Early Material File Character Files – p. 519 and part of p. 520 of the Final Fantasy VII Ultimania Omega

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Hitoshura has done the next page of profiles from the Early Material Files of the Final Fantasy VII Ultimania Omega. Aerith, Red XIII, and even Cait Sith’s from the next page. The profiles in this update all have accompanying scenarios that examine what their role would’ve been in an earlier version of FFVII. And some of these ideas and game events will definitely surprise you. And don’t forget, there’s much more to come.



Job: Geomancer Age: 22 Weapon: Rods

An ordinary girl. Kind of cheerful. She is not a woman who worries about things. She can use magic because she is descended from the Ancients.


Her mother was of Ancient lineage. Her mother was captured by Shinra shortly after Aerith’s birth, and used to produce artificial Ancients like Sephiroth. Afterward, her mother dies. Aerith lived with a foster mother in the Slums. Despite growing up in the Slums, it hasn’t left her hardened emotionally. The run-down church is her sanctuary. She is, in fact, a ‘late bloomer’ and hasn’t ever dated a man. There are some rather naive parts to her. (The following is still undecided) Aerith had an unrequited love once. Because he always bought flowers from her, she soon found herself taking a liking to him. Aerith speaks about these many memories. Cloud tries comparing her memories with Sephiroth’s actions, and starts to feel certain that Aerith’s unrequited love is Sephiroth. On their journey when situations occur that look like Aerith will realize that Sephiroth was that man, Cloud tries to keep from spoiling her image of him, as he ends up hiding it or trying to follow up afterwords.

● At Green Park

Cloud: “Want to rest a bit?”

Aerith: “Yeah.”

Cloud: “So why are you being so nice to me, anyway?”

Aerith: “You bought a flower, didn’t you? I’ve been selling flowers for a long time now… but they’re not exactly in demand. I guess people just don’t have the time to enjoy flowers in this world.”

Cloud: “That’s it?”

Aerith: “I like men who buy flowers from me. That’s how I met the first man I feel in love with.”

Cloud: “Your first love…?”

Aerith: “No, nothing like that. But I adored him. He always used to buy a flower every time he saw me. When you bought one, it just sort of reminded me of that. Ah, but forget about it. That’s all in the past now. Come on, let’s go.”

* There was a lot of ideas for Aerith’s relationship with Sephiroth, from Sephiroth being the character Aerith had feelings for like above, to being brother and sister.



Job: Beast Age: ??? Weapon: Infighter (physical attacks)

A tiger-like animal, with Native American ornaments adorning his body. The end of his tail has a burning effect. He’s a beast-type SOLDIER, and can use magic. He can also understand human language. Originally worked for Bugenhagen, but Shinra took him away for mako reactor experiments. He joins with Cloud’s group because he wants to return home. Red’s species has protected the Buga tribe (Bugenhagen’s people) for 100 years. But, because Red’s father Seto ran away from the battle with the Gi tribe, Red holds his father in contempt.


In a town, the party hear that one of the 3 Saints (*note: important characters in the early drafts) is in a Shinra facility near by.

Barret: “What’re the 3 Saints doin’ in a Shinra facility? Didn’t Sephiroth kidnap them?”

Cloud: “If it’s true, then they should know something about Sephiroth’s whereabouts. It’s worth making sure.”

The party arrive at the entrance of facility. Saying “if it’s about the 3 Saints, I know the most out of all of us,” Red XIII automatically puts himself in your party, and you sneak in through the rear entrance. In the passage way Red XIII stops walking.

Red XIII: “Humph, what a disgusting smell. I remember this stench… Like I could forget it, it’s HIM…”

Ahead in the passageway an image appears in the air. A hologram of Hojo.

Cloud: “Hojo?!”

Hojo: “So you’ve come with Cloud and his lot, Red XIII… I guess SOLIDER failures like to flock together, don’t they?”

Red XIII: “(growl)”

Hojo: “Your intentions are so easily read. It’s Gandalf… the Saint, isn’t it? You know I won’t hand him over so easily. Are you still going to try?”

The hologram disappears. Red XIII howls then runs away. You’re forced to go with a two member party.

After a while, you see Red XIII waiting in front of a door. Change back to three party members. When you open the door, and shadow jumps out. It’s Red XIII!

Barret: “T-, two XIIIs… what the hell!?”

Red XIII: “He’s a fake!”

Red XIII: “Don’t be fooled, HE’S the fake!”

