’m happy to see
We are currently working hard on the FINAL FANTASY VII Remake…
The major difference between the production of the original and the Remake is our ability to communicate with fans

E: Does that mean fans comments might influence the end game?

K: This time we can hear the fans voice while we make the game

E: So if I send in my ideas daily they might get used?

K: Maybe… we do read as many as we can so I feel this is a title we are all working on
I can enjoy the reminder that staff working on the game are players of the original and that they might have the emotional investment necessary to keep a proper pulse on development.

From the earlier part of the Q&A video, 3:44 - 4:18.
Question: Originally were Sephiroth and Aerith supposed to be brother and sister?
Kitase: ”FALSE”

Q: Do the events of FFVII take place over just two weeks?
K: ”TRUE” *unsure expression and repeated raisings of the TRUE sign*
Not sure… maybe

Q: FF7 and FFX take place in the same world.
K: ”TRUE” A little
The idea of Aerith and Sephiroth being at one point considered to be brother and sister is from the Early Material Files in Page 519 of the FFVII Ultimania Omega. Them being siblings is mentioned as an idea that was "thrown around", so Kitase might not have been around during that specific plot discussion, he may think the idea was tossed around so briefly it doesn't count or he simply does not remember it.

At 5:20...
Q: Was FFVII an incomplete game?
...then further elaborated at 6:58 - 7:36.
K: That’s not the case at all
The first game is everything we wanted it to be
It is the finished complete product
Although it is true we were pushing the deadline towards the end of production
We had members from the Chrono Trigger and SaGa team helping us get it finished
FINAL FANTASY VII is definitely a team effort and thanks to everyones hard work a complete game
It's quite neat to read that game staff from those two games jumped in to help near the end of production. I don't remember hearing this specification before, though it's very possible I just forgot.

I also recommend watching their earlier video where they first meet up with Yoshinori Kitase.
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Kitase's "Turnbased gaming is dead" Sentiment kinda rubs me all kinds of wrong, and conflicts with what Hashimoto has said.


It's effectively dead for the higher budget AAA titles, but they're still making games like that themselves, it's ideal for mobile games and such.


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Not sure if this was covered by another site earlier:

Asked his goal for 2018, he explained that about the remake he’d like to work on “comfort,” also playing on words by mentioning that on a personal level hopes to take it easy (using the same word, “raku” which means “ease” or “comfort”) if possible.
"Comfort"? Like easing turn-based fans into the action RPG genre? Or like nostalgia comfort?


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I read the DS article as he's hoping that they'll have reached a point where he's no longer needed for part one, which could mean testing phase. I have cautious hopes for late 18 to early 19 again.
Plenty of rumors running about. I'm not interested in sharing that, but this one rumor article included something I am moderately curious about.


(Google Translate)

Hashimoto executive officer posted in Famitsu 1/25 issue is said to have been expanded interpretation of the word "E3 is pleasure".
I reckon this is just our dear friend Hashimoto saying "Please be excited for E3". :monster:


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Tifa shock death in Remake confirmed!
If this is 100% true, then I am definitely avoiding the Remake. I SERIOUSLY don't want Tifa to die!:'(
IIRC, Tifa was originally supposed to die in the original per the storyboard planning phase, but that idea was later scrapped due to Aerith when she was included.
Well, I hope it'll be scrapped again. Two main character deaths would be too much, especially for Cloud.
Tifa was added relatively late in the planning for FF7, when they realized they needed someone to connect to Cloud's actual past. So there's no way she was supposed to die until Aerith was included.
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