Enter battle. The Red who appeared from the door is displayed as an enemy. After taking damage, his body changes color and turns blue. The name in the window is “Cobalt 14”. After taking a certain amount of damage he runs away. The following is displayed in the battle screen.

Red XIII: “Hmph…. you let him get away?”

Barret: “Who the @#!& was that!?”

Red XIII: “A clone… he’s a clone of Red XIII. Cultivated by Hojo from Red XIII’s somatic cells.”

Barret: “Oh God, what the…..!”

Cloud: “… You really do know a lot about this.”

Red XIII: “Of course… after all, I am one of those clones!

Red XIII attacks the playable character then quickly jumps back. His body also turns blue. The name in the window is “Indigo 15”. The battle starts as is. When you defeat him, he also runs away.

Once again, you go forward with a two member party. They arrive at Hojo’s location. But standing before him are 3 Red XIIIs!

Hojo: “Oh my, now which one is your friend… heheh”

3 Reds: “Hey, I’m the real one!” “I’M the real one!” “It’s me, I am!”

Battle with the 3 Red XIIIs.

– The graphics on the details for the real one and the clones are slightly different.

– If you attack the real one by mistake, one of the clones says “hahaha, over here!” and counterattack.

– For each time the clones attack a player character, the real one attacks the clone.

– Every few turns the three switch places, confusing you as to which is the real one.

They defeat the two clones, and the real one rejoins. The three party members battle Hojo (who has altered his own body). However, if you took out the real Red before you defeated the clones, you are forced to fight with two party members.

They defeat Hojo. But behind the door at the back is Gandalf, practically crippled.

Hojo: “Hehehe… He’s not going to be any use to you… You deserved it, you worthless…. failure….”

Hojo dies. Obtain materia. The two clones are still breathing.

Red XIII: “Do you think you could let these two off… There’s not many of my kind left now, and they were made from me… They’re like my brothers…”


At the end of the story, near the last dungeon, Cobalt 14 and Indigo 15 appear before the party once again. They each have half of their bodies mechanised; 14’s right side, and 15’s left side respectively.

Red XIII: “You two… Hojo’s long dead, Shinra’s in ruins. You don’t have to fight anymore! What are you gonna get from fighting?!”

Indigo 15: “We don’t care about Hojo or Shinra… Red XIII, as long as you’re around, we’ll always be your copies. Do you know what that feels like…? I’m no one’s copy! We’ll beat you and prove it…!”

Battle. The clones are naturally powered up. But if you still win…

Red XIII: “Don’t feel bad about it… I guess I am the original after all… But, I never cared about any of that… Really…”

* In the game, the effects of Hojo’s experiments on Red XIII were unknown, but initially episodes related to the experiments were also considered.


Cait Sith

Job: Toysaurus (beastmaster) Age: 9 Weapon: Whips, Cards

A fortune telling machine at a theme park. A kitten. He rides on the back of a fat moogle. He gathers monsters using cards, uses slots… He’s really a puppet controlled by Reeve (actually an ‘Inspire’) of the Shinra Company. At first he comes along as a spy, but through his interactions via the Cait Sith puppet, he develops a friendship with the party.


Reeve is the head of Shinra’s Urban Development Division. He is an ‘Inspire’, with the power to breathe life into and control nonliving objects. At first he approaches Cloud’s party using the Cait Sith puppet in order to keep an eye on their movements and spy on them. For some reason, wherever Cloud’s party goes Shinra isn’t far behind.

Although his manner of speech is strange, from what he talks about you can see he’s serious and fixated with theories. That is Reeve’s honest personality coming through. His original motive was solely spying, but through his conversations with Cloud and the others via Cait Sith, little by little he starts to feel an attachment to them.

Cait Sith: “I dun’ think that attitude is very logical~”

Cait Sith: “It’s a one in a hundred chance we’d win against that guy.”

Reeve harbors doubts at any ideas that are destructive towards Shinra’s cities. Eventually, the party members discover that Cait Sith was leaking information about them.

During the journey, he sometimes gets into arguments about the role of mako reactors and how people should live. Sometimes he finds himself torn between Shinra and Cloud…

Cait Sith: “Why do I have to go through all this?”

In the end, he develops friendship for the party.

● In a situation where, if the whole world’s mako reactors aren’t taken offline, they won’t be able to defeat Sephiroth.

Tifa: “It’s no use. Time’s running out. There’s no way we’d be able to shut down the world’s mako reactors now.”

Cait Sith: “There might be a way…”

Cloud: “You have a plan?”

Cait Sith: “But if I did this, I’d be finished with Shinra for sure.

They persuade Cait Sith. Reeve is revealed to be an ‘Inspire’ as well. Reeve, who has complete control over the mako reactors, shuts down the power from the world’s mako reactors.

Cloud: “The way’s opened up!!”

* The last part of this event was the prototype for the final version’s out of control mako cannon event. This event originally involved the party splitting into two teams: a team to stop the mako cannon, and a Great Cave team.

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  1. BBM
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    Whoah… Cloud was supposed to assume that Sephiroth and Aerith were lovers?

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    • Makoeyes987
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      Yup. And Aerith and Sephiroth could’ve ended up as siblings too. Brings a whole new dimension to Aerith and Sephiroth now, doesn’t it? XD

      I just love how much things could’ve been different had the creators taken a different route.

    • BBM
      BBM 18 March, 2009, 00:14

      It’s a shame for Sephy that Aerith’s lover ended up to be Zack. 8D

      Unrecquicted love = Zack/Aerith?

    • alec mann
      alec mann 5 January, 2012, 17:31

      lol sephiroth doesnt deserve love he is the dummy who decided to go mad and not be rational and decide to kill off every human being he came accross and tried to destroy the world and make a new one using the black materia

  2. Dark & Divine
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    Oh my god! Lots of interesting stuff, like Sephiroth buying flowers from Aerith, Red XIII’s clones and the bit about shutting down all the Mako Reactors in the world! Thank you very much for this!

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      The Red XIII scenario is epic lulz. I so wish that was included in the real game somehow. Cobalt 14…XDDDDD

      What amuses me about Cait is that somehow…Reeve is a puppet too! WTFBBQ! Craziness it all is. And don’t thank me, thank hitoshura for sharing and all XD

    • Dark & Divine
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      Oh but i was thanking you both!XD

      Hitoshura for translationg and you for posting!:)

      Btw, it’s funny to see Red XIII more or less replacing Vincent in his grudge against Hojo!

      That fucker doesn’t make any friends, does he?

  3. Dacon
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    Hmm, interesting.

    Red XIII’s bit was especially cool.

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  4. ForceStealer
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    Very cool, thanks. The Red XIII bit could have been cool in the real game. But I’m glad Aeris and Sephiroth aren’t incestuous lovers and that Reeve isn’t some magical life-giver. 😛

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    • Makoeyes987
      Makoeyes987 Author 18 March, 2009, 22:37

      Actually, Reeve still has that ability in FFVII. He still has the ability called “Inspire” that allows him to somehow animate non-living objects and stuff. They kept that =P

    • ForceStealer
      ForceStealer 19 March, 2009, 11:47

      Really? I thought Cait Sith was a little remote control robot thinger. I mean it makes sense for how well it moves, but do they ever explicitly say it?

    • Makoeyes987
      Makoeyes987 Author 19 March, 2009, 11:53

      He is a robot, but Cait acts and responds very life-like for a robot.

      “The head of the Urban Development Department. Involved in the construction of Midgar from the very beginning, he watches over the town’s development like that of a child. By utilizing his special ability, “Inspire”, he is able to cause inorganic things to emit life; his “child”, the “cat”-shaped robot, Cait Sith can be controlled from a great distance.”

      There you go.

  5. bob
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    pretty interesting.. dang so originally Sephy was her original love huh?
    that would have been more interesting..

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    • KissTheRain
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      Ooo, I agree. Actually there was supposed to be a LT between Sephiroth/Cloud/Aerith. Maybe that explains the art with Aerith/Sephy, hmm. I even read somewhere that Sephiroth was going to kill Aerith because she was dating Cloud and he was jealous, but i’m not sure. U_U

    • alec mann
      alec mann 5 January, 2012, 17:33

      lmao sephiroth jealous? haha he has no emotion at all except anger thats all i can tell. lmao personally i wanted tifa and cloud to end up together but aerrith was better suited for a fight so he ended up dating her

  6. Tennyo
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    Gandalf..? XD

    Anyway this stuff is so awesome. It would be kind of cool to have seen some of this stuff in!

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  7. KissTheRain
    #7 KissTheRain 29 May, 2009, 22:56

    I was always intrested in the the relationship between Aerith/Sephiroth and from this I would have much prefered it over Zack. Well, there are always fanfics…

    But Red XIII’s art was great, i’m saving it right away. 😀

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  8. Skazochnik
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    Что Вы все тут нашли я так и не понял, может кто объяснит мне?

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  9. Orah
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    “Your intentions are so easily read. It’s GANDALF… the Saint, isn’t it?”



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